25 December 2013 @ 10:00 pm
[ Harry opens with a cutesy little number on the new clarinet he's just received:

Nothing serious or showy, just a little bit of cheer on your network. ]

We don't really do much for Christmas where [ when ] I come from, but... I do think we could all use a little festivity every now and again. So to anyone who is celebrating anything - I hope it was a good one.

[ Goodnight, City - with a smile, the feed is off. ]
17 December 2013 @ 10:33 am
[ This is Harry's first holiday season in the City - as such, he has no idea of what's going on today. In fact, he's out and about, bundled up all nice and warm. A long, fluffy scarf is wrapped about his neck and draped over his wool coat, a matching knit hat perched on his hat with his hair fighting its way out under the edges.

There's a bittersweet enjoyment he finds in the snow, and in the general festive air to the City as of late. While Christmas is a far cry from the ubiquitous mega-holiday it once was in his time, the changing of the seasons and the City itself are reminiscent of home - not Voyager home, but home home. It's somehow nice and cruel all at once.

He's not out without a purpose today, either. He's gone to the Hall of the Missing, curious about all the faces that have come and gone before he even arrived here, how many people have passed through the anomaly that he never crossed paths with. They're numerous - and there are even a few portraits that he recognizes, which is of particular interest.

It's when he's walking out that his device turns on, the hall visible behind him. He probably had something to say, but as he's passing through the threshold (bedecked with mistletoe, naturally), a shadow is cast over him. He looks up from the device, eyes widening slightly as he looks to find the source, before a couple of large hands reach out and grasp him by the front of his coat.

The device falls from his hand and hits the ground, where you can catch a glimpse of him being lifted off his feet before it turns off with the impact. ]

[ooc: Respond via network, or open to action from anyone, anywhere - before, during, or after the Hall. He'll still be out for a while.]
29 October 2013 @ 09:59 pm
Anyone get any updates from up on the mountain? I'd love to help if I could, but the past couple of weeks have left me out of commission for a while.

[ No specifics. ]

[ private to penny and dean: ]

Hey - just wanted to check how you're both doing. If you feel like you want to talk or anything, just drop me a line, all right?
29 September 2013 @ 07:12 pm
In full disclosure, I'm really not sure exactly what a deep fried Oreo is, but I'm getting the feeling that I should have stopped eating them a little bit sooner than I actually did.

[ A lot sooner, Harry. ]

Despite some questionable choices I may have made, the fair is still interesting... I've been wondering about how this works, whether the people and the entire fair just slipped into the City somehow. Does that sort of thing happen a lot here? I'm still pretty new to the place, so I'm probably asking questions that have come up before - so, sorry about that. I just can't help but be curious about it.

[ Which is why he'll be discretely trying to get some tricorder readings on the City's county fair. He's very careful about it, keeping the tricorder securely in a small backpack whenever he's not well-hidden, and otherwise casually observing and enjoying the events. No sign of Starfleet, just as there was no mention thereof - he wears simply casual civilian clothing appropriate for the City's approximate time period.

If action is desired, feel free to run into him when he's perusing the fair's activities, or laugh at him for eating too much junk - or not knowing what an Oreo is. Just wait until he starts getting sentimental over the pie. ]
06 August 2013 @ 09:01 pm
[ The problem with being pulled into another dimension is that, whatever means by which the pulling is being done, they generally don't particularly care for where you are or what you're doing when they grabs you, nor do they care where you're being dumped. Take, for instance, a young Starfleet Ensign who's been working in his ship's Jefferies tubes. The City certainly doesn't care that he was climbing down a utility ladder connecting one deck's tubes down to another, doesn't care that he's suspended precariously on the rungs, and doesn't care that it's plucking him right off of them.

So it is that he winds up still mid-descent, the starship he was just on quite suddenly gone as he finds himself in the air a few feet above a fountain. Naturally, without the ladder rungs to hold him, he falls with a dramatic splash. The video feed on the network cuts on at this point, as the device he has no idea he's been given falls, hitting the side of the fountain, activating just before it hits the ground.

After a few moments of splashing and groaning, the device catches an upward angle of a very well-soaked Harry Kim as he pulls himself over the side of the fountain, his hair down and sticking to his forehead. His only commentary is muttered to himself, as he examines his surroundings with a confused gaze rather than spare a glance to the ground where the device lay. ]

What now... ?