[There's a moment of dead air before Saya's thin voice is heard.]

I just want to say to everyone who helped me when I first got here, and everyone who's been friends with me since then, that I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you for everything.

...I thought I should say that. Just -- in case.

((OOC: action is fine for housemates))

[Deity filter]

I would like to make a trade, please. I want my memories from before my arrival here. [She's recovered a bare few, but mostly her life before the City is flashes of intuition, maddeningly elusive.]

[She's all ready to say what she's willing to give up. She should have said it right there, in that open air. Just another second, and she'll be able to get it out.]
18 March 2013 @ 09:57 pm
[It hasn't been an easy few weeks for the amnesiac Chiropteran Queen, so she feels entirely justified in ordering a triple-scoop sundae along with her four plates of lunch. Actually, she revises, it's been a hard few months, so she adds a banana split as well.]

[Eating isn't going to help her forget about everything that's been going on, or ease her confusion, or give her past back to her. It won't even nourish her in the way she needs. But at least it's one thing that feels really good.]

[So she's going to sit at this cafe table, by God, and eat until she's done. Though if some friendly person offered to join her, a shoulder to cry on might help a little too...]

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24 February 2013 @ 06:27 pm
Okay... this is strange.

[Saya glances over her shoulder, then focuses on her device with fair alarm.] First the waitress this morning told me I must have a hollow leg whatever that means, and then when I tried to stand up my leg was all weird. [She reaches down and thumps on it, and it produces a lovely echo.]

Then someone asked if I felt under the weather and... [She pans the device up to a very dark raincloud that appears to be localized only in the few square feet above her head.]

What kind of a curse is this?

((OOC: why, a Simon Says curse, of course! Saya must follow all "orders" today, with everything being taken literally. Be horrible to her please!))
27 January 2013 @ 10:08 am
[The feed opens to nothing but the winter-clouded sky and a smattering of airy laughter. A second later Saya rolls into view, her dark hair dampened by chunks of the snow she's rolling in. A playful shake of her head -- accompanied by another whimsical giggle -- casts about half of it off.]

It's beautiful. [Saya stretches out on her stomach, chin pillowed by a tuft of snow, and winks at the camera. Her attire is more suited for spring but the only sign of her noticing the cold is a pleasant pink dusting on her cheeks.] Come and play with me! I don't like being alone. [However heavy the sentiment sounds, she says it with mirthful joy.]

[And then she's rolling kittenishly onto her back, arms and legs stretched out and sweeping lazily through the snow. It's a day to make angels.]

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06 January 2013 @ 09:57 pm
[Saya looks battle-worn, but in control as she turns on the feed, perhaps to call for help or check on someone's welfare. But the chance is lost as the device is knocked from her grasp, tumbling to a stop feet away. The tilted feed shows Saya leaping to meet the attack of multiple assailants, using little more than a kitchen knife and her inhuman speed and agility to fight them off.]

[Then, just as the battle seems well in hand, she stops. The knife clatters to the pavement as she instead backs away from the fight with slow and shaking steps. The feed shows only her lower half as she's backed against a wall, essentially allowing the ghoul, whose face is off-camera, to close in.]

[Her skills and agility from just seconds before should allow her to take this one enemy in seconds. Yet she is still, and in fact extending a hand to it...]

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21 December 2012 @ 03:02 pm
[The strangeness of the day is far from lost on Saya, though fading nicely into the background. She has other matters to think on: bonds and blood, choice and fate. Sacrifice.]

[But it's a day she intends to enjoy nevertheless, ideally with those she has come to care for. She may not have many more like it.]

[Oddly pensive for a day of kissing, she can be found roaming aimlessly, lingering at the fountain or in front of store windows with fingertips brushing the cool glass, thoughts drifting.]

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03 December 2012 @ 05:05 pm
[A timid face peeks around the corner of some building, no attention paid to the exact location or the fact that she's laughably terrible at being covert. A Chiropteran Queen reduced to a trembling escapee, fearing the very shadows she should embrace.]

[Taking her leave of Diva and Karl's mansion had been strangely, unexpectedly easy, even as Saya's heartbeat jumped into her throat at every imagined sound, every shifting shadow. She even bumped a table, upsetting several knickknacks in what surely must have alerted someone -- and yet a few frenzied glances about had revealed nothing. Perhaps they weren't keeping as close an eye as she'd thought?]

[The thought does nothing to keep her calm, but she has to at least try. Finding out whether Charlie was okay, and Setsuna, everyone who had been at risk simply for knowing her... it's worth the risk. It would help to have more a plan than "sneak around and try to glimpse them from afar" but the newly reborn aren't much for strategy. She dares not even use her device.]

[Skittish already, it takes only a minor sound, a glint of light, for her to turn and blindly flee. It wouldn't be surprising at all if she were to run directly into some random passerby.]
[ at first, it's just the sound of murmuring, of fingers brushing through lush, thick hair. And then the covers shift and split and there's a sudden, close up view of Diva's face practically pressed against Saya's. ]

Wake up, sister dear. We have company.

[ She giggled, softly as she shifted again, her nightgown riding up her hip, bunching near her waist. But that's difficult to see as close as the phone is (practically) resting between their breasts. It's just sound and then Diva turns and sets the phone back on the headboard, a passing vision of Saya's rather limp form showing on the screen, the flash of white tying Saya's wrists loosely to the board. But for what reason would Diva care if any one man or woman saw it?

Saya was hers.

Diva was Saya's.

At last, they were exactly where they were supposed to be. And then the feed turns off as Diva presses close and kisses Saya softly on the mouth. It's a kiss of waking, nothing more.

Or is it? ]
13 November 2012 @ 02:33 pm
[One unfortunate thing about total amnesia -- among many -- is that one has no conception of social norms and graces. Saya spent a good few hours flitting around the city, picking up anything that looked interesting to her. Small things mostly, papers and trinkets and perhaps a book or two. The problem? She doesn't have any concept of money, so technically she's a thief. Oops?]

[She settles down beside the fountain with her booty and starts tossing things out of her pockets -- and with it, the device, which clicks on without her realizing it (she's not used to the thing yet).]

[The device gets tossed into the pile with the miniature candles and handkerchiefs and paper scraps, but the video keeps displaying Saya as she proceeds to pick up objects from her crime spree and start methodically destroying them. There's a surprising lack of violence in it, her expression placid. It's more like a child trying to figure out how things work.]

[Meanwhile, she's muttering to herself, the language switching randomly between French and Japanese with some English sprinkled throughout.]

((OOC: She will answer network replies (with her small vocabulary) once she realizes where the voice is coming from! Also, if your character runs an establishment and you want them to catch her in the act of thievery that would be fine, so long as she's swiping something small. She'd be just as likely to take a scrap of paper as actual merchandise.))
08 November 2012 @ 07:02 pm
[Between one moment and the next, a cocoon has appeared in the zoo. It's in a tropical place, humid and sticky like its own gossamer surface. A latticework of support-threads keep it held upright and inside is the veiled figure of a humanoid creature, visible because of a red-tinted illumination from within. It pulses softly, as if the entire structure is alive.]

[Animals or insects that happen to be nearby might scatter at an unseen, unheard queue. After a pause it becomes apparent why as there's a shift, the cocoon going dark. A creak, then a fracture, taking mere moments to cobweb across the entirety. The first crack brings with it a rush of discolored, viscous fluid which breaks off jagged bits of shell. A delicate, pale hand appears, the arm and shoulder following as the creature inside slides free, and the lithe figure of a nude young lady falls out onto the ground. Her impossibly long black hair snakes over her back and legs, barely covering her prone form.]

[Her thoughts can not form words -- she has no language -- but her instinct fully active. Survive, it tells her. Move. And so her limbs twitch, shaking as if in disuse. She stirs, but does not lift her head.]

((OOC: Saya Otonashi intro! She has no memories of who she is, and can't really talk or do much, so please halp? Anyone who can sense vampires/superhumans is welcome to be pinged if they wish!))
21 March 2012 @ 12:09 pm
[Now that Saya's back, she's different. Changed. At least for today anyhow.

She's been wandering the penthouse like a caged animal. No moral filter on a Chiropteran Queen seems to equal the sort of 'beast' she really is. Or someone comparable to her sister Diva.

Luckily, all her lack of morality for the day is hinging on her annoyance for one particular Chevalier. And his 'partner' in crime as well. And today, for once? She has no qualms on calling them out.

Unfortunately she doesn't think enough of things to private this either. She's just calling like any good Queen would, fired up to settle this once and for all.]

Karl. I'll deal with you first.

[OOC: Forgive the spam as of late and the lateness of this one. Backdating this to the 20th so Saya can be hit by the 'The Worst Of Me' curse. No moral filter = a beast, more or less.
Be glad she only has eyes for Karl and Rido.]
18 March 2012 @ 12:10 am
[She's tried private messaging him. She's tried simply waiting around for him. Now Saya is trying the network as a last resort.]

Solomon? We've kept missing each other these last few days, I think. I wanted to ask you something. It's not really horribly important but I--

[And there the woman is cut off by a sound in the background. It's muted, as if it were coming from some distance away.
Saya casts a glance over her shoulder, then she looks back to her device with a faint smile.]

Hold on, there's someone at the front door.

[With that, the device is laid down and ends up looking at a perfectly ordinary ceiling of off-white. The retreating noise of footsteps is followed by the click of a shutting door. The noises are even more muffled afterwards - evidently Saya believes in closing doors behind her when she leaves a room.]
29 February 2012 @ 04:35 pm
[In light of all of Karl's recent activity, Saya has bounded off into hiding for a bit with Haji. The serperation between glass and sand has likewise made this division possible. And because of this, she's had plenty of time to think.

And think.
And think some more.

She's finally come to a decision that she believes is all her own. On come the video, there is Saya's quite serious expression and here is her decision:]

No one else is allowed in my bedroom from this moment on, at least for the foreseeable future.

[OOC: Red light, Green Light curse in effect.]
13 February 2012 @ 11:27 pm
[The video only stays unprivate for a brief moment, long enough for Saya to switch it over. She looks taunt and drawn, worried.]

[PRIVATE ;; Filtered to Haji & Solomon Goldsmith]

We need to discuss Karl. Now.

[The very tone of her voice has reverted somewhat into the taunt, tight tone of her more bitter days. The ones just after her year absence after Riku's death.]
27 January 2012 @ 01:12 pm
[Just when you think it's safe to go back outside...

Saya will just be in the midst of all these new people, rushing to and fro in the City.]


It looks like we have guests again. A lot of them. That's not so different though, right?

... Ah, if anyone -- mm, never mind. Kai, Riku, if you're out there? Let me know, alright?

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