29 April 2012 @ 03:41 pm
[The feed starts up with a very annoyed looking Cersei (although one could claim that is her general disposition, especially here). It also happens to show only from the top of her bare shoulders upward. Her hair is loose, and seemingly parted down the middle so that it falls before her, almost as if it were clothing.

Green eyes narrow, a livid expression marring her countenance, before she hisses.]

My attire appears to have gone missing. If one of you ingrates is behind it, I suggest you return it. Immediately.

[She can hope... And the thought that it is a strange thing to hope for has crossed her mind. The alternative is that this is a curse.]

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17 April 2012 @ 07:35 am
[Someone has spent quite a number of days both figuring out this strange little device and the apartment she claimed as her own. As such, she had missed a majority of the curses that had gone on, until the Titanic. Seeing, as they say, is believing, and having experienced the terror of that night...

Her voice is composed as she starts to speak, soft and almost welcoming. Yet, as always, there is that slight undertone to it.]

How simply splendid. Why, I do believe I shall be avoiding any ships that this place has to offer... It seems that the information that was given to me was correct, at least from my scope of understanding and to what has happened so far. It is not that I assumed anyone was lying, but I am sure you understand. Accepting it as the truth goes beyond mere words. After all, any fool may say anything to a stranger. I shall assume the rest will prove to be true in time-

[A curious pause as a small purr may be heard, before the feed switches to video. Despite the earliness of the morning, she is neat and presentable, hair done in a loose braid that dangles over one shoulder. There is also a slightly annoyed scowl on her face and the tribble can be seen on the nightstand behind Cersei.]

Either someone has lost their pet, or this place has a- [By the Seven, what is it?] - a rodent problem. If this fuzzy little thing is your pet, I assume you shall claim it forthwith, or else I shall bear no responsibility for what happens to it.

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04 April 2012 @ 08:48 pm
[There are furious green eyes that greet the viewer. The screen is a bit too close and on a strange angle, but given she has never held such a thing, that is hardly surprising. It is clear that she is angry. Of course, this stems from having spent the last few hour trying to understand this thing, and trying to understand what has happened. After all, she is here, where ever here may be.

She is dressed in fine garments that to some may look old fashioned in design, yet for her are not so. She is the trend setter, after all, for all eyes look to the queen. She had been at her son’s wedding before finding herself at the edge of a forest and yet not a hair seems to be out of place. It does nothing to make her look more pleasant though.

She is wroth. She is livid. And an angry Cersei is not a pleasant Cersei.]

Listen here. I can well guess what you think to achieve by kidnapping my person, but I shall tell you this. A Lannister always pays their debts, and if you are under the impression that you shall profit from my ransom, you shall be sadly mistaken. One does not mess with the Crown Regent, let along a member of House Lannister and not expect retaliation.

[Those beautiful features darken. She does not like loosing power and not being in control. Not does she like simply being stuck in the middle of no where.]

Speak now then. Name your terms. And if you have harmed my son- or any of my children in any way- I shall make you rue the day you laid a hand upon their person.