[ There's a clatter as a communicator hits the floor, snapping on-

And we see Olivia Dunham, backed against the wall, her gun aimed and ready to fire. ]

You were never my father.

[ There's fire in her eyes and steel in her voice, and not two seconds pass, when she fires three bullets. ]

I won't let you get away this time.

[ police filter | unhackable ]

I would like to speak to the police concerning a murder.

13 April 2012 @ 02:52 pm
" Nothing just happens. Every event has a meaning, some sort of message, you just have to listen closely to hear it. "

 It's strange what you remember when you have the time, but it seemed appropriate.

were we brought here and who are the deities? How does this City exist and for what purpose?  I've been here for over two months, and I've yet to find any answers.   [ How is that any different than usual? ]  But recent events have made me realize that... nothing is just arbitrary. Between completely disparate circumstances we find hidden connections. You just have to listen closely to hear it.

We're not here out of happenstance.  We're here for a reason and we need to find out why.

[ Reasons, rather. Both personal and shared. ]

I'm looking for three things:

To anyone who remembers, I'd appreciate if you could tell me about any events that stood out to you. Similar to when the City turned to sand. Anything that seemed relatively abnormal, beyond the usual curses?

And to the people who've returned to your worlds and come back, I'd also like to speak to you.

Lastly, I'd like to speak with any scientists, particularly those familiar with physics and cosmology.

Thank you.
[ Before the video even switches on, there's a musical introduction that blares through the speakers of her device.  As the song comes to a dramatic end, Olivia finally flashes onto the screen.

She appears this time, not in the bowels of some mad scientist's lab or midst the foggy depths of some intermediary dimension, but in her apartment, wrapped up in an over-sized Northwestern sweatshirt. The device is set at a distance where you can see her in a chair and the plain, white wall behind her. Dark rings line the bottom of her eyes and a smattering of tiny cuts mark the skin above her cheek.

I apologize if my disappearance caused any inconveniences.

[ She fidgets, folding her hands together.  The quiet moment is suddenly interrupted by a fast-paced, action track. Unwittingly, she's been hearing the soundtrack to her own series all day.  ]

And this music just.... really needs to stop.

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09 March 2012 @ 01:06 am
[ The device has been set on top of a table, so that the camera is tilted at an angle from which we can observe the body of a large, metal tank. The heavy doors are lifted up, revealing the water-filled stomach of the beast. Despite the dimmed lights of the lab, we can see the remnants of a mad scientist's lab behind the tank, dusty metal tables littered with equally dusty beakers and glass containers that display a prism of vibrant chemical colors.

There's the steady pattern of beeps that tells us that there's an EKG on and someone's heart is being monitored. There are voices-- one male, another female: ]

You don't have to be here.

[ Olivia walks into view and stands in front of the tank, wearing a white bathrobe. A gloved hand flashes into view holding a syringe, but before he can step into the shot, she pulls the syringe away from him]

I can do it.

[ Pulling her robe down, she injects herself with the deftness of someone who has done this before. Look closely, and we might see her pupils dilate, as she takes an unsteady step backwards. That same hand reaches out to grab her, but she waves him away. Her look says: I got this. ]

[ Still uneasy on her feet, she steps down and into the tank, slowly immersing herself in the water.  Those gloved hands appear on screen again and they start to close the metal doors-- ]

Maybe we'll meet again. [ A pause. ] Thank you.

[ --- and then the doors shut with a echoing bang. Now we can only see the closed tank and hear the steady, beeping of the EKG machine. Seconds, minutes pass in silence until the EKG machine erupts into a cry of frenetic beeps. There's the sound of sudden movement, someone hurrying over to pull open those metal doors. Obscured by the dimmed lights, the identity of this man is a mystery.

Suddenly, the beeping stops.

The doors open with a sharp creak, revealing an empty tank. ]

Well this is certainly one to add to your list of fantastic ideas, isn't it?

[ The video snaps to black. ]

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21 February 2012 @ 01:49 am
[ The device flashes on, revealing a haze of sand. In the haze, one can make out Olivia Dunham in a black tanktop, rifle against her shoulder. ]

We need to organize a list.

A  clear system we can use to keep track of what teams we have out there, what teams are ready to go, and who exactly needs to be rescued.

[ Olivia doesn't mean to bossy, but she can't help it. ]

In these types of crises, organization is key to preventing loss of life and reducing injury.
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12 February 2012 @ 03:00 am
thought fragments | p r i v a t e )

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me:

Does anyone recall the events that occurred prior to their arrival in the city? Any strange occurrences, unexplained phenomena, anything out of the ordinary?

[ A beat. ]

Also, has anyone recently encountered a... vagrant flock of sheep anywhere on this island?

[ p r i v a t e to YUSUF ]

You said you were a biochemist cum pharmacist.

I need your help.

[ end p r i v a t e ]
03 February 2012 @ 10:04 pm
the video flashes on to reveal two lounging ladies, the doctor sipping a cup of coffee, the agent indulging in a cocktail. )

I told you the leather pants would look great.

[ Cameron responds in a slightly teasing tone. ]

Remind me never to doubt your expertise.

[Olivia laughs. ]

Kind of cruel of you, going into work like that.

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27 January 2012 @ 10:16 pm
[ In the abandoned lab of a former mad scientist, Olivia sits at a table covered with manila folders, dusty beakers and containers of who-knows-what. She looks exhausted, stressed--fingers rubbing circles into her temples. Hours she's been at this, going through Walter's lab, his files, staring at words and numbers that make no sense to the agent. Given the time he was here, Walter couldn't have left much, but what he did leave apparently leads to no answers, no answers she can comprehend at least. ]

If anyone found a way out, it had to be you, Walter.

[ Without looking up, she reaches for the cup of coffee next to her, misjudging the distance in a moment of tired absentmindedness. The half-full coffee cup tumbles, spilling the contents across the table. ]


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18 January 2012 @ 04:01 pm
Astrid, I need you to check for all reports of unexplained, mass disappearances within the last 24 hours. Not just livestock-- any sort of unexplained disappearance. Start with stations in Boston, then expand out toward Maine and Pennsylvania. I'm heading over to the farm right now.

Astrid? Astrid? Can you hear me--

[ The line suddenly cuts off. ]

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