11 May 2013 @ 10:43 am
Sora.. and Riku, and Roxas are all gone. Sorry—for those of you who knew them. They probably made a lot of friends while they were here, that's how they are.

[ he pauses; there's not much else to really say—not anything the network needs to know.

but who's listening, anyway? ]

They were.. well, Sora and Roxas were here for a while. I didn't think they'd leave, but I guess everyone's gotta go eventually, right? [ he swallows, throat dry. what he wouldn't give for ice cream, right now.. ]

. . . anyway, that's all. [ and the feed cuts. ]
31 March 2013 @ 01:47 pm
[ The feed flickers on to Ventus, who looks considerably. . . well, tired. And a little more worse for the wear—his hair, which naturally sticks up, drips, wet from a sort of gunk, which coats much of his upper body. Behind him is a dragon, who looks. . . quite tame at the moment, actually, as it sleeps peacefully, with a bit of brush that once was part of a great tree in its mouth. ]

.. Well, it's not so bad. [ He wipes his arm, and pauses, looking at the saliva on his hand, and then shudders a bit, flicking his wrist in an attempt to get the fluid off. ] On the bright side, I'm apparently not very tasty. [ . . . he makes a face, and brings his hand up to try wiping off the slime from his hair. ]

I kinda like 'em. I mean, sure, they're—[ taking a glance toward the sleeping beast ]—well, big.. but besides that and their massive appetite, they're not all that bad. Aqua's not even trying to eat me anymore. That's an improvement, right?

So, uh. . . does anyone know anyone who can do that? Make them smaller? Manageable?
24 February 2013 @ 04:19 pm
[ there's the sound of someone shifting in bed, and a familiar naked girl comes into view as she sits up, rubbing at her eyes. sleepily, she gets on all fours, crawling to the bottom; when she hits someone's leg, she mutters a quick, ] Oh, sorry, [ before stepping onto the ground. from the way she walks—hands in front of her, feeling around everywhere to find the bathroom—it's clear that she's still partially asleep. after stumbling a few times, she's successful in finding the bathroom, and disappears from the device's view.

a few moments later, there's an extremely loud, girly shriek, and the girl run out, covering her intimate parts. ]

What—!? Where am I!? What is this—!? Who— [ to the person in the bed ] who are you!? And why am I a girl!?

(replies will be coming from [personal profile] lightinflight!)
13 February 2013 @ 06:23 pm
[ to those who are riding the gondolas during this event, Ventus has expertly taken it upon himself to be a gondolier, striped shirt and all. he tips his hat to you and grins; if you're not on the gondola yet—perhaps you're just minding your own business on the sidewalk—he calls to you with a loud, friendly voice. ]

Hey! You need to get somewhere? Hop on—I'll give you a lift!
22 December 2012 @ 08:00 pm

[ ventus looks -- well, not unhappy, per se, but he doesn't look completely composed either. It's as if he.. doesn't really know how to feel, and it's especially apparent in his expression. ]

So.. I dunno if you guys know him, but uh...

[ he rubs at his neck, glancing away. ]

Vanitas. He's.. gone. [ disappeared from the City completely. ]

04 November 2012 @ 02:56 pm
Hey, guys.

[ From all the posts on the Network and the increasing number of people, it's clear that there's something going on, and Ventus hasn't forgotten his original goal - finding Terra and Aqua. ]

If you see a guy with brown, spiky hair, or a girl with blue hair, let me know. They've got these - [ lifting up his Wayfinder in one hand, Keyblade in the other. ] too. Tell 'em that Ventus's looking for them.

[ he pauses in realization. ] Oh, and uh. Terra, Aqua, if you see this - I'm over by the fountain. [ The blonde manages a smile, before the feed shuts off. ]
31 October 2012 @ 10:01 pm
[ The feed turns on to show Ventus - who some may remember as the left half of the Ventus-Roxas siamese twin thing. This time, he's alone, with all arms and limbs wholly his and just one head. Still, there's something not quite right about him: a dark red paints his skin and clothes, and his face isn't exempt from this splatter - yet, he looks completely unbothered, leaning against the headboard of the bed as he stares at nothing in particular. He's not aware of the device, and to no one the boy begins to mumble. ]

... What happened today? [ Ventus frowns, counting his completed tasks. I went to the store and bought food.. Went looking for a job... And I stopped by at the ice cream shop. [ perplexed, the boy crosses his arms, still unmindful of the blood, as if it was never there. ]

Was that really all? What am I forgetting?

[ after a moment of concentration, Ventus finally folds, shrugging. ] I guess it doesn't matter.

(a post for the headhunter event! Ventus didn't kill anyone but an NPC, and now he doesn't remember crap. Feel free to confront him about the blood and/or blaming him for any character deaths!)
20 October 2012 @ 05:02 pm
[ A boy sits in the middle of the City square, leaning against a bench; he looks asleep, but the large winding pin on his back and the lack of ticking says otherwise. In his hand is a popsicle stick, blue ice cream dripping as it melts unattended. He doesn't seem to have been in the position for long, as the remaining ice cream still covers the majority of the stick. Pigeons flock near his feet, some daring to creep near him and peck at his ankle in search of food.

At the very least, in his halt, he looks peaceful. ]
08 September 2012 @ 08:44 pm
[ The device is shoved up against something-- something blond, something that keeps wiggling and thrashing about until finally, it stills. Vanitas raises up the device then, holding it up at an angle so it’s obvious enough-- he’s sitting on top of Ventus’ back, boots shoved to his shoulders to keep him still and one hand awkwardly pressed to the floor next to one of Ventus’ own. The one that he’s, unfortunately, cuffed to. ]

Get -- [ Ventus snarls as he moves again, desperately trying to get the other off of him. ] -- off!! [ He quiets, though his free hand clings to one of the boots as he makes like a wild horse in a cowboy rodeo and tries to buck Vanitas off - which, obviously doesn’t work because Ventus is not a horse, but it’s strong enough to at least catch Vanitas off balance for half a second, which just causes him to shove his heels harder into Ventus’ shoulders to keep him down. ]

I don’t suppose anyone has a key for this?

How the heck should I know?! [ he hisses, ] I wouldn’t be stuck here with you if I did-- [ and pauses when something dawns on him. ]

Are you - recording this?! You -- Vanitas!! [ His vigor renews as he attempts to roll, now, perhaps hoping that Vanitas will magically fling himself off of him if he does, and awkwardly bends his free arm to grope for the device and swat it out of Vanitas’s hand. It flies far enough, and lands on it’s side a few feet away from them both. Vanitas reaches for it, bending over Ventus while shoving down hard against the top of the other’s head, pushing him into the floor. ]

Idiot-- stop getting in my way.

( ooc; Vanitas and Ventus have been hit with Handcuff Day. Ventus is green, Vanitas is black. Replies will be coming from both of them! )
25 August 2012 @ 04:39 pm
[ The feed comes on with a loud tap as the blonde boy fidgets with the device. ] -- turn it on? Maybe this button.. [ the feed cuts short.

a few moments later, it turns back on again, and Ventus is grinning triumphantly. ]

So that's how you do it! [ after a pause, he lifts one hand from the communicator, leaving it at a slanted angle as he waves. ]

Hi! I'm looking for some people. A guy with brown hair, wearing clothes that are similar to mine, and about ye tall -- [ As he moves his hand, the camera tilts again, showing - not the hand that roughly judged his companion's height, but Vanitas, standing on the roof of a building close behind Ventus. As if on cue, he shifts, takes a step forward-- and jumps off of it and onto the ground a few feet behind Ventus. ]

There you are, Ventus. I’ve been looking for you. [ He raises some weird looking sword, swinging it forward.

Ventus moves out of the way sharply, communicator dropping to the ground as he pulls out his own odd looking sword. It is then that the feed times out. ]