28 April 2012 @ 11:34 pm
[The video opens up with a shot of Alisha’s tits from above, if anyone’s familiar enough with her anatomy to recognise them. She is dressed, but being Alisha her top still gives a generous view. “Alisha” puts the device down on the table. She appears to be eating breakfast with Nathan.

“Nathan” looks like the sexy bastard he is. He’s wearing the tightest little shorts (which is probably very Nathan of him) and no shirt at all. He’s standing over by the sink, moving his arm up and down to see the non-existent muscles at work there.

“Alisha” takes a big mouthful of cereal before speaking, milk dribbling down her chin.]

You know, they don’t look so good from up here. I’m starting to see why girls never feel good about themselves.

[ “Nathan” turns around and glares. Look at that skinny chest and one pack! He’s so skin and bones, no wonder no one wants to shag him. ] Could you be anymore fucking disgusting? Stop looking at my tits and stop eating like you’re the retard that you are!


[ “Alisha” pulls a face, letting a wad of half-chewed cereal fall out of her-- or, okay-- his mouth. It’s probably fairly obvious there’s a curse at work here, and Nathan and Alisha are not in their rightful bodies. “Nathan” looks disgusted, which, with his face, looks sort of like surprise or constipation. Alisha isn’t quite sure yet. ]

I’m not the one walking around next to naked. Did you come over like that, or did you just strip off in the hallway?

[ Classic Alisha eyeroll in the form of Nathan’s sexy green eyes. ] How is me coming in with only my undies any different from what you do? [ Consider the (furralicious) eyebrow cocked. ] Still has the same scarring effect.

[Nathan-in-Alisha shrugs, giving his real body an appreciative look,] Ordinarily I’d make some sort of comment about your boyfriend here, but after what I saw this morning I’ve got to admit he’s not too bad. If I wasn’t a lesbian I probably would’ve gone for it.

[ “Nathan’s” lip curls in what can only be absolute disgust. ] You’re disgusting. You’re not coming into my flat anymore, either. My arse is so itchy. [ This could be a lie, you never know. But being in Nathan’s body has caused some allergic reaction for Alisha. It’s probably because he’s such a wanker. ]

[Which just provokes raised eyebrows from the real Nathan.] Would you like me to come over there and scratch it for you?

I want you nowhere near me. [ Which is hilarious, since he’s in her. “Nathan” will scratch his bum, possibly pulling at the tiny shorts he is wearing. ] Dick. [ … ] What the fuck do you wash these with? I need to change. This underwear is giving me a fucking rash.

I don’t know, do I? Washing powder. [There’s pause in which “Alisha” shrugs, and another mouthful of cereal is taken,] Whatever, man. Your knickers are really comfortable. We should switch more often.

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13 April 2012 @ 02:13 pm
[ the feed clicks on to an extreme close-up of curtis’ face. say hello to his gorgeous brown eye! hear alisha laughing? curtis, of course, did not say something funny just then. ] Quit moving. I want proof of this. [ she lowers the camera to, oh, what is this? ladies and gentlemen, is curtis donovan smiling? ]

Piss off, Alisha. [ but curtis is kind of laughing, too, pushing the camera out of his face and, maybe, trying to snatch it from her hold.

because why should everyone be looking at him when she’s so dolled up?

Ain’t nothing to have proof of. Stop that.

[ she refuses to listen, sliding a little on the chair so she can get him in his full gear. he’s wearing a nice purple shirt and khaki pants. in his lap is a loaf of bread alisha dumped there; they’re at the park, feeding the ducks - which can be seen when alisha flickers the camera to the lake and sees said ducks. ] You’re smiling. Your face looks funny. [ cackle cackle. ]

No it don’t. [ but he’s still smiling. he even reaches to grab the red, lace-trim umbrella she bought for this occasion of feeding the ducks and loosely swings it, reaching a hand out to snatch it again, this time with higher hopes of succeeding. ]

Hey, watch where you’re swinging that! [ do you want to kill her or something? she reaches for it, and may have loosened her grip on the phone just a little for curtis to snatch it … have a nice shot of his purple coloured chest. boy looks fine.

and he grabs it and scoots away from her just to give everyone a full shot of her beautiful dress. now he’s really laughing.

This is what Alisha looks like when she decides it’s worth dressing up.

[ see alisha roll her eyes. ] I found something worth dressing up for. And it’s not you, prick. [ said affectionately, btw. and she’ll steer his hands to focus on the ducks. watch a piece of bread fly at them - alisha has poor aim - and the feed will abruptly click off to her laughter. ]

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29 March 2012 @ 04:27 pm
hey curtis, have you been in my room again? i hate how when i walk into my room and my cock is glowing … it looks like eyes.

[ since every time something goes missing in alisha's room - or is not how it was in her memory - she blames one curtis donovan. too bad she forgot to filter this. or make sure autocorrect wasn't trolling her today. ]


[ too late ... ]
23 March 2012 @ 10:22 am
[ alisha has showered at least twice today. she's smelt the smell of death lingering around her for the entire day. she knows this smell because it lingers in the boot of her father's car, right after they buried the probation workers and that guy who is too overly attached to his cap. ]

Anyone else smell - [ she doesn't really want to say it, does she? ]
- Hey, Nathan, Simon, Curtis - do you guys smell funny?

[ she's annoyed as fuck, anyway. why the hell does she smell? is there some sort of soap out there she can use? why does everyone else smell nice and fruity? ]

I've showered twice today. How the fuck do I get rid of this smell?
29 February 2012 @ 08:43 pm
[ slugs, slugs and more slugs! alisha makes a really disgusted noise as she flicks one off her arm. ]

Er - What the fuck is up with all these slugs? Anyone got some repellent or whatever?

[ hear a disgusted squeal. ]


[ but she doesn't really know there's one sliding in her hair, making it's way to her ear … ]
16 February 2012 @ 10:27 am
This is the shittiest curse ever. If I wanted to be surrounded by sand I'd go to the beach, yeah?

[ sand in your pants is just not cool. ]

Has this ever happened before?


Where the fuck are you?
30 January 2012 @ 10:21 am
So, if all these people are coming in, does that mean there's a way out?

[ it's kind of logical, isn't it? for someone to come in, there has to be an exit. ]

What the fuck is wrong with this place?

[ alisha can be found walking around the city. anywhere you are, she is. ]

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25 January 2012 @ 11:54 pm
Sim -

For fuck's sake. I'm stuck in this place again?

[ and alisha is back from her canon update. yay. she is not too pleased, however. there's a loud sound in her head and whatever she does, it won't stop.

she's by the fountain. she's sitting, an elbow resting on her leg and the side of her head in her palm as she tries to make it stop. she's tapping her heels together in hopes of going back home.

Will someone turn down that fucking ticking?

( curse | tick tock, goes the clock )