01 July 2012 @ 04:16 pm
Well, let's get this over with. If you're from the Enterprise, this is Dr. McCoy. If you don't know what the Narada is, this is Dr. McCoy from an alternate reality. If you're from the Enterprise and your Spock has a goatee, go away.

Think that about covers it.

((ooc: Have at him! No doubles of canonmates already in the City, please, though the TOS or Mirror versions are fine. c: And I'm fine with people recognizing him from... well, Star Trek.))
24 June 2012 @ 10:52 am
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[ In perhaps a bizarre twist, one Leonard McCoy isn't a doctor today -- though he's close. He's a horse rancher, breeding and training and selling the fine horses of the City, and instead of hiring out for a veterinarian, he's got training there, too. Call him Doc, call him McCoy, call him Doc McCoy, whatever suits your fancy -- maybe Bones, short for Sawbones, when he's lecturing you on proper animal care.

Either way, he's sitting out on a bench, drinking from his flask and watching people wander by. Truth be told, he watches their horses with more interest. ]
17 June 2012 @ 08:36 am
if someone was dying and they asked you to kill them, would you do it?
If anyone noticed a planet imploding in reflective surfaces the other day, it was another dream. Don't worry about it. That said, if any of you were injured by dreams and haven't come to the hospital yet, get a move on. If it's serious, I'll be here all night. If not, day shift will have you covered.

And can someone explain why the janitor just hugged me?

((ooc: Open action for hospital people and/or people running into him on his way home in the morning!))
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[ If there's a group of people who need to relax in this place, it's likely the doctors who try and keep everyone together. Having spent the past few days treating victims of stuffed animals, cookies, and other bizarre objects, one could probably say that the City doctors could use a spa day.

Well, here's one of them, enjoying some grapes while he relaxes alone in a hottub. McCoy hasn't noticed that his device is recording, and from the look of the picture, it's partially obscured by a white fluffy towel anyway. ]
17 April 2012 @ 02:39 pm
All right, listen up.

[ This would, perhaps, sound more commanding if McCoy didn't have a tribble on his shoulder. ]

These things are called tribbles. They do approximately three things: they eat, they reproduce -- they're born pregnant, actually -- and they coo. The cooing has a soothing effect on the nervous system, unless you're a Klingon or some other sort of nonhuman that they think smells awful, in which case they'll screech at you.

[ There's another tribble on his other shoulder. ]

They're from the planet Iota Geminorum IV back where I come from, which doesn't mean a damn thing to any of you, but from what I can remember, the planet has reptiles to keep the population in check. I'm not suggesting we eat them [ :| ] but some sort of sterilization is going to become necessary before they take over the entire City and eat everything themselves.

[ Pause. There's a tribble on his head now. ]

If we can get a few of these sterilized, I want them kept for use at the hospital. It's not unheard of, thanks to the effects their cooing has, as well as keeping them as pets. [ There's another pause and, though it's more to himself than anything, ] Our Chief Engineer had one before we picked him up. Wonder if one of these is his...

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02 April 2012 @ 02:28 pm
[ City, you might want to look away if you're prone to motion sickness, because the video turns on just as one Dr. Leonard McCoy is falling into the fountain. Instead of going straight down into the water, however, there's a loud THUNK and a loud, obviously pained swear word as the video tilts to the side, catching a droplet of red falling down into the fountain.

There's more movement before one hand finally grabs the device and turns it. Hello, City. Anyone remember him? He didn't have a large gash from slamming his head on the fountain last time (one hand is covering it, but it's pretty obvious), but his scowl, at least, should be familiar. ]

I hate that thing.

[ Then there's a pause and a slight frown. ]

I've been here before. Why do I feel like there should be Christmas music?

((ooc: Bones is back! His memory of his previous time in the City is a bit fuzzy at the moment, not at all helped by the fact that he has slammed his head on the fountain and is now bleeding into it. Whoops.))
05 February 2012 @ 06:26 pm
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You know, I don't normally drink tea, but today I feel like givin' it a try. Anyone have some recommendations?
27 January 2012 @ 01:13 pm
Where the hell did all these people come from?

For god's sake, no one get hurt.

((ooc: Open to fourth wall! Everyone welcome~))
18 January 2012 @ 02:50 pm
If you're going to have sex with an alien species, make sure to talk to your doctor first. Chances are they secrete pheromones that will alter your way of thinking, secrete oils that will give you an allergic reaction, have spines attached to their genitals, or have suckers on their tentacles. If that doesn't put you off the experience, we'd at least like to make sure we've vaccinated you against whatever they might be carrying -- which we can do in 2258, at least where I come from. We'd also like to get a look at your partner, especially if it's a species we don't know much about. That'll make our job easier later on.

Remember that a lot of species, even humanoid ones, are probably stronger than you. Vulcans, Romulans, and Klingons all have two legs and two arms, but they can break you in half. Hell, in Klingon society, breaking a clavicle on the wedding night is considered a blessing. A lot of species may think that you having sex with them is a proposal of marriage, too; make sure you know your alien cultures before you stick it in, because if they're part of the Federation, it might be legally binding.