28 February 2014 @ 09:06 pm
You know what it's like to feel like you've always been somewhere, even if you haven't? That's what I feel like. The City's felt like home since the first day, just about, and all of you are this giant extended family. What I'm getting at is that leaving is definitely not my favorite thing, which is so weird because I get to be alive and go wherever I want. That should basically trump everything else, right? But leaving means making a new home, and I like the one I've had here.

I remember coming here. It was January and I'd just died at home, so I looked like an extra in a horror movie. Steve Rogers, you were the first person I talked to, and you showed me to the Welcome Center. I might as well admit that I had a huge crush on you for... well, I still do, a little, but I'm really, really happy for you and Bucky. I met Wilson and Rosella and Curt and Lucy and Chase and Raikov, and you all remembered me from the last time I was here--or they remembered the other me that was here. Stephen and Euphie did, too. I don't know how that works, exactly. It was strange, and it only got stranger when Euphie told me that I started the Welcome Center. There was even a box of things I'd left behind. I still have all of it. It doesn't feel quite right, since I'm not sure that I'm the same Penny as the Penny they belonged to, but who lets a gorgeous violin go to waste?

That's something I plan on doing more in the future. Violin-playing. Painting, too. Things've been so busy that I forgot how to have hobbies there for a while.

What I really want to say is thank you. I freaked out a couple of times and there were always friends to talk me down or give me vegan comfort food or take me out to get my mind off of things. When I was lost in the City-Desert, Dean--not the one who's here now, the other one--came roaring in with that car of his and saved me from a two-headed worm thing, and when I was handcuffed to a drunk pervert--no offense to Peter, that's just the truth--a bunch of you convinced me not to do anything crazy like cut my hand off. When I thought I was back in high school, you guys were friendly even though I was more spastic than normal. That one time I thought I was a working lady at a saloon? Yeah. There are a lot of people I should thank for not taking me up on my business offers. I drank tea that turned me into a complete jerk and everyone forgave me. And then all of the times I've been totally overwhelmed by newcomers or visitors and didn't have enough people on board to help, it seemed like almost everyone was willing to lend a hand. And Yin? I don't think anyone's ever been as willing to help out as much as you. I really appreciate that.

And this last October... things were really bad there for a while. Thank you for sticking with me.

I want to say something to everyone I know, but then this would last forever and I might miss someone and that'd be awful, so I'm going to find everyone who's still here so I can tell you how great you are and how much I've liked getting to know--or re-know--you. Or you can come to me. Either way, try not to leave without saying goodbye? There're too many times in life when we don't get a chance to say goodbye. I don't want to waste this one.

Take care of yourselves (especially you, Jimmy). Never stop finding a reason to smile even when things get rough, and remember that everything happens. Good, bad--everything, and none of it lasts forever. So really enjoy the good things when you have them, and tell yourself that the bad things'll improve eventually. Don't be afraid to love, even when it hurts.

That's about all I know. If you're staying, I know things can only get better from here on out.

If you're leaving, be safe and be happy, wherever your door takes you.
16 February 2014 @ 05:25 am
[video, early on Saturday]

Hey there, everyone who's visiting! I really hope you're having a good time and finding everyone you want to find.

If anyone needs anything at all, there's a building just off the main square--you know, where the door and the fountain are--called the Welcome Center. Just look for the big blue sign. I've got a bunch of coats and shoes if you didn't bring your parka with you, there's food--courtesy of the Blue Light, which is a really great place--and I can hook you up with a bed since this looks like you'll all be here a couple of days.

And if you don't really need anything, it's totally okay to drop by and hang out. There're chairs and central heating, and I'll have hot chocolate and tea standing by.

Take care, and try to stay warm!

Korra, Yin? If you guys hear this, don't worry about coming in, okay?

[action options]

Friday, February 14th
[The first day is always kind of chaotic, and folks who come by the Welcome Center might have to search long and hard for Penny as she runs around the City to get everything together. The Center's doors will be open whether or not she's there. Handwritten signs taped to walls and cabinet doors will encourage visitors to make themselves at home and help themselves to anything they need. Don't go up the stairs, though! There's a door at the top with a sign requesting that it stay shut. There aren't any Valentine's Day decorations, but the chocolates left out on counter tops and side tables make up for that, right?

Anyone who does manage to track Penny down might find her friendly enthusiasm a bit forced.]

Saturday, February 15th through Sunday, February 16th
[Everything is in order and Penny will be around, ready to help or chat. Don't want to talk? That's cool, too! There're hot drinks and snacks on hand, and loitering in the common room is more than encouraged. Want some privacy? The Youth Center (currently serving as a hostel for interdimensional travelers), conveniently located a couple of City blocks away, offers that. Just ask Penny for directions and keys.

Or, you know, talk to her. She really does like talking to people, friends and strangers alike.]

[ooc: Open to pretty much everything! Indicate a time in your tag if you want, but that's not necessary. Threadjack, have characters meet up (do let me know in the subject line if you don't want Penny butting in), throw doubles or facetwins at her, whatever! (But no killing, maiming, or petty theft without asking, please.)]
09 February 2014 @ 07:21 pm
[This is not a curse that Penny has experienced before (as far as she can remember). She has no excuse to skip work for the day since she lives directly above a stockpile of clothes for all sexes and sizes, so the Welcome Center is open as usual on Saturday. Should anyone come in, they may find themselves talking to a short, slight man who looks nothing at all like Prince Harry.

Penny is tempted to post to the network to see how everyone else is faring but, halfway through the morning, she decides against it. If she doesn't let everyone in the world know that she's a guy today, she can do something that she's always wanted to do after the Center closes: go to the gay bar.

And so she does, putting on some of the nicer clothes folded up in boxes in the closet and heading for the Wolf's Den that evening. Nothing was preventing her from going to the bar as a woman, of course, but this is better. Penny frequently finds herself attracted to men who turn out to be gay; maybe, as a man, she can make this work. Not that she's looking for a hookup with a stranger or anything, she just--

Okay, she's totally open to it, but surely it's not bad to use a curse to assuage some of the crippling loneliness that comes with going to bed alone basically every night. (Oddly enough, the only times she doesn't end up alone in bed are all, to some extent, curse-related. This is not a pattern that Penny has failed to notice.)]

[ooc: Well then. Open to action at the Welcome Center and/or the Wolf's Den. Some responses will come from Penny's curse journal.]

11 December 2013 @ 10:32 pm
[Penny needs help. She wants a date and she can't for the life of her seem to find one, so she does the only sensible thing.

She phones a friend.

And this is where the network device clicks on. The scene: Lucy's place. The players:
Penny, dressed in her usual less-than-flattering cardigan, and Lucy, looking just as amazing as always. They look like they're on the verge of a musical montage.]

Is it seriously as easy as wearing different clothes?

[ Clearly a make-over was the obvious solution. Lucy had invited Penny over, made piña coladas in the blender, and put on some pop dance music. Lucy takes a sip of her piña colada and shrugs in response to Penny's question. ]

Different clothes, different shoes and some make-up. Yeah. It's really that easy. Even smart boys are powerless in the face of a short skirt and a pair of heels.

[ Yes, that was a reference to her own genius boyfriend. Sorry. It's true. Lucy grabs a handful of dresses and shoves them at Penny. ]

Go try one on then come out and let me see.

[ Cue the appropriate
music for a montage! ]

No wonder I can't get a date. I always thought guys looked for, like... a nice smile, or a good personality.

[She takes the dresses and, yes, there's actually a montage. It's the City. Things like this happen sometimes. Penny comes out in a couple of dresses that are so-so before finding
the winner. She tugs on the hem uncomfortably.]

I don't look skanky, do I?

[ There is appropriate gasping at the final choice. ]

Penny, you are a hottie. There is no skank here.

[ Lucy retrieves a pair of black high, high heels to go with the dress and steers her toward the vanity to put makeup on her. ]

They're going to drool on your feet. Boys that is. Maybe a couple of girls.

[Penny is no stranger to high heels, but there are high.]

There's no way that'll happen. I'm not a people-drooling-at-my-feet kind of person.

[It doesn't take Lucy long to do Penny's
hair and makeup thanks to the power of makeover music. It's amazing what mascara and a curling iron will do. Penny takes a moment to study Lucy's work in the mirror.]

That's... different. I can hardly tell it's me. [But she smiles, kind of liking what she sees.] There's got to be a part two to this finding a date thing. Do we go out? Where do we go? What do I do?

[ Lucy is obviously pleased with her work. ]

We go out. We have drinks. We kiss each other for free drinks. We dance. You underestimate your hotness. There could be drooling.

That really works? The kissing thing?

[ That makes Lucy laugh. ]

Like a charm. [ She holds her hand out to Penny ] Come on. We'll kiss. We'll drink. I'll show you.

[The feed (intentional or not, who knows!) ends. Penny and Lucy can be found at any semi-reputable bar your character might care to find them at. Yes, there will be drinking and dancing and kissing. After all, Lucy is showing Penny how to woo.]

[ooc: Penny, Lucy. Bump into one or both of them wherever, comment, whatever! (And yes, there is a curse going on.)]
04 November 2013 @ 08:07 pm
[Penny has been MIA since October thirteenth. Close friends and workers at the Centers knew about the first disappearance, when she stayed in the hospital until the twenty-third.

Fewer people know about her second disappearance. Suffice it to say, she never returned to work after the first visit.]

Last month was awful. I'm sure plenty of people're still recovering from it... and maybe there're a few who won't ever get over it completely. If you're one of those people, don't hate yourself for not being able to put everything behind you. What's important is that you're still here.

What I mean is... you know, life's hard. There're plenty of good and beautiful things in the world--in all worlds, I mean--but there's also pain and suffering. People get hurt for no reason, people die senselessly or way too young, children starve to death, zombies attack. It sucks. It really does. Almost everyone here has seen awful things... had awful things done to them. But we're all still doing what we can to live.

I'm not going to say that everything happens for a reason or that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger or anything like that. Everything just happens, and some of those things are terrible. Sometimes we can bounce back from terrible things. Sometimes they hurt us so much that we'll never be the same again. Either way, we keep on living. We keep appreciating beautiful things like love and sunrises. No matter how much we hurt or suffer, we hang on because we're strong enough to get through the bad to get to the good. The strength to do that comes from us, not from what happens to us.

It takes courage to live. I think that's what I'm trying to say. A lot of courage.

I hope everyone's doing okay.
12 October 2013 @ 08:19 pm
[It's dark inside Penny's room above the Welcome Center. The dim light from the network device is enough to illuminate Penny, who looks even more frazzled than she usually does when the Centers are understaffed. In fact, she looks outright panicked.]

Hey, City? I know I'm not the only seeing things in the mirrors, but is it getting worse for anyone else? Like, are the images getting more... I don't know, vivid? Like they're getting ready to crawl right out? Or am I going crazy?

I mean, if I'm going crazy, I'd really like to know about it. And I'm not totally ruling it out, either. I've just been freaking out all month and nothing's even happened.

[She pauses, turning to her right as if there's something there. Whatever it is encourages her to turn her attention back to the device.]

Okay--um. If... I don't mean to sound totally needy, but is anyone free? I get that it's Saturday and you all probably have plans, I just... you know, if you don't--

[Penny interrupts herself with a terrified squeak. She glances off to the right again, and... off goes the device.]
20 August 2013 @ 08:34 pm
There's a lot of love going around today and I'm all for that. The thing is? I can't tell you what to do to get someone to love you back. I know I'm always saying that I'm completely happy to help anyone who needs it, but I'm not exactly qualified to help out here. Seriously. I've never, ever been able to keep a boyfriend, and most of my relationships have been pretty disastrous. So if you're planning on swinging by the Welcome Center for help of the romantic variety, you might want to rethink your options.

What I can do is tell you what not to do, okay? Here you go:

First, don't ask Penny for relationship advice.

Second, don't stalk whoever it is you're into. I'm serious about this. Even if you're a really sweet person, whoever you're stalking is gonna think that you're creepy if they catch you.

Third, don't be a total jerk. That should probably go without saying, but I've met a lot of guys who could use the reminder. Don't talk about yourself all the time, listen, and keep the conversation appropriate. So, like... don't talk about your sex life in a super-public place. That's important.

Last, don't act like someone you're not because you think you'll be more impressive that way. If the person you like can't love you for who you are, then you're probably not the best match, right?

That's all I've got. Wait--no... one more thing. Don't throw yourself at some stranger just because he stopped a runaway van from mowing you down or whatever. No one makes good decisions right after a near-death experience. Get to know people a little before deciding that you're in love with them. It'll make life a whole lot easier, I promise.

15 July 2013 @ 11:39 pm
How's everyone holding up after those earthquakes? The crazy never really let up after the fighting. I keep expecting something else to happen. I'm not sure what, but with the ticking getting louder and quieter--I'm not the only one who's been hearing that, right?--it just feels like there's something else gearing up.

Maybe not. We're about due for some downtime. Although we are still in that slump that always comes after visitor weekends, so maybe this is our downtime.

This probably goes without saying, but if anyone needs anything--seriously, anything---the Welcome Center's doors are pretty much always open.
30 May 2013 @ 07:09 pm
[As early evening stretches shadows and forces the temperature down from Unpleasantly Hot to Basically Tolerable, Penny finishes scraping the last traces of graffiti from the Welcome Center's facade. She picks up a small stack of posters and addresses the network.]

Okay. I'm all for getting involved in what's going on in the community and freedom's a great thing, but it's been a week and I'm still picking these [a demonstrative wave of the posters] up. The graffiti's not too bad. The flyers, though? I don't know where anything in the City comes from or if we need to worry about conserving natural resources, but in most places, all of this anti-deity Cityzen stuff would be putting a dent in the tree population.

I'm not saying that stirring up some rebellion is bad. I just don't think we need to go around wallpapering the City with posters when we can talk about it. Save some trees--or whatever it is paper gets made out of here.

Oh! And sorry, but I'm not interested in any uprisings right now. Just trees. The curses've been weird enough this month without annoying the deities, right?
30 April 2013 @ 08:47 pm
[Penny has taken the night off for sanity's sake and, therefore, isn't posting from the Welcome Center. Her surroundings will undoubtedly be recognized as the Blue Light's bar to citizens who have been in the City for some time. It's not a happening night; most of the bar stools are empty and the bartender's busy polishing a glass that's already spotless.]

Sorry for talking business so much, but, with Nyota's help, I've got a list of specific positions that need to be filled at the Welcome Center and the Youth Center.

[She holds up a piece of paper, upon which appears the following:

Fake flier under the cut! )

[She lowers the piece of paper (no, there wasn't enough time to read all of that).]

I have my network device on me pretty much all the time, so feel free to call if you'd like a job or if you have any questions. It's a laid-back work environment and everyone's nice; the salary's about the City's equivalent of minimum wage, but it's for a good cause!

Thanks for your time and I hope you'll at least consider picking up a flier.

[With that lackluster sign-off, Penny turns off her network device and places it on the counter next to her mimosa. She's vaguely melancholy and working her way up to fine brood. It's unusual for her, but she's usually on the clock at the Welcome Center. As far as she's concerned, she's entitled to a little brooding when she's not working.]

[ooc: Your character is quite welcome to bump into Penny at the Blue Light. If your character might have an interest in any of these jobs, we can play that out however you like. This community over here might be useful and is completely open to everyone playing in Poly.]
24 April 2013 @ 12:35 am
Things've been rough, haven't they? I didn't get caught up in the worst of the curses we've had lately; I'm sorry for those who have.

Anyway... a lot of people have been leaving, too, which means the Welcome Center and the Youth Center are both seriously short-staffed. This probably isn't the best time to send out a call for workers, but there's never a good time when you're getting hit with curse after curse, you know? I'm not giving the Youth Center the attention it deserves, so I'm also looking for someone to help out over there. It'd be a big time commitment, but the pay's not bad and it's not a hard job.

So... if you're looking for a job, I can find one for you.

[A tired sigh.]

I wish Euphie and Derek Morgan were still around to help. Yin, too... she was getting really good at greeting people. And if I could bring back Dean, Stephen, Curt, Jenny, Sophie, Toph--but they're probably happier where they are, and I wouldn't want to take that away from them. I hope they're happy, and I hope that hoping for their happiness counts when they're all in different dimensions and they don't remember the City. At least they're remembered, and that's something.

[Sniff. Shut up, it's allergies.]

Sorry. Late night... rambly stuff. Back on topic. Jobs: if you want one, don't be afraid to get in touch with me.

And if you're newish to the City and haven't been by the Welcome Center, we're right off the center square. The Youth Center's down about a block; anyone who's too young to live alone or just wants company can get a room there. We've got food and spare clothes at both locations, and if you ever need anything at all, just head to the Welcome Center and ask for Penny.

[A pause, some shuffling...]

Is it raining...?

[...and end audio message.]

[ooc: The Welcome Center and the Youth Center: there's a community for that! If you want to get your character involved in any way (working or making use of the services offered), go for it. Do it IC, OOC at the community... whatever tickles your fancy. ♥]
17 February 2013 @ 08:37 pm
Hello, visitors! I hope you're all having a good time in the City and finding plenty of interesting people to talk to. If this is your first time here, try not to worry too much. You'll get to go back home soon and it'll be like you were never gone.

If you need anything at all, feel free to swing by the Welcome Center. We've got coats and warm clothes if you aren't dressed for the weather or if you ended up in the fountain and food for anyone who's hungry--courtesy of the Blue Light, so make sure you visit there because it's an amazing place. I'm so sorry that we couldn't find beds for everyone who was asking last night; that'll be something to work on for the next time this happens.

But like I said, if you need anything, stop by or give me a shout here. My name's Penny and I'll do what I can to help out and answer your questions.

And if we've met before, I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to say hello.

[The Welcome Center is only a block or so off of the main square, clearly marked by a big blue sign. Penny isn't the only one working, but she'd be more than happy to lend a hand where it's needed.]

[ooc: Open to anything at all! (Including backdating. Um. Pretend this was up earlier.]
07 February 2013 @ 04:39 pm
Okay, I think I've put it off long enough.

[Penny looks very solemn today. The video doesn't hint at any reason for this solemnity; what's visible of the Welcome Center's interior appears to be intact and today has been mercifully curse-free.]

I'm really, really sorry for being a jerk. I know it's no excuse, but there was this whole thing with a robot handing out evil tea and I said I bunch of awful things and was I just... horrible, to everyone. I've been trying to think of a way to make up for it, but I've got nothing. I mean, I did make cupcakes. Guilt cupcakes. That doesn't exactly make up for it, but if you want to eat one and ease my guilt, they're here.

[And pan to kitchenette. The counters are populated by enough cupcakes to feed a moderately-hungry army.]

I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do to make up for how terrible I was, let me know? I have enough apologies for the whole City.

And Chase...? I feel like we should probably talk. If you want, I mean. It's fine if you don't.

[ooc: Followup to Penny-Being-A-Jerk-Because-Tea.]
29 January 2013 @ 08:55 pm

[Penny is unaware of this text post. She will remain unaware until someone brings it to her attention because, thanks to a certain someone's evil tea, she's spending the day being... not at all like Penny. Feel free to bump into her at the Welcome Center or in the City Square. Also feel free to hear her say any of the following to hapless NPCs:]


Why should I help you? You've been here for months. Try getting a job.

Geez, cry more. So your boyfriend broke up with you, whatever. The last time I had a boyfriend? I died. Perspective.


Why don't you watch where you're going instead of apologizing? Like whatever you're texting is that important.

Maybe I'm tired of people like you walking all over me! Seriously, get out of my face or I'll go get a stepladder and punch yours.

[ooc: Nastiness brought to you by the sinister tea plot; responses will come from Penny's curse journal because she doesn't make mean faces. Ever.]
24 December 2012 @ 01:21 am
[In spite of the relatively late hour, Penny is at the Welcome Center. The Center is decked out in a strictly secular but seasonally appropriate fashion: colored lights running along the edges of counters, tinsel draped here and there, paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling with fishing wire. There's a small artificial tree by the desk; it's a wonder that the flimsy thing hasn't collapsed under the weight of the numerous handmade decorations hanging from its wire boughs. The pile of presents, all wrapped in different papers (all recycled, upon close inspection), that surrounds it is almost bigger than the tree itself.

All of this is visible in the background of Penny's video. She doesn't match the scenery; there's nothing bright or festive about her. Maybe she's tired.]

Happy holidays, anyone who's celebrating any of them. I think I'm too late for the winter solstice and Hanukkah and I know it's too early for Kwanza and Christmas. I hope that you've been having a good time, even with all the curses.

Thanks to everyone who came to the City Solutions party, and double-thanks to all of the people who helped make it happen. It was pretty incredible. Pepper Potts, you did an amazing job organizing the whole shebang, too.

[She pauses to rearrange the garland on a mini tabletop tree.]

So... do you think the curses are over for a while? We got through all twelve days of Christmas, and then there was the kissing. [Ahem.] Today's curse was kind of sneaky and I might think about finding someone else to deliver groceries to the Center. Seriously, I had no idea that the pears the guy who does that for me now brought in this morning weren't normal. You know, until I had them sliced up and served with breakfast.

[And now the miniature tree's ornaments need to be rearranged. Obviously.]

A lot of people celebrate Christmas around here, so I suppose there'll be plenty of parties and gatherings and friends hanging out. That's always seemed like the most important part of Christmas, at least to me--having someone to spend it with. It's hard sometimes, being alone. Back home, I've been spending Christmases with the people who don't have anyone there for them or even places to go or holiday dinners to eat. Some of them have the saddest stories... not much in the way of happy endings. They seem to like having somewhere to go, even if that somewhere is just a homeless shelter. Everyone has to belong someplace, right?

What I'm getting at is that, if you don't have anywhere else to go, the Center's going to be open all of tomorrow and Christmas Day. I've been working on food between curses, so even if I can't promise you super-amazing company, I can promise chili and some different fruit salads and dessert. Go ahead and stop in for a sugar cookie even if you have plans.

[She finally stops harassing the tree and pushes it aside.]

Just don't feel like you have to be alone if you don't want to be, okay?

[Penny looks like she has more to say, but decides against it and ends the video feed.]

[ooc: Penny caught two memories: Chase being alone and unnoticed in a church and Mao being human. Chase's managed to get to her. OH. And this is backdated to... when I started typing this up at 11:00 at night or so.

She will physically be inside of the Welcome Center through the end of Christmas Day, so feel free to come back to this post and action it up while she's holding down the fort. Backdate or forward-date to your heart's content, but please indicate a time hop if you do either of these!]
21 November 2012 @ 07:04 pm
[Ambient noise: pots clanking, drawers opening and closing, and all manner of sounds one might hear in a place where food is being prepared.]

Okay, first. If there's anyone who doesn't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving, there'll be plenty of food at the Welcome Center: mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry salad, stuffing, cornbread, fruit salad, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie. No turkey unless someone else wants to pitch in there. Sorry, everyone who isn't a vegetarian!

And second, since there are a lot of people in the City who come from places that don't do Thanksgiving, it's like this. Thanksgiving is only observed in the United States and in Canada, although Canadians do it in... October, or something. Basically, Thanksgiving is built up around this myth that says that, when the pilgrims came from England to America, they had no idea how the food thing worked in the New World. Fortunately, the Native Americans were nice enough to share their knowledge and food and there was a giant feast and everyone got along.

What actually happened involves a lot more dying and a lot less feasting. And genocide. Not cheerful.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with family. Everyone takes the day off work and the whole family eats a huge meal together. This is one of the only times of year when people are encouraged to slow down, look at what they have, and be thankful. Not that we shouldn't do that every day, but it's easy to forget what you have when you're not thinking about it. So--[quietly, to someone away from the mic] Oh, thank you. [And back to the mic.] Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for family, friends, and all of the good things in life.

And then, on the day after Thanksgiving when everyone's tired of everyone else, shops have sales and people forget what they're thankful for and buy as much stuff as they can.

[There's a significant pause.]

My feelings on Thanksgiving are kind of mixed.

But it's nice to hang out with your favorite people and think about what you're thankful for. Even if you have it rough and you don't think there's anything to be thankful for, just take a minute. Look at what you have. Look at the people in your life. I'm sure there's something you're grateful for.

Just as a reminder: Welcome Center. Noon until whenever. Bring food if you want, but, most importantly, bring yourself!
16 November 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Hey, everyone. How're we doing after yesterday?

There'd better not be any horrible wounds and bleeding today. I'm so sorry to everyone who was affected yesterday and I know I'm lucky that I got out of it, but another day of that would've been... you know.

[She doesn't know. Bad doesn't quite cover it.]

So if you were trying to die yesterday, please, please let me know that you're okay? A shout'll do. I'd even be cool with a message delivered via pigeon, just give me a sign. If you don't, I'll come after you and make sure you're okay. [Ahem.] ...That was meant to sound like a threat. Because it was.

It's a hot chocolate and brownies kind of day, I think.
01 October 2012 @ 10:29 am
Hey. Happy October, everyone.

[Penny is up bright and early. From the looks of things, she just finished setting up the usual buffet-style breakfast at the Welcome Center. No one else is around yet; the sun's only now beginning to shine in through the windows in the main room, painting the colorful rug and worn cream carpet with oranges and golds.

It's almost ridiculously pleasant for the City. Then again, consider the management.]

I've never been here for an October--not that I can remember, I mean--but I've heard that it's not always one of the best months to be in the City. Kind of hard to believe with how nice it is outside.

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting or blogging or whatever is to let the newer people in the City know--and remind everyone else, too--that the Welcome Center and the Youth Center are both open. We have some warmer clothes in the Welcome Center for anyone who doesn't have much in the way of those, along with blankets. There're always rooms open in the Youth Center for any kids out there who don't want to live on their own just yet, and we've got a few beds over here for anyone else. Thanks to the Blue Light--shameless plug, but go there and spend money if you have it because the food's amazing--the Welcome Center serves three meals a day, so come in and help yourself if you're new or just having a rough time.

Or, you know... if you want to talk. You don't need to be new here to stop by.

Also--and this is kind of exciting--volunteers at both centers will be getting actual salaries now, so if you could give me your banking info whenever's good for you, I'll get the paying started. If you're not the banking type, let me know and we'll work something out, okay? And if anyone's looking for a job, there're definitely openings.

Even if you're not working for either center, I'd really, really appreciate it if you could point anyone who looks new and lost this way. Thanks a bunch!

[She reaches over to turn off the video... and pauses.]

Hey, has anyone seen Ja--um, Doctor Wilson lately? Just curious.
06 September 2012 @ 09:19 pm
[A month has passed since this particular device was activated. Its owner is back, however, and looks just as ready to fix the world as ever.

And as tired as ever.]


Sorry for leaving like that. I know it wasn't my fault or anything, but still... I promise I would've left a note or something if I could've.

I got back yesterday, actually. Late. Really late. I've been meaning to say something all day, but sometimes it's easier just to stay quiet and hope that nothing's changed while I was gone. You know, pretend that no one's left. ...Has anyone left? No, don't tell me. I don't want to know yet. Just let me know if you're still here, okay?

Whoever took care of Tumbles, Little Sam, and Lucretia... thank you. I owe you cookies or something.

[ooc: Penny's back! Um. Go ahead and tell her that half of her friends went home when she was busy being dead, but do it gently?]
31 July 2012 @ 10:47 pm
[This is a thrilling video of... the floor. No, wait! The camera moves to show a pair of feet--specifically, feet clad in yellow heels that are either fearlessly expressive or hideously tacky.

ooc cut; click with caution )

The camera turns and--oh, there's Penny.]

Is this seriously a curse?  And if it is, can we do ones like this more often?  I mean, not only were these free--and completely adorable--but I've been walking around in them all day and my feet don't hurt at all. 

City?  Thank you.