18 November 2012 @ 07:27 pm
[ There's the sound of shuffling and wheels rolling on the floor as Orca skates to Agito's apartment, and then there's nothing - being in the air, after all, doesn't really have a sound - before there's a loud thud. ]

Agitoooo! [ there isn't a knock - instead, there's the sound of a crash as the door comes down from a swift kick. ] Agito, Agito! -- Eh? Where's Agito? He gets mad whenever I do thaaaaat!

No! No, don't come here! Stay away, noooo!

[ The sound clicks, signifying the end, but later on, there's a video post: ]

Uhm.. [ Orca sits in the center of the living room as several animals make him their new pillow -- two dogs, resting their heads on his lap, while one cat curls up on his head, obscuring part of his face with its tail, and another cat rests in between the two dogs; finally, two foxes wrap themselves around his neck, pawing at his shoulders. Orca himself looks a little panicked -- despite having lived with them for a little while, he doesn't actually have a clue as to how to care for animals -- and the boy tries his best not to move at all, for fear that he might hurt the creatures on accident (not that it was his problem, but they were Akito's, and somehow, making Akito angry didn't really sit well with his survival instinct). With a tremor in his voice, he says, ]

S-someone.. help me! Akito, they won't get off!! U, uwahh..!!!
23 October 2012 @ 11:20 pm
Hey, hey~~~!

Whoever that was, that was really surprising! It wasn't fair, it took me off guard! [ he looks pleased, though - more than pleased, as his lips curl up into a Cheshire grin. it should probably be a little disturbing that he's talking about his own death with such a happy tone. ] But it was soooo cool! My head went clean off, like shhhnk! [ at least, that's what he'd imagine the sound is. ]

So, whoever you are - we should play together! This time, properly, so we can both have some fun and not have it end so quickly, okay~?

[ he reaches out to the device, as if he's done - but pauses, remembering. ]

Ah, ah, Agitooo! I wanna talk to you, too! So, let's talk, okay?
22 September 2012 @ 06:44 pm
[ Wherever you are, you might suddenly find a ball of black - on a sill, the table, or perhaps even on the ground that you've nearly stepped on. It looks like a stone at first, with strange bumps lining all over it - but after a moment, it reveals its true nature: unraveling its long neck from its body, the dragon raises its head first before its limbs spread out, wings of black and red outstretching as it opens its small mouth to yawn. It stands delicately, claws sinking in on the communicator that served purpose as a nest, before it cranes its neck to look at the nearest source of heat: you. Tilting its head curiously, it hops off the communicator, flapping its wings for a moment before landing on the ground, and steps closer. What will you do? ]
19 August 2012 @ 09:57 pm
[ There's not much by way of audio; there's only the sound of air cutting, wind blowing as Orca flies, just as he had when he first entered this city. However, he's doing more than falling this time; he flips in the air, twisting his body fluidly as he lands on the building where the PCD is strategically placed. He takes his time making his way over to the device, but instead of rollerblading there, he's casually adding jumps and flips as he skirts on the surface of the roof briefly before returning to the air. It's clear what this is: he's showing off to those who can't do what he can do, strutting his stuff before the flightless world.

When he finally lands in front of the camera, he's smiling, hair falling into perfect place. ]

I like the ocean better, but the sky is nice, too. This is so much fun! It's too bad not everyone can do this, huh? [ He gives a sigh, as if it's a terrible shame, before his lips curl into a devious smile. ]

But, maybe the ones with the means to fly could help others. I'm not against it! I'll help you fly, if you want! And reach higher than you've ever gone before!

Don't you want to touch the sky?
11 July 2012 @ 07:45 pm
[ HELLO, are you interested in seeing little boys naked? no? too bad, you're seeing one anyway!

he's in the water, so it's not as if you can see anything below his chest anyway. His skin is the same tan throughout his torso save for a long spot of pale. ]

Hey! Since everyone's naked anyway, why not come take a swim? It's a hot day, right? So it's perfect!

And, I bet I could beat all of you in a swimming race! [ kicking his legs to splash ] C'mon, I'll even bet on it!
01 July 2012 @ 04:22 am
[ the feed turns on to reveal Orca, who is looking really really impatient!!

He's kind of disappointed he hasn't seen anyone he particularly likes yet, all right. ]

Nee, neeee. Agitooo, it's been two weeks already, you know?! C'mon, what happened to that thing you promised me? [ huffff. ] Are you chickening out on me?
19 June 2012 @ 09:55 pm
[ the feed turns on to reveal Orca, who is awkwardly trying to position the camera properly. it looks like he's outside, judging from the view of the sky. ]

Ehhm, it's on, right?

[ he clears his throat, into his too-long sleeve, and gives a big, toothy smile. ]

Hi! I'm Vercingetorix! They call me Orca, though. [ pause. ahh, what else was he going to say ..

oh whatever, he's bad at this stuff anyway, so: cutting to the point. ]

I'm looking for people to be my friends! There's a lotta people in this city, there's gotta be someone who'll be my friend, right? [ hopeful smile!! ] And there's gotta be people who are strong, right~!

Oh, and Agito's not allowed, 'cuz I don't have enough patience yet. [ nod. ]
14 June 2012 @ 03:44 pm
[ The feed turns on to reveal a dark skinned boy angled as if he was falling from the sky.

.. Actually, he is kind of falling, but he looks really excited despite falling, for some reason!

The image of him here only lasts for a few seconds though, as the communicator hits the ground. there's a sound of a loud thud, before screaming starts, and the camera is just barely able to capture the darkskinned boy on top of a blue-haired boy, although the sound picked up by the microphone makes it pretty obvious as to what's happening. ]

Fuck!!!! [ a pale hand raises up, grips onto blond strands of hair, and yanks on it, trying to pull the other off of him. ] GET THE HELL OFF OF ME YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!

[ Orca whimpers, holding onto Agito's hand. ] Meaaan! That's so mean, and I just found you, Agito! [ he's pretty forgiving, though, and he's grinning again soon. ] I thought I had to play with that -- Buta? But it's Agito instead! I'm really happy to see you again, Agito!

[ Agito stops short as he registers the fact that oh, he knows this thing. ] WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN HERE?

[ Orca just kind of shrugs, grinning. ] To play~! It's been sooo long, so let's play!!

[ There's more of this reunion, but the communicator times out, cutting the broadcast short.
blue is agito; green is orca. ]