06 August 2013 @ 09:20 am
[So, after this weekend, Victoria went to her room and used up all of her crayons and probably broke a few dozen colored pencils to color a picture on the wall. It's in view now. It's of a very, very smiley man holding boxes and a woman and child with expressionless faces staring up at a house surrounded by trees. Victoria's adding finishing touches to one of the trees and she knows the camera is on, but she doesn't look at it directly.

Instead, she's busy frowning at what she's drawing.]

My parents died when I was three. Carla and Mr Fletcher aren't my mom and dad. That was a curse.

[And she wasn't impressed, City.

That being said, though, she has a question.]

Carla, can we still draw?

[She kind of liked that. A lot.]
20 July 2013 @ 12:22 pm
[The device is upside down. The room it shows belongs to someone who really loves to draw. There are pictures everywhere that were clearly drawn by a kid and said child is offscreen somewhere, coughing a lot.]


[She doesn't like this at all. Bare feet rush past the device, more coughing and some sneezing thrown in for good measure and a tin of colored pencils hits the floor. The owner of the pencils and the aforementioned feet appears on camera long enough to clean up the mess before they disappear again.

For a moment.

Victoria's face appears on screen and this time, it's clear she's aware the device turned on.

She's paler than usual and looks tired, hair a mess and her nose is a bit red from frequent contact with a tissue.

Quietly, she reaches over with one multi-colored hand and switches the feed off but not before there's another fit of coughing from a kid who quite obviously has a cold.
09 July 2013 @ 11:07 am
[Yes, Victoria is in fact ignoring pretty much everything going on in the City because she just doesn't understand it. So her question might seem out of place.

She doesn't care.

She looks significantly cleaner than she did when she first posted. Her hair's brushed and everything! Well, it's less tangled. She can only take a hair brush for so long before she wants away from it. Plus she's a kid. Who in their right mind would fault her for having tangled hair?]

Is there anywhere I can go to get stuff to draw with? That's still safe to go to. I want to draw. I did a lot of it back home and I want to do it here.

[She also might need more clothes but that has never been a concern of hers.]

And I need to get glasses. Everything's blurry. I don't like it.
21 June 2013 @ 02:34 pm
[The face peering out of the screen is confused and just a little bit wary, as if the device she's looking at may very well bite her. It's also likely, again based on the young girls expression, that she may very well bite back.

She's not terribly new, per se. She's been here for a few days and has spent most of her time skulking around, searching hard for something and hiding from everyone that came too close. She took enough time out to watch how people used the device, and only just now decided to get it running.

She's also a bit dirty. Her hair's tangled with the withered, faded remnants of a wreath of flowers and there's smudges on her face. Possibly even tear tracks that are a little fresher than she'll care to admit.

There's a cautious look in her eyes, the kind of look seen only on a wild animal that isn't sure if it's been cornered or not.

When she speaks, her sentences are short. There's no young child babble from her.

New girl has a question. Listen up.]

My sister is...['Dead' is the word that goes in the pause, but she opts for something else with a bit of hope in her voice.] missing. She's six and she was wearing a white dress. Her face is dirty and her name is Lilly.

[Another pause and a moment where she shakes her head just a bit, as if she feels stupid for asking.]

If you see her, tell her Victoria's looking for her and to stay.

[Not 'wait.' The word 'stay' is important. She knows how to speak to her sister. Stay is a word Lilly knows.

And then the device just shuts off on Victoria's end. She's only been on a few minutes and she's already had enough. For now, it's time to resume her search for Lilly.]