28 February 2014 @ 08:56 am
[ Todd is out in the square with Neil, later on in the day. They're not quite leaving just yet, so he takes just a moment to step away and write out, in very large letters, a bit of verse on the pavement with chalk, not at all far off from the doors. ]

Think not of that which lay behind you
Yet its meaning carry as you go
Think not of what you won't again see
But what awaits you do not yet know

I ask you simply; don't forget
Yet do not mourn the end
But as you find what waits you next
Smile, for you were once my friend

Todd Anderson

[ When he is finished, he turns his device on and broadcasts a video of the words, before turning the camera on himself. And he smiles, bittersweet and soft. ]

Thank you. For everything I never thought I could have.
19 January 2014 @ 04:49 pm
[ action ]

[ If you're out in the City today, you might catch sight of a young man - one who is gazing around, examining his surroundings, clearly out of place. He's a new arrival, by his count.

Of course, some might recognize him - he looks quite a bit like Todd Anderson, though he's got a couple of years on his usual City counterpart. The light tracing of a goatee, a shaggier and more unruly hairstyle.Though he's come from an academic campus, working on his graduate studies, he's clearly claimed his individuality and expression, perhaps affected by the ideas beginning to form in the early 1960s paired with the impressions left on him by a high school teacher whose influence he won't soon forget.

As to where he is, he has no idea about any of it. No idea that any old friend may be here, nor of the life his other self has lived. He has no inkling that there may be ghosts lurking here that he had thought were far behind him now. ]

[ video ]

[ At a certain point, the man does uncover the device that's slipped in his pocket and, turning it over and over, gradually figures it out. It looks like something out of a movie, some crazy future. Then again, all of this seems that way...

It's hours later before he's managed to read a few things on it, but he's beginning to get the idea. After a number of false starts, this is where he succeeds-- a light is on. That means something, right? ]

Um... hello?

[ He gives a nervous smile. ]

So I don't really know what I'm doing with this... thing, but I hope I'm doing something.

[ With a slight hesitation, he clears his throat. ]

People out here tell me there, uh... there isn't any way to go back home. I guess I'll hear the same thing here, too.

[ So he shrugs. ]

So... what am I supposed to do?

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18 December 2013 @ 08:16 pm
in the city:

[ Words have appeared overnight, written in large, bold chalk letters, on the side of a building just off the square. ]

a voice is not a sound
not noises that you make
but words you breathe to life
and meaning that resonates

[ When it went up, or who put it there... who knows? ]


[ Today, Todd is at the library - just a usual day working. He managed not to get too many unwanted kisses yesterday - though he and Neil did take advantage of the curse. Even for the boy who's still so shy even after having opened up considerably, there's an exhilaration to being so free with affections he still can't shake the feeling of being forbidden, to hiding in plain sight under the cover of the curse.

He goes about his business, helping those who need it as they try to hunt down books despite the library's tricks, filing things away as well he can, maybe even sharing a few words about one book or another. He's also listening - nervously, more anxious than eager - to hear if anyone happens to mention noticing the verse near the square. ]
23 October 2013 @ 09:36 pm
No matter what they say, it--

Nobody will listen to you.

It doesn't matter.

Why even bother?

You'll never live up to anyone's expectations.

All it is is just-- it's the City using our own insecurities.

You have nothing of value to say.

It does this all the time, in different ways, but... it doesn't make any of it true.
27 September 2013 @ 09:44 am
Um... Neil? Or-- I mean, I guess anyone in Building 10...

[ Awkward question is awkward. And embarrassing. ]

Can someone come open the roof door? It's, uh. It's locked from the inside...

[ Really embarrassing. ]

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26 August 2013 @ 10:30 pm
[ open action ]

[Todd has gone out to the Hall of the Missing this evening, after Justin didn't come home and didn't respond. The City has pulled Justin in and tossed him back out so many times already that he couldn't help how quickly he became concerned.

Certainly he was hoping not to find Justin's portrait in the Hall, but that was not the case. For a long moment, he lingers in silence and looks at the likeness of his friend.]

[ voice ]

[When Todd returns home, he makes the following audio post:]

Um... I'm sure there are a lot of people who know Justin Pendleton, he's- he's been here a long time, coming and going. I just figured I should let everyone know, he um... he's left the City.

[Give him a moment there.]

He's left before, for months, and... and he's come back, so... maybe he will again. But for now, well. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew, that's all.

24 July 2013 @ 09:23 pm
[Todd is trying to keep the panic out of his voice - it's a combination of things, that Neil is in trouble, that he needs to go on the network and ask the population at large for help, that he has to run this entire thing. But it's for Neil, and that outweighs any of the anxiety that will always linger in his mind, no matter how much progress he makes. There's nothing uncertain about his tone, just nervous energy wavering in it.]

I... I know a lot of people are sick, and everyone is probably busy doing what they need to for everyone, but I need -- I need help.

[He takes a moment to regather some of his certainty and speaks more forcefully.]

Neil is sick, and I think I know what I have to do, but I need other people to help me with it. I need to have a meeting, with other people, and we need to meet in the woods and read poetry together, to help him. I don't-- I don't really know how many people I need, but I'm sure that the more we have, the more it will help.

So... if anyone can, just let me know. Please.
24 June 2013 @ 03:54 pm
[Todd's struggling against a member of the anonymous forces when his device activates in the scuffle, turning on the voice feature.]

I'm not doing anything for the deities, I'm just--

[His hesitation provides an opportunity to be interrupted. The voices that do so aren't quite discernible, but they're certainly not friendly.]

Not signing up for one side doesn't mean I'm on the other. I... I just don't want to fight.

[There's another response, but nothing further from Todd - there's some muffled noise of activity, though, as he makes a break for it. The transmission cuts off after a few moments.]

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19 May 2013 @ 11:47 pm
[The recent events in the City - the unusual pattern of the curses, the odd snippets from the deities, the general feeling of elevated unease among the population - are certainly taking their toll on Todd. The City is his home, as far as he's concerned, and he's worried. There have been incidents before, times that he was terrified that it would all crumble away and he'd find himself tossed out of it. Best case, back in his world where Neil's dead, Nuwanda's expelled, and he's certain to face some as-yet-unknown form of discipline. Worst case? Who knows what else could lay beyond the barriers of the City.

So he deals as a poet deals; he writes. He sits on the steps outside the library, after he's done with his shift, and he takes out his notebook and he writes. He hunches over it, so passerby won't glimpse the words, but his hand moves furiously. Writing, re-writing, scratching. The catharsis of getting something out on the paper, of spilling his thoughts and then refining them, sculpting them from an expulsion of primal emotion into something more cohesive, is precisely what he needs at this moment.]
30 April 2013 @ 09:14 pm
It was April, four years ago, when I first arrived here. It's... it's sort of impossible to believe that -- I mean, it seems all at once as if I've always been here, and as if I only just arrived. I still remember the day, exactly what it was like - the fountain, of course, everyone who told me what was going on, the people who came to find me, and those first few days of not believing a single moment of it was real.

[The fact that Neil greeted him was certainly no help there.]

A lot of them have gone now. Not all of them - definitely not all of them, and I'm grateful for that - but a lot of them have. Some of them wanted to go, to get back to their homes, their lives that were waiting for them... I just hope that they did, that they're happy where they are.

T.S. Eliot wrote that April is the cruellest month. He might be right - it's not exactly what he had in mind, but... it hasn't been an easy one here. I hope everyone is okay now, as much as they can be. I... I do feel like I end up hoping that too often.

Still, if I could - if I were given a way to leave - I wouldn't go. The City... it's my home now. I belong here.

[Talkative tonight, Todd? It's only really in retrospect that he realizes just how much he's said - he'd almost forgotten the device was one entirely - and he turns off the feed as his own old anxieties creeps back up on him.]
31 March 2013 @ 05:28 pm
[Todd's excited, today - not in an entirely positive way, but this is indeed an adventure and the boy from 1950s Vermont, even after a few years in the City, is still easily taken in by adventure. So it's a mix of nerves and adrenaline that has his tone a bit more... animated than usual, shall we call it?]

Neil and Rosella and I, we found something, in the library -- a spell. I, um... I don't know how well it's going to work, but I think with everything the way it is, well... anything is worth a try, right?

[ filtered to deities + neil and rosella ]

Um, we were wondering -- if it's possible, we need dust from the top floor of the highest building in the City, which... well, that would be the tower, wouldn't it?

So, uh. If we could... make a deal to get that, we would-- well, we'd like to find out how. Please.

[ on with the plan for this terrible trio <3 ]
17 February 2013 @ 05:37 pm
So... a lot of the time, on days like this, we wind up seeing people we know. Either from home, or from the City, or just from seeing them before, when this happened.

I, um-- I just wanted to see if anyone I knew was here. I know that's what most people hope for, on these weekends - I always do.

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31 January 2013 @ 10:10 pm
[ at the library | open ]

[ As Todd goes about his business today, he's in a particularly foul mood. He's clearly annoyed with some of the library's more demanding individuals, going so far as to outright snap at people - clearly, he's far more willing to assert himself verbally than he typically is.

You probably won't be inclined to ask him for help after one of these displays. You might wonder what the hell is going on if you've ever so much as glanced at him before. ]

[ in the city | open ]

[ It's not quite the end of his shift, but he's had it with dealing with people. He's stalking through the streets with a furrowed brow and a frown, glaring at anything that happens to place itself in his immediate line of vision. He doesn't glance around, as he's clearly not interested in anything going on around him. He's interested in getting home as quickly as possible, and far away from people. ]

[ at the apartment | justin & neil ]

[ Todd's arrival home is punctuated by a slamming of the door. His coat is unceremoniously thrown on the table nearest the entrance with little regard for whatever else may be on the table, and then he stomps his way through to slump on the couch.

He's not doing anything just yet, simply... death glaring at the wall. ]
21 December 2012 @ 08:43 pm
[You might expect Todd to be hiding inside today, between the nature of the day's curse and how shy he is. He isn't though; he was in at the library in the morning, and he's never been one to call out for curses. It's his fourth holiday season in the City already, so it's not as if he hasn't been through this before.

That doesn't mean he likes it, though. As he makes his way through the snowy streets of the City to the bookstore Neil runs, he does his best to move swiftly, keeping his distance from others and keeping up his pace to avoid being grabbed.

Of course, not even Todd can avoid everyone.]

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04 November 2012 @ 07:59 pm
I feel like I say the same thing every time this happens. I mean, I... I've probably even said that before.

So, anyone who's looking for me - if there is anyone - I'm here, if you want to say hello or anything. I don't mind. I... do sort of mind people I don't know grabbing me, or yelling at me, or calling me Ethan, especially since my name isn't Ethan.

But... saying hello is okay.

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31 October 2012 @ 09:50 pm
I, um-- I hope everyone has a happy Halloween.

[His voice is slightly hesitant and quiet - not that surprising from Todd, but he's certainly feeling the month. At least it wasn't as bad as last year - though he's not sure if that's good or bad.]

I'm... not doing anything, myself, but. I am glad October is nearly over, and I hope everyone is doing all right after everything. And just, uh... be careful tonight, okay?

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18 September 2012 @ 10:36 pm
[Todd is frowning at the device, lightly. He is wearing a t-shirt which reads "My Father Thinks I'm Worth Less Than This Lousy T-Shirt". He looks down then back at the device, and speaks.]

I don't... I don't expect other people to really care, exactly, about this. I just-- I need to say it, and I think… um. I think it's important that I say it where people can see it. I guess it makes it... I don't know. It means more, that I can do that. I don't really expect anyone to understand.


[Looking down again, at the shirt, and then back up.]

This isn't... it's not my fault, or my problem, or anything that's wrong with me. It's him. It's his problem, and he's… he's the one who needs to fix it. Not me. And what he thinks… it doesn't matter. I know I'm worth more than he thinks.

I am.

[He laughs slightly, nervously, and then shrugs.]

Sorry, I'm-- I really don't want attention or anything, I just... I needed to know I could do this. So. Thank you, anyone who listened.
27 August 2012 @ 04:05 pm
[Todd is out in Xanadu today, sitting beneath one of the gazebos and writing in a notebook that he's rather narrowly focused on. Though he's in an area that doesn't quite grow cold, he's still viewing it as taking advantage of the nice weather, knowing that colder temperatures will be creeping into the City soon enough and even if the park is warm, the walk over will be subject to a seasonal chill. Of course, he's also taking advantage of the fact that he doesn't have an unexpected dog to look after today.

It's been a difficult few weeks, and he feels like his friends in the City are dwindling. Hit particularly hard by Justin's departure - again - given that he and Neil had both gotten to be close friends with their roommate, a quiet afternoon of reflection seems long overdue.

For those watching along at home, Todd's device seems to have activated without any sort of prompting from - or notice by - its owner. Hardly surprising with the City's devices; perhaps it's just decided that Todd has gone too long without using the network. (Likely, with his social tendencies.) The angle that it provides is enough to see the boy sitting with his notebook, the gazebo overhead, and the foliage beyond its coverage.]

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13 August 2012 @ 02:23 pm
[The video comes on abruptly, as the device hits the wall. There's a blur of motion as it falls to the ground, along with some papers that scatter around it. When it settles and manages to focus, one might spot Todd standing in the middle of the living room of his apartment, staring in complete bewilderment at the device.]

W--what just...

[He's holding his hands in front of him, palms up as he glances down at them. One, then the other. Then he looks back to the device.]

Did I... make that happen?

[And he walks over to take the device. When he stoops to pick it up and reaches, another gust of air rustles the papers around it and blows the device against the wall.

And the video cuts off.]

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[Yes, Todd is at the library today. Because he couldn't in good conscience not come in because of such a silly curse. He's not particularly happy about it, though - the boy is self-conscious enough already when he isn't wearing shoes like these. Of course, there is some small comfort to be taken in the fact that he's not alone and, yes, he has seen far worse today.

Don't mind him, he'll just be awkwardly stumbling around as he tends to his duties...]