30 March 2013 @ 11:37 pm
[There's quite a bit of smoke in the room, causing Lacus to cough daintily before she begins her message. Also, a very large, scaled, purple tail is visible in the background.]

I think I waited too long to move him outdoors, and he's getting very... [a worried glance over her shoulder as her new "pet" lets out a roar] large. And larger by the hour.

If anyone could assist, I'd be grateful.
27 February 2013 @ 10:27 pm
[Lacus had no trouble figuring out the device she was left, nor its purpose. Still, she did take a few moments to take in her surroundings, breathe the unfamiliar air, observe the street on which she so suddenly found herself.]

[Having dressed for the controlled climate of the PLANTs, she finds herself under dressed for the chill weather. Still it's pleasant, crisp and refreshing. She takes a seat on a nearby bench and activates the video function of her device; the answers she seeks will come, and she is prepared to hear them.]

Hello. My name is Lacus Clyne. [Her smile is smooth and genuine, no visible distress at having found herself suddenly elsewhere.] Would someone be kind enough to inform me of the name of this place? It is quite unfamiliar to me.

[And so she'll sit, primly on the bench with the comm channel open, singing softly to herself and waiting for anyone she might meet.]