23 March 2012 @ 11:50 pm
The idiots that pass for law enforcement around here really needs to get a grip. How many civilians do you shoot in the face daily for teasing you a little? That really hurt. [No it didn't. =/]

Are people like that responsible for safety around here? No wonder people die like flies. I've seen less corruption in sects back home. Who knows what they're capable of?

[ooc: So Gabriel had some fun with Kaito, and got his jaw blown off in thanks. In order to attach it, he had to eat someone... so he attacked some poor NPC, beat him to death and then ate all the man's fingers. Plus he dropped the two rubber bullets that got stuck in his rotted flesh by the corpse.

Framing the police? Like a boss rogue.]
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[Accidental Video Post]

[This is a treat for you, City! Here you see Gabriel cuddling kittens and eating muffins-

...wait, no? It's just a recording of a tilted, disgusting cellar floor for six minutes? Well, shit, that's no fun.

Oh wait, something's happening! Kittens? No. Is that... a finger? It's rather badly decayed, but it's obviously a finger. A severed finger. Moving around like a fat, rotted grub.


Then, that lovely voice that sounds like a mix between whiskey hoarseness and someone having eaten a mouthful of gravel;]

Human filth! What a useless fel-tainted piece of waste.

[Clink. That's a rather thick needle falling on the communicator - and the wriggling finger turns, squiggling over to turn it off.]
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Dark Lady, give me strength. You are all such whiny children.

'Oh no, sand!' 'Oh no, the sand is gone!'

I've heard less whining from Undercity dungeon prisoners, and those sorry idiots are used as spare parts. I'm dead and you still manage annoy me.

Shake the sand out of your junk and get something done, instead. You're messing up my work.
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[His hoarse, gritty voice seems to have an undertone of sadistic amusement.]

Well, I've never had a problem with deserts or sand. Many of the deserts back home have the best treasure and the best challenges. It is quite interesting to see people flail around, though. I thought you were used to curses?

Ah, but don't worry. I'll take care of those who get left behind...
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03 February 2012 @ 06:03 pm
Hm. I do not believe I've seen so much skin in several lifetimes. My old self would be terribly shocked and spend hours in prayer.

[A bitter, cold laugh.]

Consider yourselves lucky to be unaware of your situation. This place is quite diverse in its torture. Enjoy the show, but remember...

[Video turns on! Have a lovely shot of a torso, with rotted and dried flesh tapered over protruding ribs. There's a deep gash in the side, spewing out putrid guts and flesh, with gray-green bones of the spine hidden in the gruesome mess. A cockroach skitters out under the torn flesh and then returns inside again.]

...this awaits all of you, one day.
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The next person screaming 'headshot' and 'zombie' around me will be strangled with their own intestines.

That is all.

[ooc: Have at him!]
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22 January 2012 @ 03:34 pm
[Congratulations, Poly. There's a scream of pure horror over the network.]


[Yes, this will be going on for a while.]


[Enjoy. Someone is alive again and not enjoying it.]
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