03 February 2012 @ 07:09 am
cut for some gif action )

[Hola, City. See: Wichita, dressed very much unlike how she usually dresses here, and very much like how she used to dress before the world was taken over by zombies. Walking in heels this tall is like relearning how to ride a bike. Just takes a little while, and eventually she's in full on strut mode. Swag? Check. Shades? Check. Why is she strutting around the city? Not just to flaunt the fact that she knows she's hot, although that is a huge motivating factor for the wardrobe change. No, she's out for a reason.

Which is why she eventually flicks on her video, leaning against one of the buildings and posing like she's hot shit while she records:

I'm looking for a roommate, or someone that's willing to take in a stray. I don't have any preferences, just don't be a tool and we'll get along just fine. I've enough cash saved up to do the whole rent thing, so money isn't an issue either.

Any takers? I'm out on the hunt for a place now, if anyone's interested.

Lemme know.