[Cain sits in front of the camera nervously. Being out of uniform for anything but pajamas is an alien sensation. Not only is he out of his Commissarial uniform for the first time in the city, but he's out of it and on camera.]

Well everyone... This is Commissar Ciaphas Cain again. Since the time I sent out a distress signal I haven't heard anything back and, from everyone that I've talked to, it looks like I won't be hearing anything anytime soon. That wouldn't be half as sad if it wasn't for the fact that there's not a single other person from the Imperium here. Though we're all speaking the same language nearly nothing I say makes any sense to anybody. I might as well be speaking in binary for all the good it does. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to discover that, while I'm still sure I was snatched out of the warp, this city doesn't seem to be a hive of alien and heretical monsters waiting to devour me.
[Cain shudders unpleasantly and discretely looks around, as if someone were watching him]

With some advice from the people on this micro data-slate [he points at the towards the camera] I got myself to a welcome center where they set me up with some food and pointed me in the right direction to get lodging and furnishings. I hadn't realized just how much I depended on Jurgen to do all this menial stuff. Having to make my way through a veritable labyrinth hunting for furniture shops and looking through apartments has definitely given me anew appreciation for his magical ability to rustle up luxuriant rooms and food though.

Well, anyways, I managed to find lodging for myself that I liked. It's minimalistic, but I've definitely had worse before. Over the past week or so I've cleaned the place top-to-bottom, [Which given the fact that I'm a frakking "Hero of the Imperium" I never should have had to do], hunted through dusty back-alley furniture stores for furniture that's actually Imperial in style, and arranged everything in a manner that's professional enough to put my mind at ease. Now all I need is Jurgen and Amberly for a housewarming party... [Cain looks sadly at the camera for a second before rallying] Well, let's see the house!

[Cain grabs the camera and walks slowly around the house. It's a neatly-furnished two-bedroom apartment. What would be the living room has been arranged in a manner that it serves as a reception area and office, despite Cain not having any work to do. A desk and chair waits close to the front door and a coat rack sits to one side of it.]

This will be where I receive visitors and attend to whatever work I wind up doing.

[He moves past the desk to a lounge area with couches and a coffee table.]

This is the living area. It was weird to build. I haven't had a living room since I was a kid.

[The camera moves into the kitchen and an odd mix of utilitarian metal dishes and ultra-ornate dishes comes into view. The kitchen is clean and organized but, very obviously, little-used.]

This is the kitchen. It was hard to get my hands on more normal dishes so, after a little looking, I got my hands on a couple sets of fancy and...not fancy.

[The camera moves back towards the bedrooms and it becomes clear that only the larger one is being used. The bedroom is the most ordinary of all the rooms asides from four-poster bed dominating one side of room. A wardrobe, dresser, and end table all rest against the wall on the other side of the room and, in contradiction to Cain's normal tastes, framed quotes from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer sat on the wall.]

This, obviously, is my room. Now you've seen the whole house. It's not much but, in an alien city like this, it'll have to do. I'm in apartment 597 in building 12 so, if you're a neighbor or just want to drop by, you know where to find me.

Commissar Cain out.
06 January 2014 @ 11:21 pm
[ Cain woke up face-down in the middle of a stone square. As he begins to regain consciousness the realisation that he is no longer anywhere familiar begins to don on him and terror soon follows. The millions of horrifying worst-case scenarios that can befall those travelling the warp begins to play through his head and a cold sweat begins to form on his brow.

Picking himself up, Cain studies his surroundings in a mix of panic and curiosity. The mundane appearance of the town brings his mind back under control and he determines that, familiar or not, his surroundings are definitely not the den of a Chaos God.

With relief flooding over him he turns to inspecting his gear and finds a strange micro data-slate in his pocket. Hope begins to form within Cain as he filters through the information within. After a time he determines that this data-slate is his best chance of making his way back to Imperial territory.

*Ahem* [semi-deep, courtly, british accent]This is Commissar Ciaphas Cain. I have found myself in unfamiliar territory and away from my regiment. My terrain appears to be non-hostile but Xenos in nature. To any and all Imperial personnel listening to this I say again: This is Commissar Cain requesting assistance at my coordinates. Commissarial authorization code sigma one-one-five-seven-two-niner...May the Emperor give you speed my friends.

[With his plea for help sent, Cain retreated inside the carousel and pulled his greatcoat tightly around him. Whatever horrors may be lie inside the strange city would just have to wait until reinforcements arrived to be discovered.]