10 June 2012 @ 01:14 pm
[ Video / Apartment Action ]

[ What happens when a strong willed mischievous soul is allowed to run free? It might take a form something like a large dog and decide to cause some trouble. ]

Oh stop!

[ A vase tumbles off a table spilling it's contents all over the floor as a cat frantically leaps from the floor, to the window sill, then as high up on the bookcase as she can climb. ]

If you stop running it will stop chasing you...!

[ Cats don't listen well at the best of times but certainly not while being chased by a dog-like creature. There is another crash from some where in a different room as the second cat makes it's way to the high ground, before Eagle gives up the chase himself and flops back into a chair to rest.
Some might notice as the creature returns to his owner's side that it gradually looses energy as Eagle does. Or maybe how for a brief moment the creature had seemed almost transparent?
A dæmon is only as strong as it's host. ]

14 May 2012 @ 01:51 pm
[Video / Action]

[There was a bright light, a sense that he was no longer in the Pillar Room, and then… the cold hard surface of the pavement beneath his hands. Eagle struggled to look up. The experience in Cephiro had been very draining but he was here, alive, he must have been found worthy enough to become the Pillar. ]

Where is…?

[This place looked nothing at all like Cephiro. It was too developed, to ‘City-like’. He didn‘t even notice the small device sitting by his side recording everything.]

Is this also part of the test? No… I think we were both able to leave the Pillar room, but if that is the case just where is this?

[He was talking to himself or so he thought but some random citizen ran over to hug him anyway. Eagle had to chuckle a bit as the random person left again.]

At least the people here are very friendly.

[OOC: Run into Eagle as he re-investigate the City fresh from his canon update? Hugs welcome. ^^]
03 May 2012 @ 01:52 pm
[ With those few final touches Eagle helps the older gentleman maneuver the rather large cake into the freezer. At least it was probably a cake. It was a little difficult to make out any clear details from this distance.

Just as the freezer door shuts that is when the marshmallow army attacks. The small globs of white fluff have the advantage of surprise but unfortunately for them a weakness to laser swords. They find many of their number toasted in the first few moments of battle until they unleash their greatest weapon of all… powdered sugar!

The crippling powder obscures the camera’s view and chokes the lungs of anyone unlucky enough to be in it’s sugary maelstrom. ]

[OOC: Point and laugh as Eagle is defeated by sweets or help take back the Candy Shoppe? ^,^ ]
17 April 2012 @ 03:24 pm
It started out as only one but now they are everywhere.

[The camera pans to show tribbles sitting on every piece of furniture in the apartment.]

Does anyone know what to do with these little guys? It would be a shame to hurt them but...

[ A cabinet door int he kitchen flies open and several dozen tribbles roll out to land on the floor of the kitchen. ]

They are everywhere and getting into everything!

14 April 2012 @ 01:02 pm
[Text :: Dockside Action]

April, 14, 1912
Dear Father,

I have just received my orders from the home office. It looks like I will be on the maiden voyage of the RMS Gargantuan. One of the other stewards had to leave their position due to a family emergency so I was asked to fill in for them. I will be the Deck Steward for the First Class passengers.
This is an exciting opportunity. The Gargantuan is the finest ship in the fleet and entirely unsinkable they say. I have only seen her from the dock but I can confirm she is impressive! Much bigger and grander than any other ship.
I will try my best to make you proud Father. Is there anything I could pick up for you in New York?


[OOC: A private letter to home that, since the communicators are not actually telegraph machines, was posted unfiltered to the Network instead. Send a ‘telegraph’ back or see Eagle for a little dockside action before he boards the ship. ]
31 March 2012 @ 12:37 pm
[ You know the drill by now. An innocent afternoon spent cleaning the apartment is interrupted by a strange and vague memory from some one's past leaving the owner of said memory entirely unaware that it had ever even been revealed to the entire city. Why single out this particular memory? The city must be trolling. ]Video Inside )

[OOC: If you want you can say you ran into Eagle in the city some where or head to his apartment for a visit since he was cleaning it today. Just let me know where if you do this. ^,^]

04 March 2012 @ 02:55 pm
[Video / Or Geo’s Sweet Shoppe Action ]

A little more to the left… I think it would be better if we hung that sign straight.

[Giving advice to the two workmen who were up on ladders ensuring that the candy store’s new sign would be properly aligned. One of them grumbles that it was straight already, but who can argue for very long on a ladder? ]

After thinking about it, I decided to stick with the original name after all. I believe it is better not to confuse people with a name change after so many other things have been altered.

[The transition from the Dessert City to the Glass City had not been a gentle one. ]

I do have a few suggestions to make, things I thought of today that I can’t believe I hadn’t suggested sooner.

For instance, Garrus… you should never wear a pink tutu. It just would never look good on you. If you want to try some Earth fashions some time you should go for something less fancy.

Rita, my advice is to stop dying. Really, I know everyone was doing it in the dessert but just because it is the latest fad doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Ok, so maybe you started the trend yourself, I’m glad it took off like it did, but I know you can come up with something better.

And Lantis? You should definitely take up modeling. Don’t make that face… I know you won’t think so. But, since you are so very attractive I think you could do very well at this. Maybe I could even use you for a marketing campaign for the store? A giant cardboard Lantis near the door to welcome guests? It could be cute. No?

[Want some advice? Will it be good or bad? Eagle is cursed to give you some whether you want it or not.]
20 February 2012 @ 01:21 pm
[Video / Desert City Action ]

[It had taken a little while to find enough solid scrap metal to cobble together, even longer since a few of the pieces he had been intending to use transformed into sand before the work could be completed, but now he had a reasonable facsimile of a transportation device. It would not be very comfortable inside and it would need to rely on the thrusters of the FTO to break through to the glass city but it might be able to provide a chance to a few of the people still trapped here.
Eagle smiled and made certain to thank the people who had helped him put all of this together. So much work in such a short time, it had to have been a group effort.

It looks like we were able to complete our project after all. I can’t take very many, maybe a dozen or so, but if the FTO holds onto this little construct of ours I should be able to ensure that at least some of you can make it to the Glass City.

Lantis, did you manage to make it to the Desert City? If you did I will hold off leaving until you can get here. The building I had the FTO stored in has already turned to sand and collapsed but, I think you can still find where it used to b--…


[That message to Lantis would have been made private but the privacy filters were just not holding up for some reason, however if it had been the rest of the network would have missed hearing the sudden ear piercing scream of one of the lady welders and the roar of the approaching monster. The rest occurred in a blur of color and motion as a sudden frantic defense was mounted.]


Get back! Stay away from the claws!

[Placing himself between and monster and the civilians was the only way to prevent any of them from falling prey to the snarling scorpion-like creature. From the crate on which the network device sat abandoned only snatches of the ensuing battle could be seen. A flash of a laser weapon, a claw flying free of its former host, the sounds of the battle, and a splash of blood as it hit the sand. Then everything went silent.]

[OCC: Eagle was mortality wounded in this battle but he is stubborn enough to linger for a few parting words. ]

11 February 2012 @ 07:05 pm

If anyone happens to run across any little heart-shaped candy with writing on it I suggest not eating it. Maybe you have found out already but they do have a strange side effect.

[He could drink tea though, at least tea was safe… Or so he thought before he took a sip of that ‘safe‘ tea and discovered another one of those hearts had fallen into it.]

So… much blood… Aya?

[And trying to sake off the vivid images he just saw… ]

I’m sorry. Apparently you should be careful of what you drink as well.

[Private - Amu]

That was a very cute outfit you were wearing. I hate to ask since I probably wasn’t meant to see that… but what were you doing with that egg?

[Private to Tyr]

I am not even sure what I should say to you. That scene was… I am sorry.

[Private to Euphie]

What a temper you have! I am really surprised to see you slap anyone like that!

[You, get teased. ]
10 February 2012 @ 03:20 pm

[The broom finished sweeping the rest of the sand over the threshold and out into the street before Eagle addressed the network. ]

Does anyone know the reason why there is so much sand in the City? It was fun at first with that beach party and all but now I am really beginning to get concerned about it.
Now matter how many times I sweep out this shoppe the sand seems to return.

[A slight drizzle of sand from above catches Eagle’s attention and he steps back into the doorway of Geo’s Sweet Shoppe just as the sign above his head completes it’s transformation into sand and crashes to earth right where he had been standing. ]

The sign just…

Is that where all it is coming from, objects are actually turning into sand? Has anyone else had something like this happen?

[Action - Shopping later in the day]

[The Commander looked through the racks of clothing that claimed to be spring fashions for 2012. What were people thinking? ]

Too flashy…
[Green School Boy - Rejected ]

Too strange…
[Hat with Poof - Rejected ]

Too… just too…
[Men’s Dress - Rejected ]

Hmm, but this in nice.
[Attractive Blue and White - Possibility ]

And this is definitely different than your usual color choices.
[Cute Pink - Possibility ]

[Eagle stops looking through the racks and looks over his shoulder to see how Lantis is doing. ]

Have you found anything you like?

05 February 2012 @ 03:02 pm

[ Video / Action near or at the Hot Springs]

[ Eagle appeared on the Network screen looking more like a Prince than a Commander today. The regal white and purple jeweled outfit he wore was something of the type that might have been found on Cephiro and even included the gems so often found on Cephiran style outfits.
For some reason he just felt the need to indulge in the finer things in life today. The best clothes, the finest tea for breakfast, and…

Good day everyone. I can’t believe I had never heard of this place until now, but since this does feel like the kind of day where we should indulge whims like these, would anyone like to try out these hot springs with me?
I understand they are supposed to be really refreshing and we might as well enjoy some pampering. Doesn’t it sound like an elegant day-long retreat?