06 April 2012 @ 08:07 pm
So. It looks like I'm stuck here for... I don't know. Could be a while. I haven't had a flatemate since university, but it's starting to look like that might be a good idea. Does anyone need anyone? Or know anyone? I like to think I'm pretty easy to live with. Sometimes I leave towels lying around, things like that, but on the whole I'm not too bad.

I'm unemployed at the moment... but if anyone needs a business analyst, I'm pretty good at that. Just let me know if you see any openings. I haven't found out whether they have a job centre here yet.
30 March 2012 @ 05:26 pm
Dirk? Dirk. It's Richard. Will you please pick up your phone so you can tell me, first where I am, and second what you've done to me.

[Richard sighs, exasperated. Unsurprisingly he's also angry at being dumped in a strange new city.]

For God's sake, Dirk. I'm your partner. You can't just slip me something every time you think it will help solve a case. Is there even a case this time? Or were you just bored and wanted to see how long it would take me to get back?

Well, I'm not going along with it. I'm not paying God knows how much for a taxi to get me out of the mess you dropped me in. I don't care how "busy" you are, or how many goes it takes to get your bloody car started. You get over here right now and take me home.

And bring shoes. And socks. My feet are wet.

[There's another sigh, and when he speaks again he sounds resigned and more than a touch despairing.]

Look, I know you're listening, so there's no point leaving me here and pretending you're not. Janice... please... please make sure he doesn't ignore this. I'll talk to him about paying your wages. Again.