11 February 2013 @ 03:48 pm
[To begin, there is a blurry image of freckled cheek and ginger hair, which slowly comes into focus as wildly air-dried post-saltwater swim and rather full of sand. Sean is wide-eyed and twitchy and not exactly the most technologically savvy person in the world even when he isn't confused and fighting off panic and entirely uncertain of what this piece of electronics is meant to do, so bear with him as the video blinks in and out.]

How do you work this--

[Spotting the image of himself as he leans back to show his location - an expanse of the same kind of sand that's in his hair - he shoves the fingers of both hands into the tangled mess on his head with the intent of ruffling some of the beach out but that just ends with a facial twitch and dropping his left arm back to his side, right hand coming up to grip his shoulder.]

Hnn. Uh, hello? Anybody getting this? [He shifts his weight, winces, and all but falls over in his attempt to free his sore leg. The end result is that the video is now just a view of his side and the empty ocean visible beyond as he gives up and just sprawls there.] If anybody's listening, I'm really wet and it's really cold and I could prob'ly use a medic.

And maybe some idea where I am. ... Or where Alex is.

[The rest is all blips of static and lapping waves.]