10 June 2013 @ 10:47 am
Those things aren't Digimon, I don't think. [Ken peers off screen, likely out the window at the worms crawling around.] First yesterday's shower of meteors, and now these overly large worms.

Does anyone know why things are getting more aggressive? Is it because of the revolutionaries?
29 May 2013 @ 02:48 pm
[Unaware he's been gone over a month, Ken flips on his device, eyes wide as he gives gentle blows on his arm.]

This is a useful curse, at least.
13 April 2013 @ 08:09 am
[His eyes dart to the side once in a while, and he looks a little uncomfortable.]

The City likes boats this time of year, doesn't it? After last year, I think I'll just not go on this one. I hope everyone has a safe voyage, though.
27 March 2013 @ 06:06 am
[Ken looks a little perplexed and gravely serious, holding onto a white egg with pink hearts. He holds it firmly, possessively. If anyone tried to take it from him, they would face a side of Ken they likely haven't seen yet.]

I don't know where the eggs came from, but this one is mine. [He's far more certain about it than he was when he first saw a similar one in the Digital World.]

Do we need to do anything for them? Keep them warm? [Uncertainty for that part.]
16 February 2013 @ 10:39 am
It's not that I would want anyone stuck here, but so many of my friends have left it would be nice to see at least one of them today.

[He's looking through the crowds as he speaks.] If any of you are here we should meet. [And he'll be just about anywhere, searching for people he knows.]
06 January 2013 @ 06:50 pm
[Ken sounds worn out.]

I'm staying safe as I can. Fortunately, I've not been confronted by any of the [trying to think of a suitable word] creatures. I hope everyone else is staying safe as well.

[Filtered to Charlie]
Charlie-san...I'm very, very sorry. I shouldn't have touched something that wasn't mine. But-

You've been gone way too long. We didn't need that much, did we? Please hurry home. Please be okay.

And, um, is your sword set up to trigger a fire when picked up by anyone? I didn't see a trap set up, but.... I'm sorry I touched it.
[/end filter;]
30 December 2012 @ 05:58 am
[A black fluffy, young, kittenish cat with blue eyes shows on the screen. He licks one paw, then speaks after. In a not particularly happy tone, but Ken's sounded more annoyed in the past.]

As this is the second day of it already, if anyone else has been cursed as an animal, particularly a furred one, could you tell me if hairballs are a problem after switching back?

I'm hoping they're not, but making sure. This coat is very thick. And I have a compulsion to constantly clean it. [He doesn't sound amused by that, either. A touch of his paw after, slightly showing on the screen, then device turns off.]

[It is possible to run into Ken while he's exploring alleyways and cat hangouts in the City, searching for small rodents.]
07 December 2012 @ 08:25 am
[As the video starts, Ken already looks a little ruffled - perhaps he's been engaged already. He was willing to make an exception for a cursed Li before, but that was someone he knew, someone cursed.] I don't care for dancing, at all. So I'd really appreciate if -

[In the middle of his request, a passing NPC takes his hands and tries to pull him into a dance. Ken untangles himself from the attempt. Cue a not so happy NPC, and a still disgruntled child.]

I think I'll just go home before anything else happens.

[ooc: Except! You should totally feel free to grab him for a dance or two before he does. Irritated Ken is kinda funny. Probably will throw him into a couple of posts, too.]
04 November 2012 @ 01:25 pm
[Ken is, currently, at Xanadu, with the park-like atmosphere in the background. He seems fairly shy, looking away from the camera at intervals.]

If there is anyone out there I know [not that he's expecting it] we could meet anywhere you like. I'm currently at the Xanadu, though. For everyone else, welcome to the City. I'm sorry you're stuck here, but also hope you can enjoy your stay. Hopefully, it will be brief.
06 October 2012 @ 11:15 am
I never wanted him to get hurt like he did. [Hurt is an understatement. Frown on his face and clear upset in Ken's voice as he keeps talking, almost like he's talking to himself, unaware the device is on, but he knows.] I never meant anything like that by what I said. My brother was actually good to me. I just lost sight of it and wanted him to disappear. I wish I hadn't been so childish and stupid about it. If I could've just looked past myself-

...no. I-I didn't turn the device on for this! [But it's like word vomit.]

[He switches the feed to a filter before he can say more. He'll still babble against his will in responses.]

Deity Filter )

[ooc: Cursed with My Dirty Little Secret, and unable to do anything but talk about his dead brother, and his severe jealousy issues all day. So for those that wanted to know more about Ken's brother, Ken's darker aspects, or didn't even know he had a brother? Ask away.]
04 October 2012 @ 05:21 pm
[Pretend this was posted earlier today.]

I only came out for a bit, but I should have stayed inside.

Is anyone else caught outside in this? [Figures he should ask and see if anyone needs help before turning back around. It's not noticeable on the feed, but there are hands reaching for Ken's ankles. The screen does show him turn back, looking alarmed.]

[Then he shuts off the feed, rather than anybody watch if this doesn't go well. He's pretty skinny, easy to pull through the slimmest of cracks.]

[ooc: Action if anyone wants to witness or help, otherwise video responses will happen an hour after the fact, yes at the graveyard.]
05 September 2012 @ 05:33 am
[Device screen switches on, Ken looks perplexed for a moment, then glares at it before the entire scenery changes. He tumbles away, the walls show, then it's obviously broadcasting the carpet before it times out.]

Text five minutes later from his Digivice;

It was so obvious.... Those deities gave us the devices from the beginning, and we use them unquestionably. They're just controlling us with that expectation, and who knows what else.

I don't doubt they monitor all of our conversations!

No longer will I be a part of that. You would do better to throw away your devices as well.

[He'll be back on it tomorrow.]
02 September 2012 @ 12:23 pm
[Ken's device, which has been inactive for quite sometime, sputters on. Ken's in front of it, dressed rather warmly for the time of year, in the middle of speaking.]

Is that a question or -

[His sarcastic smile drops completely. The video feed will show he's clearly struggling, arms behind him. He looks around, looks to the device. Puzzlement. Then a slight look of shame.]

The City, right? It's been a while.

[A little more struggling.]

Could someone, please, help get my arms untied?

[Feed keeps going for a while, then times out.]

[ooc: He won't be able to respond any further until someone helps him out. Assume all responses are made after the fact, unless you want to help. Also, he's been canon updated to the middle of episode 44, just after being kidnapped.]
15 July 2012 @ 12:19 pm
Being in a girl's body a second time isn't as strange as the first. I'm glad I kept the clothes from before, too. [He frowns a little, then brightens as he remembers something.]

...it's still soccer season, I realized, today. I should buy a soccer ball, if I have the money. Would anyone want to play with me? After I buy some shorts, that is.
11 July 2012 @ 03:52 pm
If I made plans with anyone we will have to reschedule for another time. Staying inside today.

This is...well, different from changing in a locker room.
16 June 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Does anyone know where I could obtain rather large weapons? [Yes, he's a little young for that. But they're not for him.]
12 June 2012 @ 04:24 pm
[Ken bows to the device screen, worried and regretful. He would have done this in person, but he doesn't know how to get a hold of something of them.]

I wanted to apologize for my behavior this weekend. Particularly to Toph-san, Rita-san, the other girl, Lockdown-san, and Rita's other friend.

I shouldn't have used Lockdown-san as I did, as a slave. Everything.... I hope you can accept my apologies, all of you.

[Very short entry, after all, he's kind of still hating himself.]
1. Post: Video:

Wormmon! Where are you? I've been here for several hours already and you have yet to show. You had better hurry and come to the coordinates I sent you. If my slaves find you first, I will be very displeased. More than I already am!

[That wasn't meant for the whole City, but while the Digimon Kaiser set the transmission up for Wormmon alone, the City thought the rest of you needed to know this.]

2. Action: Forest/Beach:

Even if he only has two dark towers, and only a small handful of mindless slaves yet, the Digimon Kaiser is still out using the dark rings to collect more. Feel free to try to stop him, or get caught. Feel free to have your character assumed as his slave already, or play out the process.

3. Action: Take Down:

It's Sunday afternoon, and the Digimon Kaiser stands yet defeated. None of you make any sense, Wormmon still hasn't shown, and the Digimon slaves...don't look normal to him. Doesn't matter, he stands defiant to the end, convinced this is his world. Do you really think you're going to win him over? He won't allow that! That's another reason he has minions!

[ooc: Details here if you would like more information.]
04 June 2012 @ 08:37 am
[There's a lot of purring in the background, and Ken is staring, unsure, at the fluffy cat in his arms, pleasantly rubbing up against Ken.]

I thought he might bite or scratch me, but he seems to be fine with this. [Still unsure as he pets the fur lightly.]

Weird spontaneous curses to hug aside, could anyone tell me more about the carousel?
12 May 2012 @ 02:53 pm
[Ken's followed by bubbles today. Sometimes they pop, but some of them just stay floating around him, like they're haunting him, refusing to leave him. They never properly fly away, just float around him.

[He's also in the Hall of Missing, this is clearly not meant to be broadcasted.

[Maybe it's the waking dream that spurned this on, or he remembers a conversation he had with her...whichever it is, in front of the portrait that belongs to Estelle, who has now, obviously left, he leaves a cup of what looks like water, with a bubble wand in it.]

I didn't forget, Estellise-san. I'm glad you got out, at least. [He doesn't look very happy, though.]

Please take care of yourself.

[As he turns to leave, a voice calls his name off the screen, he turns to the voice, wide-eyed, and the feed decides to cut out right there.]