06 September 2013 @ 04:59 pm
[He's stares into the feed, shaken, obviously shaken. And quiet. Quiet for the longest time because...well, what really is there to say? One minute he was at home and -

[...was he at home? He can't remember. Maybe it was school, Gwen's house, maybe even...maybe even the store or something, but-

[But not here. Definitely not here, he would have remembered this, this...ticking. He winces at the sound, so grating, his grip tightening on the communicator until you can almost hear the plastic squeaking beneath the pressure.]

This is not real, it's not real.

[He keeps his eyes closed, whispering through gritted teeth, determined to make the dream dissipate, to wake up safe in his bed.

[But eventually his eyes have to flutter back open, back to the carousel, back to the ticking...]


No, this can't...this can't be real, it can't--

[Suddenly, he seems to focus on the communicator. There was a reason he switched it on...]

H-hey! Hey, if there's anybody out there, I--...I-I need to get home, I don't...belong here. I need to go home!

[He sucks in a sharp breath - hadn't taken one in a while.

[It comes back out shaking.]

Please...Whatever I did, I'm sorry. I'll...I-I'll fix it, just...

Please. Let me go home. Tell me how to go home...