30 June 2012 @ 04:22 am
Great, now Victrola and every other pub near the Square's packed. Where'd all these people come from anyway?

Some of you need a bath. Others, though--

[Isabela's previous frustration gives way to a pleasant, thoughtful smile.]

--in any case, it looks like I'll have to take my sobriety elsewhere. I'd go Underground and all, but no one likes it when the occasional meandering monster goes Argh and Ugh while you're trying to get your rocks off.
24 June 2012 @ 06:43 pm
Keep your hands at your side, boys, or I cut them off.

[Isabela may not look much like a cowboy, but she's one of them through and through. She lost her ranch to a fire about a year ago and hasn't gotten the coin together for a new one yet.

She's got a hand full of cards, her eyes focused on them and the face of her fellow game mates around her. She's a regular here at the saloon, often drinking and and playing card games and flirting with a handsome man or beautiful woman.

Something goes awry - perhaps a hand up her thigh but it isn't shown - and she throws her cards in the man's face and stands.]

All right, then. Have it your way- a little bloodplay it is.

[She smirks as the other guys crack their knuckles. And as a punch is thrown, she quickly dodges -- and you can guess what happens from here.]
29 May 2012 @ 10:14 pm

So tell me, City, about your love life. Your significant others, your girly little crushes, past lovers- you know. Names and saucy details are encouraged.

[Someone is out of writing material and wants to write future friend fiction about your life tbh.]

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14 May 2012 @ 01:12 pm
[Isabela's on her ship, the ocean spread out behind her beyond the wooden railing of her beloved brigantine. She's no longer wearing an eyepatch, but she does look particularly contemplative.]

Not a single sex dream? Pity.

[Despite the calm in comparison to her own world, she did watch a few of the videos on the network. Not all of them were pretty, and even Isabela's humor is tempered by them.]

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29 April 2012 @ 09:55 pm
[It seems that Raikov has no luck when it comes to curse weekends. The video starts up and Raikov is bed... and once again, there's someone else in bed with him. He yawns, stretches, and rolls over to find his face against... a pair of bare breasts.

He yells and practically falls out of the bed, dragging poor Isabela with him. Then he realizes that they're handcuffed together...]

Oh, /God Dammit./

[Isabela, covered just barely enough with the blankets to keep from giving the entire Network a free show, grins down at him.]

Oooh, I didn't realize you were so fiesty. This ought to be good.

[Oh. It's Isabela. He's not sure if that's worse. While she is amusing... He's afraid she might try and have her way with him.

Raikov brings his leg up to semi-cover himself from her]

Why couldn't you be affected by that gender curse now...

[Her eye rakes down his body (the other one being covered by an eyepatch), taking in every detail. She doesn't make a move, though -- either to have her way with him or get off of him.]

Is it my birthday? Or maybe the deities really like me after all.

[Raikov shudders, then looks around for some clothes. ... Too bad he's in Isabela's apartment. He hangs his head in defeat.]

And they must obviously hate me seeing this is the second time it's happened...

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26 April 2012 @ 09:48 pm
So what's a girl got to do to get a ship around here? Not the one that sank a few weeks ago, mind. I'm not in a hurry to freeze to death again, though a little ice play never hurt anyone.

[Isabela's currently sitting on a large, jutting rock by the beach, picking her nails with a dagger. She's got the device in her lap, the camera pointed up at her. She hasn't figured out any of the other settings yet... but whatever. This works.]

Should I shout for those supposed gods that run this place?

[She peers over her little rock before swiftly tossing her dagger at one of these.]

Oooh- do you think they like seafood? I just caught myself a nasty little bugger.
29 March 2012 @ 07:23 pm
And this is why I don't like places that spend too much good coin on dazzle and flair. You've your tall buildings and tall champagne glasses and tall heels-- but not a damned brothel in sight?

It's a disappointment for us all. Can you imagine how repressed the men must be here? Oh, you poor things. There's a term for that, you know. And a cure if you know where to look.

[Isabela did, however, find the nearest trashy bar. So she's there and using her wiles to get free drinks because her coin doesn't get her anything at all.]

Say-- what is this thing anyhow?

[She addresses the bartender, tapping at the screen she's seen a few others burying their noses into.]

Thought if I talked at it long enough, it would, I don't know. Do a trick- vibrate. Anything but sit there and blink at me.

[A swig of her tankard of beer, and she accidentally slams it down on the device, shutting off the feed.]

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