27 June 2013 @ 09:39 pm
First and foremost, if anyone happens to be caught in the midst of a battle they'd prefer to avoid, please feel completely free to let me know. I have at my disposal a vehicle capable of flight, and I would be more than happy to lend its services in the name of safe transport to your home or any other location.

Beyond merely offering safe transit within the City as needed, I'm not certain precisely what else can be done from within with our present level of knowledge. I must admit to being more than a bit concerned with a power struggle taking place within a dimension that functions as a controlled nexus, the management of which is accomplished through means which we do not yet understand. Already we've seen the curses disrupted - a startling mechanical discrepancy to the City's established mode of functioning - and the beings who call themselves deities provoked to paranoid suspicion and witch hunts. What troubles me most greatly, however, are the potential implications of a nexus that supports some form of unknown interdimensional connectivity sustaining damage that could possibly lead to instability in all of the timelines to which it is connected - or in less oblique terms, each and every one of our own dimensions of origin.

[Why do his musings always go this way.]
14 June 2013 @ 10:41 pm
[Doc is clearly imprisoned, seated upon the thin cot and looking very much unlike his usual self. He's quiet, which should be concerning enough on its own. Nothing that he can do right now, but hardly a situation he's accepting. He does not do well in captivity.]

In situations such as this one, it certainly becomes clear exactly how much we can come to take for granted. Dare to commit some harmless, curious tinkering... or to possess "suspicious technology"...

[And there's a hard frown.]

It should hardly come as a surprise that those motivated by a deeper curiosity, a need to question rather than accept, a drive to understand the workings of their surroundings, are among those looked upon with suspicion, regardless of any actions they may or may not have taken. There's certainly more than enough precedent established for such an action, over the course of human history.

[And he draws a breath.]

If I may ask of anyone who isn't currently incarcerated, would someone be so kind as to walk Everett? His meals are already taken care of, I have a bit of machinery to take care of that particular task, but it certainly won't do to leave him cooped up inside for however long I may be away.
[When the device's audio feature activates, it's clearly not a result of any intentional action on Doc's part. There's a good deal of noise, amplified due to the fact that it's not close to the device, it's actually in the device. The tinkering cuts off when the device activates - there's a yelp and, if you happen to be observant, the sound of someone jumping back slightly. A dog barks.]

Well, I suppose that answers the question of what that particular circuit does, eh boy?

[Another - happier and less startled, bark - Doc comes back to reapproach the device.]

My apologies for the interruption - I can only assure you it's all in the name of gaining knowledge.

[And off goes the feed. He's back to work.]

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21 April 2013 @ 02:48 pm
[The two voices in this post sound remarkably alike; they are, in fact, the same, though the tones are slightly different. One is more animate, more given to dramatic embellishment and more excitable - the Doc those in the City know. The other is more controlled, more even. Clearly, they both believe they belong here.]

Quite a hodgepodge laboratory that's been pieced together here. What's happened to my equipment?

Your equipment is clearly not present, nor has it been at any point to my perception. I believe we must be alternate versions of one another, from differing timeline, the product of a decision made differently, a divergence of events, something which altered the respective courses of our lives - or of some interference, perhaps something that happened via temporal disruption--

Yes, yes, that much is clear. And to be perfectly honest with you, I have to say that whatever has led to you winding up in this state is hardly anything I'd wish upon anyone, least of all myself. Cobbled together devices, squatting in some desolate shell of a building. And what is this?

That is the time vehicle I built.

That's your time vehicle? Where in the world did you find a car like that?

It's a DeLorean. A 1981 DMC--

1981? It took you that long?

That long?

I had my time vehicle completed in the early 60's. The work that I did in studying the nature of temporal movement, relativity, causality, and anomalous behavior were of incredible help. Didn't the flux capacitor come to you in 1955?

[And the Doc the City knows is silent. His alternate speaks up again.]

I hope you realize your device is transmitting. Haven't you figured out how to stop that from happening?

[Off the feed goes.]
[Doc has been so absorbed in what he's working on, he hasn't even noticed that it's one of these weekends again. This is, in fact, the first that he's emerged - and he's so excited, he hasn't filtered this at all.]

Chekov! I do believe I have the final adjustments made on the rebuilt circuits, if you should happen to be up for a test run by any chance. I must confess, I'm quite eager to see if it will truly take flight again. I had all but written that particular modification off as a loss entirely.

If it does work again, well -- I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here, but I'm certain it could prove to be invaluable in handling any number of the situations the City is so very fond of throwing at us.

[And he's off, pulling the DeLorean out of the workshop… and into the still-crowded streets of the City.]

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04 January 2013 @ 11:38 am
[Doc appears on-screen, visibly shaken. He's in his laboratory, the DeLorean barely in the frame behind him. Anyone who has seen it before has likely seen it a mess as he set himself about a flurry of work, but it's in a far worse state now: it's not the work of someone working, but of a struggle, papers and components, odds and ends all over the place. He swallows hard, and speaks gravely.]

I very seriously doubt I need to stress the gravity of our situation to anyone; however, I wish to offer assistance to anyone who is in need. I have a vehicle, which I am more than willing to provide safe transit in as needed. I would provide a safe haven as well, were that possible. However...

[An uncertain glance off to the side.]

My laboratory has already been infiltrated. The... issue has been dealt with, and contained, the structure since fortified, but I very much doubt anyone would feel comfortable staying here.

[There's a loud banging in the background, and Everett barks in response. That's the only hint of what's going on as he cuts off the feed, the last visible frame one of him turning toward the noise.]

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07 December 2012 @ 09:57 pm
[Good evening, City. One Doctor Emmett Brown is most certainly cursed today, if one can judge by the fact that the DeLorean rolls up to the square with the audio absolutely blasting. It's not entirely unlike this...

video )

...of course, poor Doc has no idea what's blasting. (It's not really Thrift Shop, you'll just have to forgive his mun for being obsessed with Macklemore and OMG IT'S A DELOREAN.) But when the door swings up and open, hissing on its hydraulics as it does, he steps out in his bright printed shirt, slacks, and one flowing, dramatic long coat looking very much like a boss. He swings the door back down behind him, and starts dancing his way through the curse-party already happening in the square, the car still blasting music through its open windows. If you get near him, he may just grab you up as a partner briefly.

Doesn't move too bad for an old guy, either. Thanks, future restoration clinic!]
03 November 2012 @ 10:43 pm
[Doc knows what he's come to the network to say, but he still takes a moment before beginning. He clears his throat, awkwardly.]

I hope that everyone is well. I, ah-- I believe I owe a great many of you a very sincere apology. I realize that many consider it to be something that goes unsaid, when one's mind has been altered by the effects of a curse. Most do not feel that an apology is necessary. However, I can't in good conscience let this go unsaid.

I am immensely and sincerely sorry for my behavior during the circus' stay in the City. Using scientific knowledge or skill for such mindlessly cruel entertainment, designed for the purposes of financial gain and personal exploitation... I would never for a moment consider assisting in such an enterprise, were my wits my own. But, as they were not, I can only apologize. I can certainly understand if some have too great a difficulty in finding forgiveness, and I can only hope that I have not lost any friendships over the matter. There are few things I consider to be of greater value.

[That being said...]

I also realize that we again find ourselves with a number of guests; welcome to the City. If there are any familiar faces among the crowd [he can always hope], don't hesitate to make yourself known. Though, certainly, anyone is welcome to stop in and say hello.

[private to charlie]

I wanted to thank you, for both the cookies and the message. I can truthfully say that it meant a great deal to me, and came as no small relief, to know that you harbored no animosity.

[ooc: Open for fourth walling! Please don't outright tell him he's fictional, though uncomfortable levels of knowledge are a-okay, and no duplicate Docs please! (Can't be having paradoxes up in here!)]
27 October 2012 @ 10:47 pm
[One of the circus staff is making a big to-do in the freakshow area, drawing the crowds' attention to a large tent that has, as of yet, remained drawn closed. As people gather nearer, the staff member leans dramatically towards them from his crate, his smile taking on a sinister quality as his voice adopts a dark, dramatic tone.]

Enjoying the show, are we? The strange, the bizarre, the unusual creatures gathered, their talents and gifts, their curses and mutilations on display for you?

Many of our performers are as natural as you or I, their very essence so irreversibly twisted from the start that they form, of their own, into the incredible and unbelievable which you see before you today.

But some...

Some of our displays are works of art.

And their artiste? Their creator, their engineer, the man who has taken what they were and made them more?

It is my honor to present this man to you.

[As he finishes that, he stands - and as he stands, the front of the tent is drawn open. Inside, there is a makeshift laboratory. Slabs for bodies are the largest feature in the center, tables covered beakers and flasks of varied sizes and shapes line the sides, drawings and sketches of various creatures are on display along the walls, the corners accented by energy rippling through twin-pronged tesla coils.

In the center of it, standing before the crowd with his hair frizzing even more wildly than usual in every direction, his goggles - with the one enlarged, magnifying lens - down over his eyes, his crossed arms covered to the elbow by heavy rubber gloves, and his buttoned labcoat draping all the way to the floor, is Doctor Emmett Brown. Or so it appears to be, though this is most certainly not the Doc that anyone has come to know. The crowd gasps and draws slightly back as he surveys them detachedly, and the barker - delighted - speaks up once more.]

Do mind your manners, dear audience, lest you too find a place on his slab.

[ooc: SO. Yes, Doc is under a form of control by the circus. No, he probably hasn't done much in actuality, but he has indeed been captured and cast in the role. The control is not perfectly absolute and, at times, you may even be able to get through to the real Doc. He's in there, somewhere, and he's not having a good time.]
30 September 2012 @ 12:30 pm
[Doc is alarmed yet fascinated at the lack of sunlight in the City today, so he's out in the DeLorean - still a ground vehicle, since the flight circuit rebuild hasn't quite gotten underway yet - cruising around with its lights on. As he investigates, he gradually makes his way from his workshop, closer to the outskirts of the City, towards the square.

When he reaches the edges of the celebration, he stops and parks the car. He gets out, followed by a happily bounding Everett (his shaggy mutt), locks the car up, and wanders over to investigate. As he makes his way around, the dog obediently keeps pace at his side. Most likely, there's a connection between the darkness and the festival - he'd wager that it's part of a curse, of which he simply doesn't quite grasp the motif.

Besides, let it never be said that a scientist can't appreciate a good festival.]

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28 August 2012 @ 01:31 pm
Good afternoon, City.

I've become aware that there are a number of individuals present who have a certain interest in science and engineering. I happen to have a personal project upon which I am about to embark, and I thought that it might hold some interest for those who are so inclined.

I was fortunate enough, upon entering the City, to arrive in an experimental vehicle of mine. Less fortunately, it was badly damaged by a bolt of lightning immediately prior to my arrival and subsequently by its unanticipated arrival - the impact, specifically. The vast majority of its functionality has since been restored - though, I suspect due to the controlled and likely artificial nature of our present dimension, it no longer serves its intended purpose.

In my own reality, it had been modified to fly as well. To be perfectly candid, after the recent business with flight here, it seems as if having that capability at hand would hardly be ill-advised. I have not yet restored this functionality and, as the technology behind it is beyond the overall state of advancement in the City, I thought it may be of interest to those here. The circuitry controlling the car's ability to fly has been essentially destroyed, so my current intention is to remove, analyze, and rebuild it.

So! If there are others who would share an interest in reverse-engineering and replicating this technology, I would certainly welcome collaboration. Undoubtedly, this task would be accomplished much more quickly with the gifted assistance of those in the City.

[He might also like the company, truth be told. Damn friends got him used to it - first Marty back home, then everyone he'd met here. And now a good number of them have left.]
11 August 2012 @ 03:14 pm

[Video posted is from 1:37 on. (The embed should start playing at this point!)]
31 July 2012 @ 04:58 pm
I must say, though it was unexpected, the weekend's storm doesn't seem nearly impossible. With the proper technology, control over the weather is perfectly attainable - hardly a thing of magic, and far more easily explicable than many of these so-called curses in the City.

Much of what we dismiss as impossible, magical, or beyond our ability is merely what hasn't been defined or quantified yet. A good piece of science fiction, for example, always has its basis in fact and works to expand upon the theoretically possible. More than a few works have influenced the creation of real-life technology, proving that the realm of possibility and the limits of human advancement are consistently far broader than most generally consider them to be.

Though, of course, I'm certain a storm of that magnitude would net the weather service a good many complaints - certainly if it were in July.

[ooc: Let's pretend I wasn't mostly unconscious at the time and say this is backdated to yesterday. Also, this is sort of a placeholder. It's been a crazy few weeks RL-wise, so thank you everyone for all of your incredible patience. ♥]
01 July 2012 @ 02:09 pm

[Doc has recently been to and returned from the alternate City - the fogged, dark, empty mirror of the City. Since returning, he's been largely absorbed in going over what he documented during his short stay there. (Cut short, of course, by Amory's accident. He told the kid to wear the seatbelt, but no...) He's also been going over the DeLorean, examining it for any abnormalities as a result of the trip, retuning the car's basic mechanics and doing some maintenance on the time circuits now that they're back in working order (even if, apparently, they no longer accomplish their original function - a curiosity in itself). Save for the break in his studies for the curse (An old west curse! That he truly enjoyed.), he's been flying notably below the radar.

In fact, he's been so absorbed in his work that he hadn't even noticed that it's one of these weekends again. He has noticed it's a lovely day, however, so he's actually brought the DeLorean out for a ride around town. No way to know if you've tuned up the car right without testing it, after all.

When he gets back to the building he's made his lab out of, he pulls up outside rather than bringing the DeLorean in, and sits with the driver's side door open, enjoying the weather and making a post.

In the passenger seat, his dog, Everett, sits patiently and waits.]


So it seems we're in the midst of one of these weekends again! This would be the second of its sort that I have experienced; certainly, it still seems that the City's dimensional boundaries must be altered somehow to allow for the temporary influx. However, the degree of control and regularity with which this occurs certainly suggests the event is more deliberate than a simple fluctuation in the dimensional barriers. As much as a fluctuation in dimensional barriers could be called simple, of course.

[Of course. Because that's obvious, right?]

Given my recent trip to the apparent duplicate City, inadvertent though it was, it certainly seems that the City's structure is even more complex than I had originally anticipated.

[Oh, right, he's talking to other people. He was sort of going off... on his own thing. A little.]

In any case! A belated welcome to the City. If there is anything I may do to be of service or to aid in your understanding of this place, do not hesitate to ask.

[ooc: I AM SORRY THIS POST IS SO LONG. Doc's from the end of Part II. I'd prefer not to have him totally flip his shit so no duplicates, and... I think that's all? HIT HIM WITH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Very, VERY backtagging friendly.

Feel free to grab him over the network or anywhere out and about in the City, during or after his ride around town. Especially if you recognize the DeLorean :D]
24 June 2012 @ 03:03 pm
[In the City today - such as it is - Doc's usual base of operations has been replaced by a respectable little blacksmith shop. It's authentically Western, and so is Emmett; though his hobbies still lean towards science, engineering, and invention, he's no time traveler today. The DeLorean is nowhere to be found, a stagecoach in its place.]

image )

[Doc is available for any range of services - from anything as basic as shoeing your horse to the more advanced tasks of customizing and upgrading your firearms. If you know enough to ask him for such a service, of course.

You may find him at his shop during business hours, or bump into him as he goes out for a walk around town.]
12 June 2012 @ 11:11 pm
[When the video feed comes on, it's held fairly close to the Doc. The device is actually secured in a dock on the dashboard of the DeLorean - a nice little rig he's set up, and is now taking advantage of. He's still poking at the device, but withdraws his hand when he notices it's now recording. When he pulls the hand back, you may get a glimpse of Amory int he passenger seat - who is observing, as Doc's replacement Marty intern.]

Ah-- There we are. [And with a smile,] Good evening, City. For those whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting to date, my name is Doctor Emmett Brown. Presently, I am sitting within an experimental vehicle of my design which managed to cross over from my own reality into the City along with me. Tonight I am conducting a preliminary experiment which may - possibly - eventually lead to a better understanding of the functioning of the City and its relation to our various timelines of origin. For the moment, I shall simply be determining if the vehicle's intended functions have been restored.

[There is a bit of a pause, of the dramatic variety...]

Officially commencing City temporal experiment number one.

[And with a final nod at the camera, he turns on the engine and begins to accelerate. As the car goes faster, lights inside the car activate - the flux capacitor, located in the back and visible between the two seats - comes to life, light flowing through its tubes. Through the windows, you can see the energy cackle around the car as it comes to speed until suddenly, a blinding flash and a loud boom - not of an explosion, but the sound of a drastic energy discharge - consume the feed. After that, static - a few glimpses of the inside of the car, through heavy visual distortion with no audio - and the feed goes dead.]

semi-long ooc stuff )
30 April 2012 @ 08:42 pm
Well, it is with no small degree of pleasure that I am able to inform all interested parties that, despite any number of setbacks the City has provided - the most recent of which being tribbles with a considerable appetite for circuitboards - my vehicle is now prepared for initial testing.

Since a number of individuals had previously expressed interest in witnessing the tests firsthand, I thought it best to issue this update. I would be delighted to allow any of the friends that I have made in my months here to witness the experiment, if they are so inclined.
17 April 2012 @ 10:34 pm
[This post is likely accidental, the device resting on its side on a work bench. Bits of wire, some small circuit boards, schematics and notes litter the surface, but beyond that you can see the DeLorean.

And by the DeLorean, alternately whining, growling, and barking at the car, is Everett, the Doc's shaggy mutt. A clatter from beyond the device's frame interrupts after a few moments, after which Doc can be heard calling to the animal.]

Everett, boy, what's gotten into you?

[And he steps into the frame. As he approaches, Everett whines and flops on the floor, whining as he stares at the car.]

What is it? Hm?

[Curious enough, he steps over to the car, walking along the side and staring through the window.]

What in the name of Nicolaus Copernicus...

[He opens the the door of the car as he trails off, and as it swings upward, a pile of cooing tribbles pour out of the DeLorean and onto the floor. Everett lets out a low growl, backing away.]

[ooc: Still backtagging a lot everywhere and omg work, so this is probably quite placeholdery. Someday I hope to post without needing one of these notes.]
18 March 2012 @ 03:29 pm
[The post starts off as simple audio.]

Good afternoon! I was hoping that someone - or multiple someones, of course - might be able to provide me with some information. I've been made to understand by the guides with which I have been provided that the Underground, particularly the area surrounding the clock, are reasonably dangerous. I would like to now exactly how hazardous a trip down there is. I believe that the information that could potentially be gleaned from such an expedition may outweigh any--

[And then Doc is interrupted by barking. As he deals with that development, the video function is activated and a very excited shaggy mutt can be seen jumping up on him excitedly, tail wagging.]

No, no, not now, boy -- down. There we are, yes, there-- that's a good boy, isn't it?

[And the dog is calmed, sitting contentedly as Doc scratches his head. After a moment, Doc's attention returns to the device, and notices the video feature is on.]

Ah -- well, as long as this is activated, I suppose I may as well make some introductions.

[Shifting the focus to the dog now.]

I found him the other day; he appears to be a stray, but if he does have a home and anyone happens to know where it may be and with whom, please don't hesitate speak up. Otherwise, I'll be more than happy to look after him. As a matter of fact, I've already taken to calling him Everett.

[And Everett barks, apparently happy with this moniker. Doc smiles as he shifts the camera back to a more general view of himself and the workshop. As he straightens himself back up to his full stature, you may catch a glimpse of the DeLorean behind him, its gull-wing doors up.]

But yes, as I was saying; the clock! Any information whatsoever that could be provided would be most appreciated. Thank you.

[And the transmission ends.]
03 March 2012 @ 12:12 am
[Those who have spoken to Doc Brown most recently have probably not heard him being his usual excitable, enthusiastic self. Since losing the DeLorean while inadvertently crossing over from the desert to the glass City, he's been, to say the least, subdued. But that's all changed now.]

I can't say that it's anything I entirely understand - not yet, at any rate, though it's something I shall be looking into, along with whatever I can learn about the cause behind this apparent fracturing - but! I am extremely pleased to report that my vehicle has been restored.

Of course, it would be foolish to accept it at face value that it's simply back and functioning properly after such an occurrence, so my first course of action will be to perform a thorough test.

[That's a thinly veiled excuse to go out driving - which is precisely what he goes off to do once he cuts the feed.]

[ooc: Network replies after he's done going for his celebratory joyride. Feel free to action if you want to spot the DeLorean cruising around. And for anyone and everyone out and about in the City? Yeah. The DeLorean's cruising around tonight.]