15 June 2013 @ 07:48 pm

Jasmine Dragon is closed until further notice because giant space worms decided it was a nummy treat and ate the whole god damn thing.

[...Charlie, do you even know how to be professional while under stress?]

[Private to friends.]

Check in. Right now. Where is everyone? Are you guys okay?

...I haven't been asked for by anyone unfamiliar, have I?

(ooc: so, charlie's paranoia comes in the form of feeling as though everyone she loves is in danger. and she's getting that 'oh shit the shop' sense but since she's in jail, she can't do a thing about it.)
05 June 2013 @ 12:40 pm
I'm all for stopping the curses and changing things. The curses can be a huge problem when safety is at risk.

[Oh, boy does she sound mad. She also sounds like she's trying to keep this emotion in check and is failing.]

But I wasn't hurting anyone in the park. I was well away from anyone and even if I wasn't, no one would have gotten hurt.

[And she fails even more to keep her anger in check.] The fire extinguisher was overkill, assholes. And make note, no one tells me what to do with my ability. I don't give a fuck who you are. No one tells me when I can and can't use my fire. I make that decision. Not anyone else.

Go fuck yourself if you think otherwise.

[She switches off the device, but not before saying;] ...this shit stings. God damn.
03 June 2013 @ 04:10 pm
[Private audio for Jasmine Dragon Staff.]

I'm taking some time off. Take care of the store. I'll be back in a week.

[And, God. Does she sound happy.]

[Private for Rapunzel and Ken.]

He's home.

[Does she need to say who this 'he' is? It has to be a given with how cheerful she sounds.]

We'll be gone for a few days.

[Private to Raikov, Nathan and Mercy.]

You're all wonderful. Thank you for everything.
15 May 2013 @ 01:29 pm
[It's short, sweet. To the point. Charlie woke up to quite a surprise this morning and she hates it. So she packed up the animals and went to stay in one of the nearby apartments. She won't be telling anyone where she is, for a multitude of reasons.]

Yes, she's hiding. No she pretty much doesn't want to see anyone or bother with anyone. And in all likelihood won't bother replying back.]

Merlin's gone again. He went home.

[Yep. That's the extent of it. At least she hasn't been attacked this time? Feel free to try to find her. She's away from her mansion for the next week and won't be coming to work for a few days. She wants to be hard to reach.]
06 May 2013 @ 08:40 am
[Charlie had spent the weekend in a way that she'd rather forget. First, the scar on her arm had started bleeding again so her day was spent changing bandages before she ended up at the hospital to get it taken care of.

She thought it would be over by midnight but when midnight hit and the injury was still there, Charlie knew something was wrong.

By the time the sun had come up, she'd developed what she recognized as a case of blood poisoning.

Very funny, City. Very funny indeed.

This required a second trip to the hospital to get the problem under control and Charlie was released this morning once the doctors were sure it was really, truly gone.

So it's just audio today because she still feels terrible.

The first entry is filtered]

(Jasmine Dragon filter)
Rapunzel, employees of the Jasmine Dragon. You guys are on your own today which I apologize for. I just don't feel good and need an extra day off my feet. I promise, I'll be in tomorrow.
(/end filter.)

How was everyone else's weekend? Did everyone survive? Back to normal and all?
21 April 2013 @ 02:28 pm
[Things start in the middle of an argument. It almost sounds like Charlie is talking to herself but there's normal Charlie's voice and a slightly lighter, happier voice speaking back. Cities Charlie is the first one to stay anything.]

---still here? If you're not gone by tonight, I'm going to scream.

[...that doesn't sound good, does it? But the voice that replies hardly seems bothered. They even laugh slightly and the laugh doesn't end as quickly as City Charlie's laugh usually does. It sounds a little more heartfelt, too.]

Yeah, I'm still here. I stayed in the guest room, like you said to but I got bored so lets do something.

What? [Video flickers on at this point and now both Charlie's are visible in the kitchen. There's the one that most would recognize, dressed in her typical plain t-shirts and jeans. She's busy cutting up salmon for Affinity and nearby, the other animals are enjoying breakfast already. She's hardly in the mood for the happier and possibly slightly prettier her, frowning slightly at what she clearly considers an intrusion.

Other Charlie is dressed in a way that City Charlie never would. An off-white skirt. A blouse that was designed to subtly show off her figure. Her hair's done up in a ponytail that's significantly neater than the one City Charlie usually sports. And she's smiling. A lot. This Charlie has probably had a better life than the one the City knows.]

Let's do something! Let's get out of the house for a while. You have off today. Let's go to the park. I want to see the City.

Look out the damn window. [Sarcastic. So sarcastic.]

I did. That's not enough. I want to explore.


Because. OH! [Someone just had what they think is the best idea.] Can we go Underground?

What?! No!

Why not?

Because you said so yourself. You're defenseless.

[And Charlie sounds annoyed. So annoyed and maybe she's more than just annoyed that there's Her 2.0 in the kitchen. She stands, device knocked on it's side as Charlie heads to her backpack hanging nearby. Charlie 2.0 heads over to inspect it, running her fingers over one of a few patches that have been sewn on. Charlie takes a step away from her, tensing and eyeing her.]

How about this? I'll drop you off in the middle of the City. You can have some of my money. I already explained how it works. You can...I don't know. Go shopping. Go eat somewhere. Have a blast.

You're really not coming with me?

Hand to God, I am not going with you. I spent all day with you yesterday in my tea shop and that was confusing to my customers. I need some me time. [Charlie notices her device is on and starts walking over as Other Charlie speaks.]

Technically, I am you so--

Shut up.

[And the device turns off.]

[ooc: charlie is in black. other charlie is in red. action at the house if anyone wants to drop by.]
22 March 2013 @ 07:50 pm
[Accidental video. Charlie's had no desire to show her face at all. She's worked in the back room at the Dragon, only coming out to train employees and handle customer complaints. So when the video kicks on, she's outside in the back yard of her residence.

The animals are running around her, sniffing at the bags of dirt she has and the small seedlings sitting nearby. She's studying a piece of paper and a part of the back yard that's been roped off and dug up, occasionally glancing up at the patch of dirt long enough to point vaguely and mutter to herself. Gwaine approaches. He's obviously been bouncing around in the dirt because he's a mess. Charlie grins when she sees him, picking him up and looking at the squirming dog.]

It's the king of the dirt mountain!

[Gwaine barks, tail wagging furiously.] I don't think I gave the tomatoes enough room. Might have to do more digging.

[She sets the dog down and he bounds over to the device, tackling it and growling playfully. Charlie looks over and sighs, grabbing the device and simply switching it off.

Two moments later, there is a private message for Rapunzel and Ken.]

[Private to: Rapunzel and Ken.]

What do you two know about gardening? This is bigger than the rooftop garden I had last year and I'd love your help.
09 March 2013 @ 06:00 pm
[The feed starts with a loud burst of static and then, even louder, the sound of Charlie in a very angry mid-sentence shout.]

--don’t think I appreciate what you just said, Mister Ryan. For starters, I’m married. And second, just because I’m handcuffed to you doesn’t mean that---

[Oh, dear. More static. Rude, device. So rude.]

I am, of course, well aware of the fact that you’re married. Perhaps I was attempting to introduce some kind of levity to a situation which is, quite frankly...

[A long-suffering sigh, as though this is possibly the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.]

In any case, we’re stuck with each other for the time being. I’d appreciate it if we could both keep our tempers about it.

[A request like that, despite the fact that the strident tone in his voice is far from cheerful.]

[There’s a snort from Charlie. Anyone that knew her well enough, knew that this sound accompanies a mild eyeroll from her. Mr Ryan, you’re full of it. But, he does have a point.]

Okay, fine. Just...tone the flirting down, okay? Tone it down a lot. I was expecting to wake up next to Merlin. This threw me.

[And it’s awkward as hell.] Midnight. This’ll be done by then, right?

[There’s a short noise of assent, something more like an ‘mmm’ than anything that sounds particularly convinced of the fact.]

The last time I experienced this ridiculous curse, it was over with by midnight, yes. Unfortunately, I doubt there’s any way to know for sure until midnight has come and gone.

[A soft sigh from Charlie. She’s resigned herself to this situation.]

I have errands to run. They have to be done today. Looks like you’re helping.

[Take that, Mr. Ryan.]

[ooc: charlie's been handcuffed to <font color="blue>andrew ryan.</font> expect tags from both! she's in a good mood about this one. yep.]</i>
04 March 2013 @ 07:23 am
We are pleased to announce that The Jasmine Dragon will be reopening on Wednesday the 6th. Sorry for any inconvenience our temporary closing caused. Please come in and try our new Spring Menu, complete with new pie jars, soups and sandwiches.

We would also like to announce that the Jasmine Dragon is now hiring for our new take-out service. If you're interested, stop by any time this week and ask for either Rapunzel or Charlie. We're also looking to hire more kitchen staff and waitstaff now that our business has grown.

Thank you for your time,

-Charlie McGee
23 February 2013 @ 10:01 am
[So, Charlie's actually aware it's one of those weekends. And she's keeping her eyes on the feed. And she knows resistance is futile as fuck so when the following pops up, she doesn't even care. At least, that's what her facial expression says.

Really, she does in fact give a damn, but what can you do]

[And now her face shows, attempting to look unamused and being almost entirely successful, save for the faint glare in her eyes.]

Oh, City. I am disappointed. Didn't we do this one already? C'mon. This isn't even original anymore.

[And the feed shuts off. She won't be answering it right away and has probably gone down to the beach, far away from populated areas and is sitting on the sand, glaring at the water. A part of it will be steaming slightly and it'll be fairly warm around Charlie so approach with care.]
16 February 2013 @ 07:30 am
[Charlie's not home. Nor is she at the Dragon. She's wandering the City. She'll be at;

The park: with all of her pets. Yes. All. There's a white fox on a leash. A grey-ish cat who goes where the fox goes. An old calico who really doesn't give a rats ass about anything and is hiding under a nearby park bench. There's a small Daschund puppy with incredibly hairy ears who would rather run and pounce at the turtleducks in the pond, only to run away barking loudly when they so much as look in his direction. Because Gwaine is the bravest, fiercest dog ever OH GOD THEY'RE GETTING OUT OF THE WATER QUICK HIDE BEHIND CHARLIE!

And Charlie has found a nice spout under a tree to read. With a hedgehog sleeping on her shoulder. Yes. A hedgehog.

Grocery Shopping: without the pets.

At the Dragon: helping with construction by using her ability to weld.

She's entirely botherable!]
13 February 2013 @ 01:05 pm
[So, Charlie's looking happier than she has in a few days. A full grin on her face, and a genuine one at that. She's outside the dragon and there are people working on it behind her. And, occasionally, a boat goes past. Wild curse. She was almost afraid to go to work. Whatever. She has an announcement.]

The Jasmine Dragon will reopen two weeks from today. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone. We had a...problematic employee.

[Yeah. Leaving it at that.] My co-owner Rapuznel and I would also like to announce that starting shortly after our reopening, we'll be offering cooking classes for anyone interested. We know that people come in without knowing how to cook and would like to help out as best as we can. Sign-ups start a week before the Dragon reopens, we're willing to work with your schedule and skill level. Looking forward to see you all soon!

[And with a grin and a wave, Charlie turns the device off. She can be found at the Dragon, supervising reconstruction and helping where she can.]
05 February 2013 @ 08:33 am
[Charlie's also confused as to where this came from. She woke up next to it and has been carrying it everywhere. It's made of light, as far as Charlie can tell. And it pulses occasionally, colors flickering like flames and puffing out small bits of smoke that almost seem to form words, dissipating quickly before any of the words are fully recognized.

She's at home, in the kitchen and has her device turned towards her heart, held safely in her hand. She tried putting it down at one point, tried setting it on the surface of the kitchen table but there's a charred spot. Oops. She wasn't expecting that, honestly.]

I get that this is mine. Whose else would it be, really? But...where did it come from?

[Charlie turns the camera to herself, one eyebrow raised.] Anyone know where it came from?

[And the feed shuts off. This is gonna be an interesting day.]
31 January 2013 @ 08:29 pm
Okay. This is a public service announcement to say that if you come to my store with an attitude problem or try to start shit when there shouldn't be any, I will personally throw you right back out the fucking door.

[Oooh. Charlie's swearing. That usually just means she has Had Enough. And at this point, it's gone from 'well this is just ridiculous' to 'I HATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE AND YOU ALL SUCK!' And she hasn't even had any of the tea.]

And I will start charging people for breaking plates and things. And then make you clean it up before I kick you out.

private to employees )


[Feel free to find one hyper-stressed Charlie at the stables. She'll be riding Necromancer and generally focusing on him but feel free to wave her down.]
26 January 2013 @ 11:47 am
[See Gwaine the puppy. See Gwaine the puppy bark and snap at the device, growling playfully.

See Gwaine grab the device in his puppy teeth and run. Charlie's voice comes through a minute later and there's a very shaky upside down image of her feet running after the dog.]

Gwaine! Gwaine, no! Drop it!

[Nope! Gwaine keeps running, sliding on too big paws and practically falling over himself. Charlie catches up eventually, picking the puppy up and removing her device. She doesn't know it's on so, puppy under her arms and device in her hand (now showing everything upside down) she speaks.]

Dog. What the heck was that? I already jogged today.

[And since she can't go a curse weekend without some weirdness, she calls out to one of the people in the house.]

Ken, have you seen your father? Can you tell him it's almost lunch time? And tell your uncle, too!

[...for fucks sake, City. The device switches off eventually to the image of Gwaine's wiggly, flailing feet and desperate attempts to lick Charlie's face. ]

[ooc: charlie is cursed with family day! she thinks ken is actually her and merlin's son. and merlin and ken are in the same boat. uncle arthur isn't related, she just calls him that because apparently mom!charlie is more open about what she thinks of people for the sake of her boy.]
15 January 2013 @ 07:35 pm
It looks miserable out and I'm kind of bored right now. So I'm gonna share a hot chocolate recipe that my grandmother used to make for me on days like this. And I mean it when I say hot. It has some spice to it. This isn't my absolute favorite version of hot chocolate, just one of the ones I like the most.

Four cups milk
2 fresh red chilies
1 cup dark chocolate
2 cinnamon sticks
2 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 vanilla pod, or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Wash the chilies and make a few cuts on them. Just a few small ones. Nothing too big.

Place the chilies in a pan with the milk and the other spices and on low until steaming slightly. Stir it while you do so, otherwise the milk will burn. Melt the chocolate however you prefer. Once melted, add the chocolate and the honey to the warm milk, and heat gently for 10 minutes until the hot chocolate thickens. Share. Don't share. Whatever. Just enjoy it. It's the perfect weather for it.

[Yep. She is just that bored in the hospital.]

[ooc: charlie was bitten by a zombie the other day. and then today she remembered Irv and Norma, people she traded memories of to get a dragon for her husband. if your character is at or can get to the hospital, go bother her. if not, bother her here. also try that chocolate recipe. it's so good.]
04 January 2013 @ 04:03 pm
[Charlie doesn't sound much like herself right now. Unless someone knew her well, then they'd recognize the calm, even tone she used when something was Serious and she was at her limit.]

The Dragon is closed until further notice. Stay safe. Stay away from the Dragon.

[There's crashing behind her, angry shouts and thumps and the sounds of things being slammed around. And then a gravelly, slurred voice speaks.

"Your dad plays a mean game of Golf, Charlie..."

From the sudden sounds, Charlie's fumbled the device and the video kicks on long enough to show the interior of the Dragon's kitchen and a pale, slightly rotted man approaching. He looks as though he's been dead for a couple weeks, at least, and there's a leaking bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. He speaks again, reaching slowly for Charlie who's backing away carefully.

"Your...fault, Charlene. Your fault. We just wanted to help. You're ours, Charlene. We made you."]

You're still a god damn liar, Hollister.

[Charlie's still calm when she speaks, despite how pale her skin has gone and the look of 'oh shit' on her face and the feed from the device wavers instantly, a sign that things are going to get very hot, very fast.

The man is engulfed in flames a moment later and the feed shuts off as Charlie's hand wraps around a frying pan and she swings.]

[ooc: charlie's taking care of hollister at the dragon and will be hurrying immediately home after. if anyone wants help with their ghouls, let me know! charlie's good for fire, at the very least. rainbird will come later.]
31 December 2012 @ 05:02 pm
[Charlie's at home today, sitting outside on the steps. She's animal free right now and looks concerned but is still smiling.]

So, for anyone that dealt with younger me this weekend, I apologize if I was trouble. I remember trying to get away from people a few times.

[A shrug as if it's no big deal. And then her expressions shifts a tiny bit, something a little more serious. More of that previous concern shines through.]

I was talking to a new arrival when I was younger. A man named Phil, I believe. Are you okay?

[That's as much as she's saying about that. And then the device shuts off.]
29 December 2012 @ 08:08 am
[Insomnia and late nights at work don't mix so it should surprise no one when Charlie dozed off at her desk at the Dragon late last night. Waking up the next morning, however, was not the Charlie the City recognizes unless they looked very carefully.

The Charlie that woke up was smaller, younger by almost ten years. And blonde. And she doesn't remember the City at all.

That was why when the feed does kick on, it shows, from a very strange angle (probably a jacket pocket or something) a young girl peeking around a corner very carefully. Her back is against a wall and everything is being studied very carefully.

Her expression is confusion, concern and a stubborn determination the older Charlie possesses. She even has older Charlie's backpack over her shoulder and her tiny fist is curled around a handful of coins she found within. When she was sure it was okay to, she stepped out of the alley onto the sidewalk and made her way to the nearest clothing store, still wearing the clothes she fell asleep in.

She'll be found almost anywhere in the Cit. Probably not the Underground and certainly not places kids should go. And she hasn't noticed the device in her pocket switched on. She just thought it was a camera and was going to sell it.]

[ooc: grab bag weekend. charlie will be a child for the duration with absolutely no city memories. and replies will be coming from [personal profile] split_the_world]
25 December 2012 @ 04:26 pm
---it recording?

[Charlie’s device has switched on, just in the middle of her sentence. She’s home. Standing outside one of the bedroom doors. There’s faint traces of blue paint in her hair and on her skin and she looks excited. Grinning from ear to ear, she starts speaking once she realizes yes, the device is in fact broadcasting.]

Good! Fantastic. Uh. Hi, everyone that I know. There’s a lot more of you than last year but that’s fine. That just means a lot of extra baking. no problem. Hopefully, you all enjoy the baskets of pie jars I made for you.

[There were other gifts included in the packages. Rapunzel got a new set of paints and paintbrushes and a new pad of paper. Mister Ryan got a gift certificate to the Dragon. Merlin got a wooden dragon and Arthur got a leather messenger bag with the Pendragon crest burned into it.]

Speaking of making things. Saya, Setsuna and a couple others and I made something for you. Now, I can’t bring it over because it’s huge but...

[And she opens the door behind her. Inside, the room has been painted in light blues and greens and decorated with a very obvious ocean theme. Right down to the blankets and pillows on the bed, some of the pictures on the wall and a jewelry box with very tiny seashells glued onto it.]

See, Saya? You have a place to come back to, if you want. Just for you. [Setsuna sticks his face near the screen and waves.] Rapunzel helped. And that quiet kid Charlie adopted.

[He gestures for Charlie and puts an arm around her so they’re both on the screen, complete with one of his cheesy grins.] Merry Christmas! [click]

[ooc: Red is for Charlie, and blue for Setsuna.]