27 August 2013 @ 03:57 pm
I remember everything.

Well, not everything, everything. There are some things I am both glad and curse not to know.

And I miss Leah.

That. That is all.

P.S. I wish there was a curse to remove the image of Sif-in-the-nude threatening me with a sword. It was a very formidable sword.
09 February 2013 @ 10:07 pm
[He's giving you a disappointed face, City.]

Where is the support, fair City? We did this for you! All of you ought stand up and volunteer for crucifixion in the manner of Spartacus. Shout to the deities, "I am Loki!" and let us all share the blame.
26 January 2013 @ 11:55 am
[If you recognize those horns, you might begin to grasp that you're in a wee bit of trouble.]

Oh, but I remember this place. Only let us put away childish things, City, I am as I will ever be, Loki. If, for some, the name rings sour, that is hardly my own fault and I would object to being judged on the failings of others.

I shall wait the required day or so to ensure this is no passing fancy of the City's to see me pay visit and then commence with a far more coherent showing of how to strike down false gods, should this brief visit become an unwelcome invitation to remain longer.
08 December 2012 @ 09:22 pm
[ The device is set up to show a modest living room. Leah and Serrure stand side by side in front of the camera, as if waiting for something.

Just then, music kicks in, and they begin to dance. ]

cut for video )
02 December 2012 @ 02:38 pm
[He's sitting on a cement retaining wall, legs dangling over the edge, a makeshift card table done out of milk crates and a box on the sidewalk below. The phone is propped up on something beside him, filming as Serrure flips through the deck of cards he was just conning people with.]

I don't know why people become so angry over losing. Spoiler alert- it is a trait you mortals share with gods and demons alike.

Or perhaps it is not the losing I do not understand, but the insistence upon returning to lose again after being so frustrated the first time.
03 November 2012 @ 12:31 pm
Quite a bit of new arrivals, we have. I never thought this place could feel- er - crowded. [He's sitting on a bench, picking single kernels of candy corn from an over large back, red bull in the other hand and just watching all of what seems to be going on.]

[OOC: Hit me with your best shot, but no mention of anything past JiM 644.]
24 October 2012 @ 08:33 pm
[Video opens with a tumbling view of not much. Someone says "Ow" and then there's a lot of mutual shushing. When the phone hits the ground, it faces directly upwards, and Luke crouches slowly into view. It looks like Serrure is sitting on his shoulders for some reason, and holding onto his head for balance. He picks up the phone and kind of shuffles with it into one corner to point it at his face and whisper into it.]

Somebody come and help us. We're trapped.

[And then he looks up, and around suddenly, like he's heard, or seen something, trying to shove the phone into his pocket simultaneously, and then there's a muffled whump and the video shuts off.

He's lost his balance and fallen sideways.]

[ooc: The rescue will be carried out by Axl. Responses will come from both Lokis, probably, once the immediate danger of someone walking by has passed.]

16 October 2012 @ 07:24 pm
Well. These past few curses have been particularly awful.

Apologies to anyone who died or was maimed when I- we- ran amuck. It was the curse, I swear it is so.

Which brings me to my point, in an effort to try and ensure this does not happen again, I need someone to volunteer, to give consent for me to try and use a magical means to attempt to break the City's hold on them when next they are cursed.

13 October 2012 @ 07:41 pm
[The Stark phone's feed is jumbled and half obscured by a pale hand with black polished nails, but it can still film the seven, knee-high garden gnomes converging on Serrure, each with an apple in an outstretched hand and plenty of half bitten, crushed apples around him.]

I said no apples. See? Full. Very full. Perhaps if you baked them in a pie or with some brown sugar sauce like that bakery-

[And a well aimed apple is now between Serrure's teeth, he takes a step back and something hits the back of his knees. Losing his balance he falls backwards, landing inside a clear container. The phone shifts just in time for the clear glass lid to come slamming down, sealing the glass coffin.

He spits out the apple.]

What are you- [Banging on the side with a closed fist.] Still alive in here. [But the forest animals have all ran off and the gnomes are busy arranging flowers around the base of the coffin. Serrure looks to the phone, starting to feel a bit fuzzy from the poison apples.]

Ah- help?
11 October 2012 @ 05:52 pm
[Loki, carrying a cute stuffed goat under each arm, is walking down the street. His Stark phone is filming as he broadcasts, it must be floating in front of him somehow. He smiles winsomely.]

Rather like ants in a farm, isn't it? All of you trapped in this city, crawling over each other in fear and panic. Grasping for contact with others just to connect. To try and find some semblance of control in a situation you have no power to save yourself from.

[He stops and turns around, placing the stuffed goats on the sidewalk, each one, then turning to face the camera.]

The thing about ant farms, someone's always out there to give them a shake and see what happens. [A gleam in those green eyes, the glitter of horns on his crown instead of feathers.

In a breath, a heartbeat, those stuffed goats are alive, growing, grown. Larger than tanks with sharp hooves, breaking and churning the concrete in rageful pawing. Red eyes. Sharp teeth. Loki just smiles.]

Start scrambling.

[OOC: Joint log with Luke to go up later if anyone wants to be confronted by Gods on Goats.]
26 September 2012 @ 01:59 pm
How rude of me to have not introduced her sooner, but this is my friend Leah of Hel. She is a bit dour and not a fan of the internet, though she does have her good moments. Be gentle with her, she is a little slow to our modern ways.
18 September 2012 @ 07:26 pm
[He's wearing a t-shirt that appears a little worse for wear, it once said "I <3 London" on the front and is now a bit war torn.] Nothing like wearing one's dirty secrets quite literally on one's breast.

[Serrure is feeding creatures at the zoo, from the camera angle, it is propped up on something and when he turns, one can see the back of the shirt, "I murdered my brother, created the ultimate fear weapon, set Yggdrasill ablaze and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." Lies and malicious slander. Or so he would say.]
08 September 2012 @ 04:50 pm
[Oh look, it's Older!Loki. Worry not, he is chaotic neutral. Ish. Okay, maybe worry just a little bit.]

According to the video missives on this- my- Starkphone, yesterday I was young and there is an influx of odd activity in the City. I will hazard a guess that my current age is a curse and will pass in the following day or so.

Not troublesome at all, and lending to my want in deciphering the scepter.

[Pauses with a devious smile.] Though for now, here, Leah- [Whistles] Leah want a cracker?
05 September 2012 @ 01:24 pm
[He's sprawled back on a chair, twirling Loki's Tesseract Staff in his left hand, almost casually]

Reconsidering my stance on taking over the world after watching "The Human Centipede" on the recommendation of a citizen here. Do mortals truly engage in things such as that?

There are no words. None. Only a deep and abiding need for some therapy.

Also, my sincerest apologizes to the video store clerk whereupon attempting to return "The Human Centipede," I found myself only able to throw said movie on the ground. Over and again.

[He ceases twirling the staff and glances it over] Still trying to figure out whatever it is this does- I ah- found it in with Loki's possessions when he departed. Might be something dangerous, I ought to hold on to it for safekeeping.
23 August 2012 @ 05:10 pm
Harry, I have completed the assigned tasks of video watching.

The incredibly long six movies of the War of Stars was somewhat ... well, it leaves many questions. In attempting to avoid one's destiny, one actually fulfills it? Disturbing implications, I must say, all things considered.

As for the Kid of Karate, one ought to solve all problems with violence in a contained arena? That is a very Aesir sentiment, and I am sure there is some human moral about not giving up despite being smaller than your opponent in that message as well, but in truth, I prefer not getting my hands dirty in such a way.

Although, now I do better understand some of the internet memes that I had previously studied on the 4chan.

[Thoughtful, pensive, tapping a finger to the side of his jaw, then shrugging] Serrure, out! [Then clicking off the feed.]
11 August 2012 @ 03:53 pm
And then naked Sif happened. )

One of those weekends, I suppose.

[ooc: Nope, he has noo idea the memory was posted.]
25 July 2012 @ 10:22 am
[This curse was certainly one of the better ones Mindy’s seen so far. In fact, it was her opinion it was the best damn one she’s seen so far. City Wide Water Fight? Fuck, yeah. She was so down.

Or, in this case. Up. Up a rather large tree with a stash of water balloons and a few Super Soakers she’d purchased just for today.

And she wasn’t alone. Obviously. She has Serrure with her. The audio picks up her voice, hushed. Only the occasional word coming through. There’s the faint sound of something rustling and something creaking just a bit that drowns out some of her words.]

Serrure....ugly-as-hell business suit....aim for the tie. I got the last one.

[His voice is likewise quiet, a little sly and incredibly self amused-] I shall hit it with a … special balloon. [Because he was entirely incapable of doing anything normally and without some sort of annoyance to the victim.]

I wonder if vampires are allergic to holy water. Surely there is a church we can raid the fonts of...[The casual and distant sound of a water balloon splatting on someone who yelps in surprise and a bit of anger.]

A ‘special balloon’? What’s in it? [Oh, God. That doesn’t sound good. The man starts yelling in the background and Mindy swears, almost laughing. There’s more rustling, a thump and the sound of two pairs of feet running away from the scene.]

I don’t remember seeing a church here. Not that I’ve looked. Run! [They will most likely find another tree to hide in so be warned. They’re armed to the teeth with water balloons and water pistols.]

[ooc: yes, I am going to be using hit girl icons. no, she's not in it since she doesn't have it here. it's just the actiony-feel. Also, both children are armed. enjoy.]
17 July 2012 @ 10:29 pm
[Filtered from Karl and Diva]

[Video opens with Serrure seated at a table, phone propped up to film, hands folded on the table top]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled network surfing for a Serrure Public Service Announcement. There is a wolf in wolf's clothing in our midsts, a vampire named Karl with an unquenchable thirst for human blood and a rather unsurprising lack of morals in sating his thirst.

I believe, based on my own experience with him, that he approaches potential victims through private messages- thus keeping others from intervening in his game. Then, lures them down to the Underground or some other place where potential witnesses and aide are lacking. And then, he mauls them like a rabid dog. I know this first hand.

Some might urge police intervention. I urge a mob. With pitchforks. And torches. As a proper mob should have.

[Private to Karl]

Ah... so, no hard feelings about threatening to rip your teeth out and make a necklace, yes? The point is, I could have and did not. Thus we ought to be even. Yes? Yes.
15 July 2012 @ 09:25 pm
[He's sitting, lounging rather, with one leg thrown over the arm of his chair, elbow resting, bent, on the opposite arm, expression of repose with chin resting on his fingers. Before him is a mundane cup with what appears to be coffee in it.]

Midnight come and gone, and my form remains the same.

Karl was wrong. [He raises his free hand and with an almost delicate gesture, the cup transforms into a green snake, the coffee into a brown mouse. A chase ensues, the predator shifting and darting after the prey, the mouse squeaking and desperately attempting to escape.]

I never forget a slight or the debt it creates. [The snake catches the mouse and begins to swallow it whole in arching gulps. With another twist of Loki's hand, the snake is once more a cup and the mouse is again the coffe inside.] And I always settle my debts generously.
14 July 2012 @ 01:27 am
Hail and well met, citizens of the City. I am Loki, son of Laufey and newly arrived. [A pause.] Or re-arrived as it were.

[His phone is floating under his power as Loki perches on a ledge, one leg folded under him, the other dangling. One arm is crossed over his chest, palm cradling his opposite elbow in the cup of his hand. A finger taps by the corner of his mouth] Odd, I think. How powerful these deities must be, how far their reach extends to surpress our memories of this place in our own worlds.

Or, perhaps it is some trigger spell that activates upon dismissal from this place and releases upon re-entry to The City.

Either way, I would seek to renew acquaintances if any yet remain in this place. [A somewhat sharp smile.] Even you, Karl. [Gods have long memories.]

[Ooc: I'm using some slightly older comic pics and Ed Westwick as a PB for this curse that will last both Saturday and Sunday. He will be in the full gold horns, green maile ensem. So enjoy.]