02 February 2014 @ 12:00 pm
[Jinora knows this place.

The eleven year-old stands in the snow near a familiar fountain, gathering scattered memories of the City and reconciling them with the last six months spent at home. A lot has happened at home, but how much has happened here? She simultaneously feels that she’s been here very recently and a long time ago. But no, time must have passed here. It was spring or summer when she was here last, and now it’s snowing.

Jinora’s grateful for the warm clothes that she’s wearing. If she had been taken from the temperate Air Temple Island instead of the chilly South Pole, finding herself in a cold, half-remembered world would be far more unpleasant. She’s also grateful for the boxy device that she finds in the folds of her heavy robes. It’s still way more sophisticated than the radios at home, but her fingers remember which buttons to touch to send out an audio message.]

This is Jinora. I don’t know if anyone remembers me, but if you know anyone from Republic City or Air Temple Island or if Korra’s still here, could you tell them I’m here, please? I don’t know how good they are at working these things.

Thank you.

[She returns the device to her robe and waits patiently and calmly for any kind of response. Jinora isn’t afraid of being away from home this time. After getting lost in the spirit world and almost seeing the world end, this is easy.]

[ooc: Jinora will remember her previous time in the City, but it will be a bit foggy. She's six months older and a bit more mature; her app has details for crazy people who are curious!]
28 April 2013 @ 07:36 pm
[The video reveals an unimpressed girl--far more pleasant than some of the videos going around the network.]

I hate these machines. They only show horrible things or tells me that people left and every time I try to get rid of mine, it comes back.

[She taps the device's screen, just in case anyone had doubts about what she was talking about.]

I threw it in the ocean and then found it on my bed. Then I smashed it and buried the pieces, but it came back again. Is there a way to make them go away? Permanently?
10 March 2013 @ 03:32 pm
[This weekend, Jinora is an adult. The airbender has the distinctive blue arrow tattoos given to those who master the art and she's at least a decade older than she normally is. Regardless, most who know her would be able to recognize her. It's peculiar; she aged physically and mentally overnight, but her memory hasn't changed at all.

That mystery isn't the one she's concerned with. Sunday afternoon finds her on the beach, contemplating the relationships between the various bending arts. Jinora's brain seems to have aged along with her body. She feels more insightful, more capable of drawing her own conclusions rather than repeating what her father has taught her. She has every intention of using this greater insight to the fullest. As a ten year-old, she had been struggling with what she had been taught about bending, suspecting that she was missing something significant. Now her thoughts seem freer and clearer.

Jinora may also be avoiding a four year-old Korra. Getting her thoughts straight with a little Avatar present was all but impossible. She hasn't wandered far, though.

Occupied as she is, Jinora's paying little attention to her surroundings, eyes focused on the rhythmic movement of the ocean waves.]

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05 February 2013 @ 10:17 pm
Hey! Get back here!

[For the better part of the morning, Jinora is out chasing what looks like a fist-sized, heart-shaped balloon. It doesn't have a string, of course, because it is her heart. This makes it all the more difficult to catch the yellow heart every time it decides to drift away from its owner.

The young airbender is quick on her feet and even faster once she's off the ground, sending snow flying as she propels herself from the ground to the rooftops. She's trying not to get in anyone's way, but such things are virtually inevitable when you're chasing your wayward heart.]

You're mine! Aren't you supposed to listen to me?

[Every time the girl gets close to the heart, it takes off in a different direction, sometimes bobbing near the ground, occasionally spiraling up into the sky. At this rate, she's going to have to go home and get her air glider...]

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05 January 2013 @ 11:58 am
[The video feed starts. There's nothing exciting to see; this particular device has been discarded in the frenzied panic the monsters have inspired, giving the network little to see but a whitewashed apartment wall.

The ambient nose is ghoulish: moans, groans, short phrases from the more articulate creatures, nails screeching along windows, rattling at the door. A dog is barking, low and angry.]

Hamlet? It's okay, boy.

[Jinora's voice, soon joined by her worried-looking face as she picks the device up.]

They can't get-- [The girl gasps and clutches the network device close. There's a brief view of the front window where a man, pale-faced and undoubtedly in some stage of decay, puts a gnarled hand against the glass. His voice is almost inaudible, but a word can be made out.]

Disappointment. Disssssapointment...

[The network device clatters to the ground. Quietly, disbelieving, Jinora whispers:]

31 December 2012 @ 09:15 pm
[Jinora doesn't really get the network device and prefers not to use it, but she has a very important question to ask and the library is currently closed.]

Who decided when to start the new year?

The date doesn't match up with anything important.

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04 December 2012 @ 07:45 pm
[The video opens to a view of the fountain and a small pair of feet clad in unusual, tight-fitting red boots. The audio feed is little more than the buzz of many voices overlapping, words lost in the crowd.

The little feet shift, pace, and occasionally vanish out of sight. After a time, the owner of the feet sits on the fountain's edge, coming into view. She's young and petite; her billowing outfit, tied at the waist, is all subdued red-browns and yellows. Her dark brown hair is pulled into an off-center bun.

The girl looks around with wide brown eyes. It's clear that she's surprised and nervous and very possibly overwhelmed by the busy City Square, but there's no panic or jitteriness in her movements. With an air of calm grace, she draws her legs up and settles into a meditative position.]

I wish I had brought a book.

[Her eyes close. The feed times out long before she moves.]

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