01 June 2012 @ 05:32 pm
So Ami had a weird dream yesterday that she and everyone else turned into ponies. Was that actually real?

[She's actually in a state of disbelief, which is why she's asking. Speaking to people about talking Bonbons, pirates, deities, this place is starting to really get to her...]

Oh my, Ami can't believe she forgot! She was supposed to speak to the deities about getting a taxi ride home!

[Okay, no she doesn't believe she'll get these 'deities', nor will she get that taxi, but she has an airhead facade to keep up.]
20 May 2012 @ 06:28 pm
[Down by the fountain is yet another newcomer who is just staring at her device. There's definitely something different about it as she moves to actually broadcast herself, not exactly certain if anything will go through. And if it does, it can be considered an advertisement as she puts on her ditzy model act.]

Hi everyone! Ami doesn't know where she is, and she's afraid she's lost. Oh my, what will poor Ami do if she's lost in an amusement park like this? Can anyone tell her where she is?

[End feed.

Well, that should get someone's attention, or so she hopes. And if her friends are here, she's bound to hear her name, and some scolding, or even a 'stupid chihuahua'. That would be comforting. She stares at her phone for a little bit longer before flipping it shut and then sitting on the edge of the fountain.]