24 September 2013 @ 12:06 pm
I will admit envying Thor his ability to slip the noose of every situation and leave all others at the gallows awaiting their fate while he remains without guile for the ease at which he moves through life, so often at the expense of others.

Though, I likewise admit to interest in what this place is, how it is kept between realms, how access is barred save for those who know how to pass between the borders. Have any of the other forced inhabitants here illumination to shed on the subject? Even theories would be acceptable, I do miss intelligent discourse, so hard to find in any realm.
25 July 2013 @ 12:13 am
Sif. I awake from a dream I believe to be a portent of Thor's condition.

We need speak. At your leisure, of course, I've no immediacy in curing the Odinson's condition.

[That might be a lie. And he might look a bit grayish rather than pale, a bit rumpled as though this message was more important than grooming himself.]
02 July 2013 @ 01:17 pm
[The device isn't aimed at his face, but rather at his hand hand, where he is manipulating a knife between his fingers. The blade flashes in the light, moving quicker and quicker between slender digits.]

Well, well. Congratulations to the victors.

But what have they accomplished, exactly? We yet remain here, after all.
04 May 2013 @ 10:20 am
[His voice is deeper than the pale, bruised visage would indicate. Velvety and with the slightest hint of disdain, he speaks while looking away from the device.] Certainly not where I expected to arrive, and yet I can hardly hold grudge for any that would thwart the will of Odin and by extension, the wants of Thor. Hail and well met, I am Loki- [There’s an awkward pause, echoing empty to him where something else was meant to go. Once ‘Odinson’ might have filled that silence, or not even that long ago ‘of Asgard.’

But now.

What is there now.

There is nothing. He is of Nowhere and son of None. He is Loki and Loki is alone.]

The only complaint I would lodge is against the accommodations. Really. This how you treat visiting royalty, with no difference in deference between the extraordinary and the mundane? [There’s a cool amusement to his voice, but a knife’s edge sharpness, Loki intends to give nothing away to anyone. At least not for free.]

Equality is by and large overrated as one of the masses. [The amusement here is genuine, and then over.]
[ Loki is smiling. ]

I find myself in rather an inexplicable mood today. [ His smile widens. ] I must say, you are all suffering from the most heart-breakingly amusing curses. It almost makes me more tolerant of your presence. I will give you credit where it is due. You mortals are far better at entertainment than you know.

Perhaps it will make me less inclined to bring the place down around your ears. I shall consider it.

[ A slight frown crosses his face when he says that. While he aims to elevate himself above these mortals, he would ordinarily not admit to it so freely. His words, for once, are unsweetened by lies or trickery, but they leave him before he can prevent that.

That gives him concern, but he still has purpose here. He filters the rest of his message to the deities.


For the ears of gods, not men )
28 July 2012 @ 11:17 pm
[ The snow is falling behind Loki. A few hours ago, it had been quite the blizzard. It is calmer now, and easier to see.

When he raises the communicator, he intends only to examine his own face within it. He does not intend for it to record, but the machine makes that move for him.

He has been outside for a long time. The snow has settled on his shoulders. His skin has a faint, blue hue and his eyes are very definitely red.

Even now, when he has been aware of his true nature for more than one human year, he finds it unusual.

Some truths are better concealed. This was one of them.

[ Then he sees the light by the side of the screen. There's no perceptible change on his face as he realizes he's recording, but his eyes briefly close, and when he speaks his tone is harsh. ]

They told me there would be curses. I cannot feel the cold. The curse is in what is revealed. Good evening, City. Do you like what you see?
14 July 2012 @ 11:04 pm
[ There is a loud crash, as two gods of Asgard slam into the fountain in the midst of a flare of brilliant blue light. As the light fades, they stand. One is Thor, a face that should be familiar to many of the people here.

The other is his prisoner, a pale man with dark hair and pale green eyes. His hands had been bound, and his face had been encased in what could only be described as a muzzle. He raises himself from the water. As he does so, both the shackles and muzzle splash into the fountain, and he finds himself free again.

Free, but certainly not where he had expected to be.

Disbelieving, he stands, and his eyes flash open. Irritated, he steps out of the fountain. He raises suspicious, accusing eyes to Thor.

This is not Asgard.

Nor is it Migard. What is the meaning of this? Where have you taken us, Odinson?

Well, brother, we have returned to - [ Thor pauses, as if remembering a fond memory. ] ... The City?

[ The look on his face indicates more than a if you run away, so help me Loki I'm calling in the Avengers again- or just tell everyone on him. Then a slow smile, because slowly but surely, the one thing he is slowly starting to remember is: ]

Sif is going to be delighted to see you again, Loki.

[ Loki stares around the area, already seeking a means of escape. Thor's words should have returned his attention to the present, but his eyes fall on the small devices at their feet. Loki lifts the nearest one, turns it over in his hand, and registers his own face upon the screen. It's broadcasting. ]

I had imagined our next meeting would be under different circumstances. It would appear that fate has had other ideas.

[ His lips curve into a knife-like smile. Odin's justice will simply have to wait. ]

[[ ooc: Loki is green and Thor is red.

Also, Setine's still on emergency hiatus as of this post, but because they're at the same canon point we wanted to bring these two in together. She asks that we just assume Thor is around again from now on!
07 February 2012 @ 11:29 pm
[ video ]

[ You know that sound of something breaking the sound barrier as it speeds through the air? That's the sound screaming through the City right as something bright flashes in the sky and hurtles to the ground.

If you're paying attention to your device, you might see a shot of Thor walking his dog before the whatever-it-is crashes into him with a boom and a bright flash of light.

A sharp inhale of breath. ]


[ voice; later ]

[ If dude doesn't sound good, it's because he just fought his brother, fell through a wormhole, crashed into the ground, and fought his brother…..again.

In other words, Loki has a massive headache. ]

I have gathered the basics of my situation. Someone send me this supposed guide, whatever use it may be.

[ ooc: Please check out Loki's permissions!!! ]