20 May 2013 @ 11:10 pm
I've never seen it spread across nearly the whole City before.

[ Helloooo nurse. Eames' voice is still most definitely male, but the camera's view seems to place his recording of a few passerbys in the City's shopping district. Long legs, swinging bums, the awkward, self-conscious hobble of people getting used to their new proportions. ]

Do you guess there'll be a boost of sales for the lingerie department? A queue for the dressing room?

A lot of you have plenty of complaints for it but well- you know, there's no reason to be too embarrassed. Sometimes your own body gets a bit boring after awhile, doesn't it? Might as well play with another version.

Enjoy yourself for a change. The City throws plenty worse at us.
27 April 2013 @ 01:18 pm
[ Well.

Prison isn't exactly a place Eames thought he'd wind up in, in this fair city of theirs. There was that one close call with the overenthusiastic self defense, but that'd ended up in an ankle bracelet and time out spent at home - definitely not locked up in a prison with a bunch of the undead serving as guards. Not exactly Eames' cup of tea, what with a general aversion to the ghoulish - and if all the ghouls are working their ways up the ranks, here, might be that a certain Cobb-faced zombie happens to be one of the populace.


Eames is less than enthused.

It seems the City does still know how to deal with the occasional consequence or six - it would figure; no boat ride has ever been good news here, thus far for him.

For the day, during the recreational period between lunch and dinner, Eames sits himself out in the courtyard - not working out, not really socializing, but definitely eyeing some of the ghouls up.

So the deities' solution to the wandering undead within the City is to let them run a prison instead?

[ The question is, though -

can these ghouls run fast enough to catch up, if he made a break for it?

Can he run and/or swim fast enough?
27 March 2013 @ 03:24 pm
[ Attached is a picture of an egg nestled in the farthest corner of Eames' backyard, Pancake tentatively sniffing it. ]

I don't think I've come across anything free in the City that led to something good. Beer coming out of the pipes, getting pelted by items falling out of the sky, so on and so forth ...

I'm placing a few coins that what comes out of these eggs is alien, hungry, and aims directly for the face.
10 March 2013 @ 04:14 pm
Mon - Wed 11:00a - 11:00p
Fri 3:00p - 1:00a
Sun 9:00a - 11:00p

(Tel) 891.052.9880


Special services such as DELUXE WASH or MOZAMBIQUE PRESS offered on a case by case basis; call in advance.


[ ooc: I'M A PROFESSIONAL DAY u//u Eames and Al Capone own a laundry service that masks a gangster service. They just happen not to be very good at one of those two. Also pretend this went out Saturday morning orz

the mozambique press may or may not involve cement I'm just saying
23 January 2013 @ 03:01 pm
[The feed turns on from where Dulcie's left it on her table as she enjoys a coffee at Cafe Juliet. A certain Mr Eames comes by with pastry in hand and Dulcie waves him over. Their conversation is just out of range of the speakers. Eames has a bit of jam smeared on his chin, and with a laugh Dulcie goes up on her toes to lick it off.

And stays up.

Well fuck.]

Dulcie? Dulcie...

[Dulcie's only reply is not entirely decipherable. Yep. Fuck. Eames is trying to push her face off with his hands but it's really... not... working.]
29 December 2012 @ 11:16 am
Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? Or whatever you decided to celebrate.

I'm still sweeping out random bits of coal from the shelves. I'd be worried about it being an unfair suggestion to my character, but the fact it was a gift from a possessed goatman makes me feel marginally better. There might be some fodder for new resolutions somewhere in that whole experience, though.

Have anyone actually accomplished one of your goals since last year?

[ The 'Escape the City' one obviously doesn't count. ]

[ Filter: Ginny Weasley ]

I found someone for you.

[ BUT HE'S TOTALLY NOT GOING TO MENTION the fact it might be a favour for a favour sort of deal... yet. ]
29 November 2012 @ 01:49 pm
For being after Halloween, this month was oddly horrific. The City's endgame may or may not be to make hermits out of all of us, get rid of all reflective surfaces, never trust the clown, so on and so forth... If we're so lucky, December is supposed to be the season of peace and love, isn't it?

Maybe two years and change is too late to be asking - but has anyone ever tried exchanging something to avoid being cursed? Or do the deities consider it a cop-out?
07 October 2012 @ 12:57 pm
If you lose contact with someone, I suppose all of our initial reactions include checking the network to see what sorts of curses are afflicting us today. It could be they've just turned into a bird and flew away - or a mermaid, or whatever is thrown at us. Maybe the next step ought to be breaking out the bloodhounds or combing through our particular selection of vampires or other supernatural creatures, but I happened to skip the optimistic parts and go straight for the Hall, today.

[ There's a second's worth of an uncomfortable pause before he continues. ]

Ariadne has left the City.

It seems like she knew it was coming, [ eames isn't mad at all she didn't warn them in advance nope nope nope ] so she left instructions and gifts. Anna Assaoui, apologies if I pronounced that something awful, Orange, White, Rupert, Ginny, Miss Mae, Steve, and Lady Sif - you're welcome to drop by our house to pick up a few items if you like. I'm not mailing them out, so it's on you to take the initiative.

Though, Rupert, it's the horse, so obviously that's not here.


That's all, then.

[ filter : yusuf n & arthur w ]

If you need me, I'll be having lunch at the Blue Light.
28 September 2012 @ 06:45 pm
[ The network post starts up with Eames grabbing his device from his nightstand, a good visual of his bedroom and too brightly patterned comforter coming into view. ]

People leave the City all the time - whether or not they come back isn't up to any of us. Sometimes, if they come back, they'll not remember a thing that happened while they were here last. [ It's unclear whether or not Eames is talking to the Network as a whole or to someone else - eitherway, he's headed out the room and down the stairs of the Inception haus. ]

I'd much rather write up a will than a pre-nup. Under what circumstances would we have to split portions of the future business? Are we going to cut Rhada in half when we decide to not longer be friends? I'll have to pay someone to separate our bloody socks.

[ Grump, grump, grump. At least it's more obvious now Eames is, in fact, addressing Yusuf. He turns the device over in his hand, notes it's on, and though the frustration (apparent as a sarcastic patronisation) is apparent on his face he doesn't shut it off. ]

Who knows where to find a good lawyer?
31 August 2012 @ 05:52 pm
[ There are plenty of beaches on this fair island - being an island and all that - but only the stretch nearest the City includes the boardwalk, volleyball arenas, shops, vendors, et cetera. A lot of people are attempting to get their last full body tans in before the end of the summer, Eames included, though right now with the video feed going he seems to be sitting on a bench at the edge of the boardwalk. The video pans in a one hundred and eighty degree recording of beach front, the people on the sands like seals or crabs depending on the distance, before finally settling on Ariadne. He may just be trying to keep a recording for himself, or just take a picture - but it's being fed directly to the Network instead.

Ariadne looks quite nice in a two piece bathing suit, by the way.

I feel as though beach volleyball was far more popular last summer than this summer. No one's playing much of it anymore.

Who are you talking to?

You. And the network. I think this is as close as anyone can get to a glimpse underneath your neckerchief, apart from that time you posted naked.

[ Ariadne makes a choked off sound, and the video jumbles as she lunges toward him, cutting off soon after. It seems Eames has deemed it better to make a quick escape. ]

[ ooc: Red is Ariadne, normal is Eames! That said, please feel free to treat this like a network post or an open log post! If you want to treat it like a log, feel free to comment and denote in your subject line if it's open to everyone or just Eames and/or Ariadne! ]
27 August 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Should one really have to apologise for their behavior when under the influence of a curse? That's like saying 'sorry I was so drunk I had a natural bodily reaction and threw up on your shoes.' Or 'sorry I thought it was a good idea to piss in your flower garden, I didn't realise plants were so sensitive to the pH of urine.' Well, maybe not the latter, you can choose whether or not you urinate or not, and where.

It seems that agency is more or less out of my hands when I'm a bull terrier. Can I more or less just grant an all around apology for any sort of off behavior I had this past weekend? I'd been snipped. I suspect any male, even as a dog, might go a little bonkers without the bits that happen to be important to him. In retrospect, something so normal seems rather cruel when you're at the brunt end of it. Who are we to take away a dog's balls or uterus?

[ He's sorry they got you fixed, Pancake.

He understands now what that does to a person.

That said, if anyone has any photos, videos, or otherwise physical evidence of this past Sunday... I'd like to get that turned into me.

Thank you very much.

[ FILTER: Angela Montenegro ]

I'm terribly sorry I humped your dog.

[ Wow that's so much worse to say outloud than just think it. ]

[ / FILTER ]
31 July 2012 @ 09:20 pm
One of the benefits of the Underground, I have to say, is missing the annual anomalies of nearly being snowed in during the summer months without a good pair of skis. Though attempting to get out of the Underground during said snow storm was the larger issue at hand, but between the scenery - of there being almost none - and the friendly people - also being nearly none - I'd found myself at the risk of feeling like I'd been transported back home. Including the bartender and his wobbly four inches.

Imagine my surprise when I took the metro back up here and saw that the Underground hadn't come to its own fashion revolution. Let's just hope some of you have better balance than others, yeah? I'd suggest pitting one ground against the other, but I think the Under has somewhat of an unscrupulous advantage.

[ FILTER TO: Ariadne, Arthur, Yusuf ]

Either I've suddenly become terrible at my job or our main showcase has left the City. I'm rather disappointed.
14 July 2012 @ 10:20 pm
[ This particular post starts off accidentally - camera capturing little else other than the night time sky of the City. There's a bit of ambient noise in the background, mostly snippets of other pieces of conversation. There's a sudden shift of view as someone picks up the device and the network gets an eyeful of a middle-aged woman, one split brow quirking upward at the blinking light of the ongoing video feed.

Eames is caught offguard, considering he had no plans to toy around on the network while he's like this. He's less interested in showing off and more concerned over keeping the appearance of being a woman and his own personal identity separated for reasons he, obviously, can't delineate in public either. To be honest, he's not sure that things with Fischer will particularly go the way he wants in the first place - considering curses like these are often short lived, and not even Eames can get everything he wants out of a boy in twenty four hours, assuming he only has as long as that. He's left banking on the idea that Fischer is out of his element enough that he can slip through the cracks of any walls put up to strangers in the first place.

But that's for later. He may be tracking Fischer, but he'll not be making any sort of move until he can find an in.

For now it's all about the City's devices and their penchant for being inconvenient.

Shame, it seems someone's left their device behind. If a friend of a friend is missing it, feel free to- call it or something, I suppose. You'll not mind that I'm borrowing it in the mean time, hm?

[ ooc: replies from [personal profile] leaven! ]
30 June 2012 @ 05:09 pm
What've we started calling these days? Visitor weekends? I'd say this makes for the most pleasant one thus far, but I'm already speaking too soon for it. I never really understood how this all works - what's the difference allowing for people to come for a few days versus the few months the majority of us have been sitting on, waiting to go back to whatever version of home is left for us?

Is there some sort of good deed some of our lot get rewarded for? More paperwork, like in the desert? A queue of personal favours, maybe. What makes someone more deserving than others to come and go? I know I'm hardly going to get a straight answer from the men on the seat and pure speculation is relatively useless, but all the same.

Are any of you really satisfied with your lives in the City? Don't feel as though you need a beating heart sort of life to answer.

If not, what is it you long for?

If so- well, to put it bluntly, why?
19 June 2012 @ 08:20 pm
Sunday was certainly eventful for the lot of you, wasn't it? Ghosts, visions, hallucinations... Seems we've quite the penchant for collecting the supernatural from time to time. Has anyone tried the occasional drizzle of holy water? Future wards, blessings, or the sort? I used to own a few evil eyes, but they turn into tourist trinkets the moment you leave Turkey, I think.

Someone could make a killing with offering exorcisms. Next Father's Day, maybe. Just a thought.


[ He pauses. ]

Ariadne, did you put glitter in the milk?
30 May 2012 @ 10:59 am
I want to make one thing clear, here.

[ From the background noise, it's obvious Eames is out and about, but has taken the time to grace you with the dulcet tones of his exasperation! ]

Just because I fancied myself a tattoo artist with an already compromised state of mind previously doesn't mean I went around gifting you lot with one while you were sleeping. Were I going to plant one right on your left cheek, I'd have charged you for the trauma - I never endure any stressor for free, you know. Economics, so on and so forth. Besides, considering it seems to be coupled with the fact that there are far too many horses roaming about the City, I think it's fair to cry curse without risking crying wolf.

Speaking of, though - when did the carousel undergo renovations? Rather, is dilapidation the new rage? So long as it's not the equivalent of the sand from a few months past, I suppose. I've done rather good with avoiding death, apart from the shark.

[ ooc: Eames is roaming about the City today if anyone would like to action thread on the side! Places he's going to hit up are the the carousel, the Hall of the Missing, work (Saya's garage), and then either The Blue Light or an equivalent blues bar. Otherwise, treat it as the network post it is! ]
17 May 2012 @ 09:25 pm
When a teacher says draw anatomy... does it count if it's symbolic anatomy?

Artistic license and all that, right?

[ private: friends / TEXT ]

let me quote some sam cooke here and break it down

(not adele)

1)that's it
2)i quit
3) I'm moving on

(into a tattoo apprenticeship.

thoughts ?)

[ ooc: an eames as a delinquent, you say? replies will be from [personal profile] clip! Feel free to assume friendship among students and whatnot, I'm not picky. ]
26 April 2012 @ 07:36 pm
[ There's a video clip attached to this particular posting. ]

Is anyone collecting wild animals? At least they're not reproducing in frenzied amounts, but I've enough pets in this house as is without adding one with terribly sharp claws into the mix. Whenever she's not eating apparently clinging to my leg is the only next viable option, and I can only layer on so many trousers.

And yes, I do realise that this could be much worse but I'd much rather keep these things in their natural habitat or a zo-- the zoo hasnt been letting its occupants loose again, has it? Just wondering; I really would prefer avoiding the unicorns this time. Not everyone can afford to lose a limb or three.

So - baby koala. Ping me if you want one, yeah?
16 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
[ PRIVATE RECORDING // 78% encrypted but hackable with effort ] )

You know, it's somewhat cruel when you're already enduring being tossed off a sinking boat to then become piecemeal for creatures in the depths of the ocean. I'm fairly certain even movies about sinking cruise lines didn't include the part where victims then become a feast for sharks - or shark like monsters in any case. Has anyone ever been out far enough to the ocean to see what sort of marine life we have? I've been to the beach before in the City but have never really seen an account for beasties that might be lurking about. It might be worth the research if we've any sorts for it.

Or a fishing trip, plus a few harpoons and explosives.

I thought we were supposed to lose our heartbeat when we revived after a death, as well, but maybe it's far more varied than I initially thought.

[ Pause. ]

That said, might've anyone ever considered trading with the deities to be granted immunity to their games? Then again - if every citizen was immune, I doubt they'd have much fun for it, assuming they are the ones in fact causing it.
27 March 2012 @ 12:48 pm
[ There is a photo attached of a smiley face on a section of brick. ]

I wasn't aware we had such wonderful artists in the City - or gangsters insistent on spreading joy all across the Underground. Then again, considering just the other day we had robots made out of trash cans roaming about, the prospect of happy thugs just doesn't seem so far off.

Pieces of scrap metal, however, make much better windchimes than I imagine pieces of thug would - just a hazard of a guess.

Don't correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I know we have Cinna as our wonderful tailor in the Overground, but might anyone here repair watches?