25 October 2012 @ 08:19 pm
[ a bubble of a breath, hitched and barely swallowed. ]

... what the shit was that—

Hey! Hey! Listen, there's some fucking shadow running around, it—shit, it came out of nowhere, we didn't even see it and it took—

[ ugh. ]

Fuck. Does anybody know anything about what the hell's happening today?
28 September 2012 @ 03:34 am
how many ways can you think of for lighting a flame? magic counts, I guess, as long as you know HOW it works in real words!

and that's not supposed to be a metaphor!
15 August 2012 @ 02:38 am

Somebody out there's gotta know the full answer to this, so I'm just gonna ask. How many kinds of curses are there? So far I'm counting status effects, crazy invented memory bullshit, world curses. Anything else?

If you've got a warning, SPEAK THE HELL NOW.

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12 August 2012 @ 09:04 pm
filtered from Wanijima Agito + Minami Itsuki ][

I'm gonna need at least a couple fighters who know what they're doing. The more supernatural powers, the better. Won't take more than three hours if you're good enough, but it might be kind of dangerous.

Killers don't need to bother asking.

Payment negotiable. Give me a price.

PRIVATE ][ three hours after ][ minami itsuki )

PRIVATE ][ four hours after ][ wanijima agito )

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24 July 2012 @ 10:24 pm
[ it starts with just the view of Akira’s sleeping form, resting comfortably on his bed. starts with that, until Agito’s hands come into view from the side, holding tight onto on a bucket of water and turning it around in his hold to dump it’s entire contents right onto Akira’s face. ]

[which goes as well as one would expect-- the second the water makes contact, Akira shoots up into a seated position, coughing and looking frantic while his eyes manage to settle on the culprit.]

What the hell, Agito?!

[ there’s only a snicker in reply, before the feed’s shutting off--

-- and going back on a few seconds later, this time pointing at a sleeping Kazu. the same scenario all over again. Kazu, sleeping there innocently. Agito’s hands holding onto a bucket, and dumping the ice cold water down onto his face. ]

[ --veering slightly off-script, perhaps, when the subject bolts up, kicking his ice-sodden blankets in the direction of the tiny downpour before he blinks in fuzzed outrage. ]

Shit, I didn’t-- [ …............... ] Are you recording this?

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14 July 2012 @ 07:55 pm
... s-sis?

[ but hope's brief! in its wake, there's a drawing breath— ]


[ the sound of bare footfalls hitting concrete. for quite a while, actually, before they slow again. then— ... is that a sniffle? ]

Din't lose it on purpose...

[ yeah, tears are definitely happening. ]

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06 July 2012 @ 08:28 pm
I dunno if anybody's asked this already or if there's a giant City FAQ somewhere that I've been missing or something, but here goes. Anybody here remember the City when you went home?

How much of it sticks around?

private filter to Agito! )

private filter to Yuri Lowell! )

23 June 2012 @ 07:11 pm
[ BOOM!!! ]

[ in the background, several explosions go off one after the other. Agito, however, pays them no mind. ]

Who sells explosives? This idiot is going through them faster than I anticipated.

Oi--damn it, Agito, I CAN HEAR Y--

[ boom. ]

[ silence follows the last one for a few moments while Agito tilts his head towards the sound. a flying shark passes overhead just in time to be seen by the camera before it explodes. ]

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12 June 2012 @ 04:47 am


01 June 2012 @ 01:46 am
private | lions + tigers + deities, oh my. )

[ somewhat after the initial private filter — ]

... do the deities usually show up on the network?
27 May 2012 @ 11:55 pm

the groan of a drawer pulling open. tap tap. tap. tap tap tap. tap. tap.

and SLAM again—before the drawer creaks open one last time. ]

Che, figured. [ ... ]
Uh. Sorry ... about that.

[ a slightly overlong silence before the feed switches off. ]

VOICE | filtered to Yuri Lowell )
17 May 2012 @ 05:14 pm
You think it's done? All right—Kogarasumaru, rise!

[ the first snapshot: an open steel drum standing in what looks to be a rundown lot. for several lingering moments, the camera dwells only on the murky darkness of oil in shadow.


gloved hands rattle the handles of the wire basket sunk into its depths and begin to lift it. slowly... slowly... a monster emerges from the deep, all breadcrumb (???)-crusted jaw and leering empty sockets.

the whole goat's pretty deep-fried, too, from the looks of it. the last few oil drops shake from the netting as it's pulled free, and the camera briefly frames a boy in a hat hefting the basket to consider their victim thoughtfully. ]

Huh. Maybe we oughta stick bamboo skewers on for horns. How many chicken nuggets can we fit in there, anyway?

[ ignoring his babbling, the camera pans over to a sign which reads simply: EPIC MEAL SERVINGS COMING SOON. 3 ORANGES PER PLATE. ]

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21 April 2012 @ 08:16 pm
... sometimes you seriously gotta wonder if they're just pulling stuff out of our brains or if they've got magical cameras in every dimensional timeline.

[ pause. pause. awkward pause. ]

Anybody feel like starting a bonfire in the Square?
05 April 2012 @ 09:59 pm

psychics, telepaths, people with mind powers.

Must not have used powers for personality-warping control, starting cults, or destroying undeserving lives in any other way. Or tried to conquer the world ever.
01 April 2012 @ 11:30 pm
( the device tumbles out of ikki’s pocket and onto the ground, clattering against the ground as it quietly whirs to life. when the feed starts, it’s all static and fuzz, the audio drowned by the intense volume of ikki’s voice as he yells in fury, but the video clearly captures him standing in the middle of kazu’s bedroom. there’s something in his hands, and it looks something like roller-skates, but not quite. the audio corrects itself just as he shoves them towards kazu, face alight with fury. )

I can’t fucking believe you! Do I really have to give you same fucking talk I gave Akito?!

No trades! We don’t make trades unless there are no other options!


Where did you—damn it, listen for a second! I didn't trade for anything!

( no, there is no listening happening here. he just tucks the skates underneath his arm and gives kazu a hard push. )

No, you listen! You can’t fucking pull shit like this!

( he stumbles away—half a step, before a hand snaps out to knot in ikki's shirt. and shake him, maybe, until his hearing comes back. )

Why would I trade for them? They're supposed to be back home anyway!

Because you’ve seen the state of my current trecks! Why the hell wouldn’t you?! Only you or Akito would be dumb enough to make some stupid trade for them!

( ikki doesn’t take to that lightly, his own hand grabbing onto kazu’s shoulder as he starts shoving him back towards the wall. he’s trying to corner him, to shove him into a place where he can’t get out. )

So, what, you jumped to me? ( startled, he gives ground, but his grip doesn't yield. ) I wouldn't, all right? I haven't made any more deals after the first one!

You’re too likely of a suspect! ( he huffs, and lets go because, ugh, it has to be akito. he’s been mia lately and kazu is too transparent. it probably wasn’t him, plus nothing seemed to be missing from him. he’s got kazu against the wall already, so his eyes immediately flicker towards the window as a means of escape and finding akito to beat the shit out of him. it takes him two seconds to walk over there, jerk it open and throw himself out the window, all furious thoughts and recklessness.

it’s just too bad he hasn’t put on his trecks yet because there’s nothing to keep him from falling. he lets out a loud yelp and then he’s gone and out of sight. )

( on recording goes a noise like an incredibly tragic cross between a choke and a sneeze because
what the fuck, ikki. as Kazu sort of. scrambles to the sill. )


( comes the pathetic whine from the wall ledge, one of ikki’s hands holding onto it desperately to keep himself from falling and splattering against the pavement like some sort of suicide jumper. he’s got his trecks cradled protectively between his arm and body, refusing to risk damaging them in even the slightest manner. )

Fuck. Help me up!

( the longest of all silences. kazu reaches out, all the same. )

... this better not be a jinx on the rest of the month.

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31 March 2012 @ 12:03 am
—hey, Akito, you mind holding onto him for a sec?

[ on flicks the video feed, framing one (1) seventeen-year-old police officer and one (1) sharkling:


All right—hey, City. If you had to rank the guy on the left on a scale from one to ten, what'd it be?

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24 March 2012 @ 02:57 am
filtered to Akito )

[ and he'd turn it off, but after the filter cuts, the feed keeps going, leaving Kazu staring at the light a bit. ]

... kinda feel like every time this thing records on purpose, I oughta knock on something for an anti-jinx. Anyway—I guess I wanted to ask. Anybody know how far down the clock is?

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13 March 2012 @ 01:39 am
no ic cut, just for context )
Hell no, we’re bringing this bastard back with us. He broke the pact! ( he sounds fairly offended by this. he loops his arms around agito’s elbows, lifting them up for kazu. )

Get his wrists too!

... is that what this is ab--fuck. ( was that waking movement. is Agito moving. hastily, Kazu ties an extra knot around the wrists, because however bad of an idea this is, it's worse to let Agito get free. )

Seriously, that's why we're here?

Dude! You don’t break the fucking pact. ( he locks eyes with kazu then, staring at him intently, almost threateningly. )

And, you know, for the slug-shit.

( blink, blink, blink. okay, okay, Agito’s almost there, almost awake-- and then there is just glaring. ) FUCK! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING-- OW!

( don’t mind this shark, just, you know, trying to get himself loose because fuck you Ikki. ) I’ll kill you for this!

( unfortunately, Kazu yanks him away with the loose end. huh, this is kind of like a leash, isn't it. ) … Sorry, man, it's for your own good!

We’re taking you back home. ( he gives the rope a test jerk, making sure it’s safe and secure before he bothers to try and move him. damn, good job, kazu. this is perfect. ) Alright, let’s get him the fuck outta here.

( those seemed to be the magic words to cue in Akira, utterly baffled at how these (way too noisy) guys kept getting inside his apartment in the last few days to steal Agito-- but the scene unfolding in front of his eyes as he opened the door was... something else. )


… Ah, but it’s really not my business how your team likes to play. ( pause, eyeing the ropes. so damn weird, man. all of you. ) It’ll be a problem if you break him any further, though.

( says the guy who broke his ribs to start, come on. ) We were trying to keep him down!

We won’t let him escape this time!

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24 February 2012 @ 12:05 am
( the feed from kazu’s device clicks on to show the darkness of a dingy little apartment, or to be more exact, what kazu has claimed as his room, the moonlight pouring into the window serving as the only source of light for the room. it also features the side of ikki’s hand and his wrist, out of focus and much too close from clicking on kazu’s device.

he smiles into the camera, all glinting teeth, before he walks towards kazu’s bed. there’s a soft click as ikki flips off the cap of a marker, smelling the tip of it before applying it to kazu’s face. he writes various insults across his face, each one more hateful than the last.

the feed cuts out.

it clicks back on and ikki is beside is kazu’s bed, pants down and his butt pressed against the side of kazu’s face.

the feed cuts back again immediately afterwards.

finally, it cuts back on and it’s closer this time. it gives a very clear shot of ikki leaning over the side of kazu’s bed, pants now back up. his face is incredibly close to kazu’s, fingers prying his mouth open. he opens his own mouth then, letting two slugs drop out of his mouth and into kazu’s. )

Yesss! ( he laughs!

it's fifteen seconds, if you're counting—from the moment the camera films the slugs dropping in to Kazu's eyes snapping open. about the time it'd take for one to spill out and wriggle into an ear. but there's no trace of that by the time Kazu lifts one hand, ghosts fingertips across his face, silent and perfectly blank. he sits up.

only five seconds, on the other hand, from vertically to punching Ikki in the face. )
21 February 2012 @ 12:43 am
Theeeey'll really make anything disappear, huh. ... Guess this isn't the greatest time for asking stuff, but—anybody gotten stuff back from the sand so far?

[ a beat. some rustling as he hits the button to end the recording. before it quite finishes — ]

That was my fucking hat...!