13 November 2013 @ 03:21 pm
[ the slightly awkward angle of the camera set upon a desk indicates that this is most likely an accidental video. leonard mccoy is sitting in his incredibly spartan home office, dealing with the usual bunch of medical paperwork with only a minimal amount of scowling - in fact, he looks at peace doing work, occasionally tapping his fingers on the desk when he's got some thinking to do before writing things down. sometimes, he'll check another device - starfleet's communicator - and snort to himself before returning to his work.

and then here comes the fun part of his office window suddenly bursting open with a gust of wind, and before he could even react to anything a hat comes flying inside the room before landing on his head.

What the —

[ but he doesn't get to say anything else, or flail about a damn hat, because after a short moment the hat's yells — ]


[ — and bones is pretty much left sitting in his office with a bewildered look on his face as the hat bounces off to terrorize someone else again. ]

… That thing just talked to me.

( OOC | forward-dated to November 14, for the Got That Sorted curse. )
09 August 2013 @ 10:49 pm

I knew there was a reason that I never wanted to be a pirate. Now I know.

For god's sake, no one get hurt. If I have to personally stitch your head together again myself, trust me, I'm going to make damn well sure that you won't like it so you'll never want to have another injury in your life ever again.

27 July 2013 @ 06:28 pm
[ FILTERED FROM » KHAN sry not sry bro ]

For the most part, if this essence thing is spot on, those people who've been sick during the better part of last week should've been put to right already. If you're *still* sick and you don't know why, then I suggest stopping by the hospital so someone can take a good look at you. Chances are, you've got your own separate problems to deal with. Tough luck, but I suspect that's what we doctors are here for.

[ simultaneously helpful and sassy, can u not bones. ]

Those who *were* sick but *are* fine now can contact Doctor House, if you haven't already, here and tell him about the symptoms you've experienced just so we know what to watch out for in case this happens again. Completely mandatory. The stickers are just a bonus.

If you're lucky, maybe there'll be candies, too, but you didn't hear that from me.

[ he's lying. no one is lucky and there are no candies. ]

03 July 2013 @ 05:31 pm

— iece of crap. [ There's grumbling as the viewscreen jostles, bright blue (bloodshot) eyes squinting into it curiously. The would-be handsome face glances away a moment later, eyebrows pulled together; he's sick or was prior to arriving, more worn out from the exertion of walking than any young man ought to be. ] Alright, good. You'll do for the time being.

This is Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise ordering any and all Federation crewmen to report back with the location of the nearest Starfleet outpost. I'm off-world when I shouldn't be. This "computer" —
[ you can practically see the airquotes around his sour tone ] — isn't responding as it should or giving me the information I need. I'm getting nothing but interference when I try and open a standard sub-space channel, the frequency's all off ... damn, this thing's gonna fry if I keep messing with it.

[ Opening his mouth to continue, a hurk noise clogs his throat and hastily, the video clatters to the ground as Jim reels around to vomit into the fountain. Classy. ]

[ Of course, where a sick Jim is, a wild, angry Bones appears. ]

Goddammit, Jim! [ He's there all of a sudden, a hand on jim's shoulder holding him for support and a - somewhat crazy expression on his face. ] Jesus Christ, why are you out of the medbay if you're sick?! Don't move or I'll hypo your ass!