08 September 2012 @ 10:21 pm
[the video feed starts up and adjusts to show Akira in a tuxedo, grinning from ear to ear. behind him? Akito, sitting on a bed in an extravagant wedding dress. and just in case there was any doubt as to what had been thrown at them today, Akira brings up his left hand to lazily prop his head against it, showing off the band around his ring finger before he speaks.]

Just out of curiosity, what are some of everyone's favorite places to go to here in the City? Favorite restaurant, best place to have fun, maybe even a specific rooftop that offers a particularly great view of the sea?

Any type of suggestion would be appreciated, as I'm not really sure what all you're supposed to do on a honeymoon.
24 July 2012 @ 10:24 pm
[ it starts with just the view of Akira’s sleeping form, resting comfortably on his bed. starts with that, until Agito’s hands come into view from the side, holding tight onto on a bucket of water and turning it around in his hold to dump it’s entire contents right onto Akira’s face. ]

[which goes as well as one would expect-- the second the water makes contact, Akira shoots up into a seated position, coughing and looking frantic while his eyes manage to settle on the culprit.]

What the hell, Agito?!

[ there’s only a snicker in reply, before the feed’s shutting off--

-- and going back on a few seconds later, this time pointing at a sleeping Kazu. the same scenario all over again. Kazu, sleeping there innocently. Agito’s hands holding onto a bucket, and dumping the ice cold water down onto his face. ]

[ --veering slightly off-script, perhaps, when the subject bolts up, kicking his ice-sodden blankets in the direction of the tiny downpour before he blinks in fuzzed outrage. ]

Shit, I didn’t-- [ …............... ] Are you recording this?

[ ooc; firebrick is Akira, dark red is Kazu. forward dated to the morning of the 25th! ]
15 July 2012 @ 02:16 pm
so uh
i've heard club soda is good for getting out some stains
but in a complete and total hypothetical situation
would it be good for getting blood off too?
08 July 2012 @ 02:11 pm
--Are you sure we can’t keep them all?

[... were the first words heard (mumbled, really, in a huff-- even if Akira would deny said tone to the death if asked) as the video feed started up.]

Hush, Akira. You already have too many pets as it is.

[ the camera shifts, points down into the bottom of a closet, to the sleeping kittens inside of it. ] Anyway-- Akira’s cat had kittens a while ago and they’re old enough to leave here now! If anyone has enough room for them and wants one, we have these three left? They’re all really cute and sweet.

[ ooc; coral is Akira, replies will be coming from either/both of them. ]
03 July 2012 @ 12:00 pm
[ Agito walks (or, more like waddles) across the bathroom floor, eye half-closed, shoulders slumped, back slouched, and-- well, not awake yet. He makes his way all the way across the bathroom without tripping or falling on anything, manages to open the shower door and take the step up into it, but he’s still dressed. A fact that goes entirely unnoticed as a hand raises up, turns the knob up, and stands under the water for about half a minute before-- ]

FUCK THAT’S COLD!! [ He turns it in the opposite direction, and moves his hand down to try and peel off the shirt he was wearing. Moves to-- but doesn’t, since his attention instead turns to Akira. ] WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, IDIOT?!

[Laughing, that's what he was doing the moment Agito realized what was going on. The feed goes a bit shaky for a few seconds as he does so--because Agito was too amusing not to capture--before it disconnects.]
27 June 2012 @ 06:35 pm
You know, I think I much rather prefer the days where my apartment gets invaded by a multitude of tiny animals.

[the video feed then gets angled down to get a shot of a couple of plates with neatly organized lemon squares. around them? a mess of lemons, powdered sugar, and other baking necessities-- enough of a giveaway that the kitchen has been in use for a while.]

... At least those situations have never ended up with this much of a mess before, surprisingly enough. Or required as much research.

[the feed focuses back on him, just quick enough to catch a shrug.] I probably shouldn't try to eat them all, if anyone would like some.

((ooc: Kogarasumaru base and Kaito&Gazelle apartment-- you each get a full tray left at your door with this note attached to them.))
09 June 2012 @ 12:44 pm
i know most of you are probably busy right now, what with all the sudden curses and the like that are always thrown around, but i'd like your attention for just a moment if you have time to spare.

you see, i've been keeping this inside for quite a while now. but i really do think it's fair, and with the well being of everyone else here in mind, for me to share the shocking truth about the citizens known as Kaito Wanijima and Itsuki--or Ikki, as you may know him-- Minami.

not ICly cut; image heavy-ish. )

((OOC: affected with the curse Tabloid Trash, oops.))
17 April 2012 @ 03:49 pm
[The video starts out from what appears to be someone sitting on a couch, but he's up to his waist in tribbles, the rest of the apartment's floor also littered in little furballs cooing and bopping along.]

If someone doesn't want theirs, I'll take them. They don't seem that bad.

[A pause, the view then focusing down on an area of tribbles that was wiggling more than normal-- only for a puppy's head to pop out from under them, whining softly. Oops.]

... well, aside from them climbing over the actual pets already here.
01 April 2012 @ 03:17 pm
[ The first thing that flashed across the video feed? A tiny, pink paw, which pressed against the screen for half a second, followed by tiny little claws, scratching over it. ]

Aah, careful, don't break that. [Akira's sitting cross-legged behind the kitten and reaches over to give his tail a light tug.]

[ That tail fluffs up automatically, a hiss coming from the kitten’s mouth before he’s turning his attention back to Akira, and-- swatting at his face. The swatting earns a laugh, but he pretty much allows it. It was much too cute. After a moment, however, Akira reaches past the kitten to pull the device a bit closer. ]

I think there are kidnappers on the loose. They take people in their sleep and leave a kitten in their place. [Don’t mind him, little kitten-- just going to try and scratch behind his ears.]

[ Hiss, hissss-- though the scratching is distracting, so soon-- Agito just starts purring. ]

... it's pretty crafty, distracting me from the fact that Agito is missing.
26 March 2012 @ 12:10 pm
are people supposed to feel different here after they've died?
any hidden markings that say "oh, that guy/girl, yes that happened" or a burning inner desire to suddenly haunt things?

nothing too strange like smelling like wet dirt and burnt flesh to everyone else but you, i hope.
25 March 2012 @ 01:04 pm
...Aah, you know, I’ve seen some pretty weird things in the short time I’ve been here, but now evil, flying giant thimbles?

[he’s doing his best to remain quiet after seeing what those creepy things were doing to some of the people, after personally being chased by one, crouched down in what looked to be an alley.] It wasn’t really the kind of thing we expected to run away from when coming back from getting groceries, hm, Gazelle?

[crouched down next to him is Gazelle and by the anxious, very anxious look on her face that would be a definite no. she gives her head a shake and replies as quietly as possible as well.]

Mm, no... But we should do something, shouldn't we? [she says this because she believes they should, but the tone in her voice pretty much suggests that she doesn't want to fight those things either.]

Yeah, we can’t stay here all day. Not when they’re already looking. [hum, what to do, what to do.] Maybe we can find-- Gazelle!!

[the thought goes unfinished due to a Dalek flying down suddenly behind the girl, Akira’s reflexes kicking in and pretty much throwing her out of the way-- just in time for the ray to hit him instead after a resounding EXTERMINATE. excuse the shaky feed suddenly just pointing in whatever direction it happened to land in, City. the owner just got disintegrated.]

[amidst the chaos, she yelps loudly in surprise at being pushed out of the way. the device lands in a position where it can briefly catch the moment where she CRASHES right into a bin on the other side of the alley before it cuts out abruptly.]

(OOC: Red is Akira, Blue is Gazelle. Post backdated to the morning! Replies will be IC delayed by 15 minutes or so, then come from Gazelle's device.)
17 March 2012 @ 05:09 pm
Someone took her ribbons. Ribbon-Goblins, I think. Who else would get off on bullying a defenseless girl? Harassment and theft are serious crimes, you know.

[He's been walking as he speaks, words sounding all too rehearsed and eyes not quite focused, empty-- but they manage to stare at a building's wall right in front of him. He had to go this way, a quick glance at the sky tells him to; he has to keep going straight ahead to find these nonexistent ribbons.]

[So he does what any normal person (of his strength) would and reels his fist back to obtain the force necessary to punch through the wall and make his own path, because going around isn't an option when the rainbow above leads straight ahead. Unfazed as he continues.]

I have to find them. She needs them... they're her special, magic good-luck-ribbons.
13 March 2012 @ 01:39 am
no ic cut, just for context )
Hell no, we’re bringing this bastard back with us. He broke the pact! ( he sounds fairly offended by this. he loops his arms around agito’s elbows, lifting them up for kazu. )

Get his wrists too!

... is that what this is ab--fuck. ( was that waking movement. is Agito moving. hastily, Kazu ties an extra knot around the wrists, because however bad of an idea this is, it's worse to let Agito get free. )

Seriously, that's why we're here?

Dude! You don’t break the fucking pact. ( he locks eyes with kazu then, staring at him intently, almost threateningly. )

And, you know, for the slug-shit.

( blink, blink, blink. okay, okay, Agito’s almost there, almost awake-- and then there is just glaring. ) FUCK! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING-- OW!

( don’t mind this shark, just, you know, trying to get himself loose because fuck you Ikki. ) I’ll kill you for this!

( unfortunately, Kazu yanks him away with the loose end. huh, this is kind of like a leash, isn't it. ) … Sorry, man, it's for your own good!

We’re taking you back home. ( he gives the rope a test jerk, making sure it’s safe and secure before he bothers to try and move him. damn, good job, kazu. this is perfect. ) Alright, let’s get him the fuck outta here.

( those seemed to be the magic words to cue in Akira, utterly baffled at how these (way too noisy) guys kept getting inside his apartment in the last few days to steal Agito-- but the scene unfolding in front of his eyes as he opened the door was... something else. )


… Ah, but it’s really not my business how your team likes to play. ( pause, eyeing the ropes. so damn weird, man. all of you. ) It’ll be a problem if you break him any further, though.

( says the guy who broke his ribs to start, come on. ) We were trying to keep him down!

We won’t let him escape this time!

(( ooc: ikki is royal blue, kazu is firebrick red, agito is dark blue, and finally akira is sienna brown. ))
01 March 2012 @ 05:32 pm
Fuck!! [--which was followed by several other curses, from the side of the device. He may have not been in view, but Agito was making sure his presence was known. ] I’m going to fucking murder you, I swear-- fucker!!

[It was Akira's profile the video feed focused on, distracted from the original purpose of this entire broadcast by a certain screaming someone.] Stop that, you're going to scare any possible help away before I can even ask for it.

Shut up! It hurts! [ From the same side that voice was coming from-- a wrench came flying, right to Akira’s head. ]

Hey! [The video shakes when Akira lifts a hand up to block that, and it finally shows the first voice's owner-- Agito, on the ground, in all his injured glory. His shirt torn up, bruises and scratches along his cheeks, arms, and-- one of those arms, clutching at his middle. Akira rolls his eyes and finally faces in front of him.]

Anyway, he-- accidentally flew into this wall, and we were wondering if there was anyone here that could fix up a broken bone or two.
18 February 2012 @ 04:49 pm
[There's a boy on the feed crouching down in the desert area (exploring, really, outside near the safe zone), but he quickly presses a finger to his lips-- sshhhhh.]

[A shift in the picture and it focuses on two large spiderthings just up ahead, skittering about on the sand and... is that a piece of bread they're furiously attacking?]

... Huh, I think I may have accidentally found some new pets, after a failed attack. I was kind of thinking Killer and Cupcake, but those don't seem like very "spider"-y names.
12 February 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Ah-- good afternoon, I guess? Hey. [The video feed graces you with the face of a very confused brunette, though he doesn't look too worried at finding himself in an unfamiliar location. His hair and clothes also look a bit on the wet side, but he's managed to secure a towel courtesy of a nice shop owner nearby. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts before continuing.]

I think I took a wrong turn somehow... unless this is one of Kaito-nii's weird jokes. Ha, ha. Good one, Sir. [That deadpan tone is 100% sincere. Y e p.]

It looks like a nice place here, but the timing's a bit inconvenient and all, you know? So if anyone can let me know if either of these people are here-- [here he holds up this incredibly accurate work of art, drawn messily on a napkin] I'll be glad to get out of your hair and come back for a visit later.

[A beat, followed by a shrug, then--]
... for the record, the one on the right does have a body. Pencil just broke.