16 February 2012 @ 08:52 am
'Tis a blessing to have stumbled upon this place. Even if magic has formed this desert, to be able to fight... it is relieving.

[Her wings are a flutter as she spreads them, sprinting, then soon taking flight. Anyone who has spoken with her before can probably see that this is the happiest she's been since her arrival. She's only fighting for herself, but to be of use, to be able to fight, it makes her happy. It's also a way to keep her skills at top notch.

The feed gets overcome by static, then ends. She's... happy now. Anyone in the Desert City, feel free to join her and beat up monsters with her!]
04 February 2012 @ 10:18 pm
[Gwendolyn is wearing a dress similar to her mother’s back in her world. The politeness she normally shows everyone is apparent more than ever today as she walks down the street. On her head, she still wears the tiara she wears with her battle outfit, however, she felt the need to wear it today. Why? She doesn’t know. Politely greeting everyone along the way she passes, she nods her head in greeting, giving her ‘good day’ to everyone. A smile is on her face, it’s as if she’s at peace right now, no war going on, no need to worry about pleasing her father. Today was all about being the princess she is… at least the one she used to be.]

‘Tis a beautiful day today, is it not? Despite the sand flowing, it seems like a majestic day, a perfect day to take a walk and enjoy ourselves during these peaceful times. I should be grateful that the war was not brought here, that I can be here in peace. It is a shame I have not thought about the wonders of what it is like to put down my spear and enjoy life outside of the battlefield.

[She is cursed… she is so cursed.]
30 January 2012 @ 04:00 pm
[A young woman appears on the screen rather distraught. The girl has a golden tiara on her head, and the feed quickly moves to show blue, purple and black wings on her hips as she’s trying her best to maneuver the device. She kind of got a decent grasp of it, but there are still some difficulties since she’s not familiar with this level of technology.

It seems there’s a left over from your curse! Seeing that the crowds of the streets had greatly lessened in numbers, she thought she would be leaving soon as well, but instead has found herself still here. Being polite, she asks the device:]

Would anyone ever so kindly tell me why I have not been returned to my home world? Could it be that the effects are lasting a bit longer on myself and that I should be returning to my realm soon? If not, then it may very well be that this realm is one King Odin can freely enter and leave, much like the Netherworld.

[A true definition of exile, though she should be grateful she wasn’t placed in the Netherworld.]