01 February 2014 @ 03:41 pm
[ After a whispered string of (very English-sounding and) colourful swearing, the device finally turns on to reveal a very cranky (and confused!) looking young lady who seems to be quite convinced that this is all a big bad joke. Anyone who recognizes her may notice she's actually much younger again- and may have a bit of a different air around her. ]

... normally I'd believe that they were messing with my head again, but the longer I look around-

[ They couldn't have possibly created memories so confusing and elaborate. She's not even sure what to think, but she looks back at the device, as though attempting to consolidate whatever memories she's recalling here with the ones she arrived with. ]

I really was here, wasn't I? Once before... [ She doesn't sound very certain, but give her a bit. ]

No... surely it was a dream, but- All these faces- [ she pauses, moving a hand over the side of her head as she begins to murmur names... ]

Vivio... Cain? Rosella... [ So many names- ] Lloyd... Ky... Jun... Demyx? Natalia... Guy..... Peony... Alexis...

[ She quickly shakes her head, turning back to the device and staring at it, her expression firm. ]

If anyone by those names are here, then speak up! Was I really here once before?!

[ She has to know for certain- even if she's remembering it all even as she speaks. She finally glares at the device and grabs it, looking quite annoyed. ]

Oh, don't give me the silent treatment after all of that! This is too elaborate even for them- none of this is adding up, so whoever is listening had better have answers!! What the devil is going on?!

[ She's very, very confused, but hey, welcome her to the City again? :D She'll be wandering around near the fountains. Because water. Why else. ]
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