[ Housemates bringing costumes? Sure. Pass pass pass on the questionable costumes. No to bearing your chest with Yuri's old clothes. Yes to this one looks decent. Except it belongs to an entitled sleazeball.

And so, he decides to take a breather during their little party to hit on unsuspecting ladies outside. With big racks. And accidentally broadcasts his sleaziness. ]

Hello, cutie. Wanna party with me?

You're cute, cuter than the girls in our party. You could light it up by being there, with me...

[ Come with the strange but good-looking man. Or ignore him. Either way goes :D ]
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Lady Estellise and I plan to remain married no matter what- And in any case, planning on the course of action we're to take should anything cause us to part ways, doesn't seem like it would be much help.

It seems like planning for the worst case scenario- and anticipating it.

We will not be signing a pre-nuptial agreement.

[ pause ]

Though, I suppose there is one thing...

[ In the event my subordinate stabs my wife off a high place... ]
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[ Accidental video is accidental. The blond knight is sitting out in the open, looking up the stars. He's been training, from the looks of it-- but now is the time for thinking. Well sort of. ]

I could really use another swordsman to practice with... It's been too quiet, lately.

[ pause, look around. ]

Never thought I'd wish someone were here to make trouble. Though, that makes keeping Lady Estellise safe easier. [ He smiles to himself. But then again, what would he do if Lady Estellise left too? He shakes his head. ]

I suppose I should head back soon...
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15 August 2012 @ 10:48 pm
[ Flynn is in the kitchen. Yes, and he's just finished cooking! Those who enter will be treated to kissing because of:

• the success that is infiltrating the kitchen
• procuring the ingredients AND cooking
• actually finishing cooking before anyone came in to stop him!!!

And... first on that list.... are... ]

Now let's see how this tastes...
26 June 2012 @ 10:01 pm
[ Earlier in the day, this is Flynn in the kitchen in an apron with Tyr. Tyr's also in an apron. On the dining table, there's this beautifully-made cake* (Note; Flynn's supposed to be great at making food look beautiful! This is my attempt at showing that but it's not exactly amazing... JUST ASSUME IT'S BEAUTIFUL!)-]


Happy Birthday, Rita.

[ A cat-themed cake. ]

I thought I'd help Tyr with the preparations-

[ Tyr comes into view. He seems a little rushed - his hair is even messier than usual - when he announces: ]

The rest of the lunch will be done soon. There's more than enough for everyone.
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13 June 2012 @ 11:33 pm
[ Anonymous ]

Dear City,

For many months now, my housemates have refused to let me cook. I understand that they have their reasons for doing so but I still feel as if I'm shirking my responsibilities somehow. My housemates usually take turns in cooking; but I have been regularly passed over.

Is there any way I can possibly rectify this? I would like to have the honor of cooking for my friends as well. I enjoy being of service to the people around me.


PS, Today, I saw these mushrooms on sale at the market. I think they might go well with a meat stew I have in mind. It might even give it a lovely color. Has anyone had experience using them?

31 May 2012 @ 12:35 pm

Did anyone else turn into ponies overnight? We're going to need help putting out the fire in Rita's room...! Tyr? Rita? Are you alright?

[ > Implying Tyr and Rita sleep in the same room together. ]
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First of all, I apologize for my actions during the weekend. I am not sure how many I had contact with but know that I am willing to make proper amends.

[ A pause here, and Flynn smiles n_n ]

Another matter I'd like to bring up: Was- [ Flynn thinks of how to put this request/question to words properly ] Did anyone see Yuri during the weekend? And more importantly, did anyone think to take a picture of him?

As you may know, he was-- or, well, I remember him to have been in full Imperial Commandant's regalia. I had hoped someone thought to keep a record of that. I, regretfully, didn't think to do so in my state during the weekend...

It would have been a wonderful addition to our small gallery at the kitchen...

Gimme that-!

[The camera is jostled as Yuri tries to wrestle the camera out of Flynn's hands. And then it is promptly switched off before Flynn can say anything-- ]
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29 April 2012 @ 12:19 am
A strange new room. Imperial knights' clothes... That's strange, isn't it? And now a device that doesn't run on blastia...

[ There are sounds of the device being thrown and it lands on something soft and cushy-- and switches onto video. Now a man, or his body anyway, in a white suit and flowing cape ganked from Kaito Kid can be seen. ]

Sadly, I don't have time for games like this. Or-

[ He seems to spot something. ]

Maybe I do. Though, I doubt the Commandant would be bringing me home to his family anytime soon...

[ And as he laughs the feed ends. ]

ooc )
21 April 2012 @ 06:57 pm
『 Private to Yuri and Estelle 』

Yuri, Lady Estellise... When was this exactly?

[ He means this picture..... ]

『 /end Private to Yuri and Estelle 』

『 Private to Euphemia 』

Lady Euphemia... I find myself in possession of one of your pictures. How have you been?

『 /end Private to Euphemia 』

I suppose I should return some of the pictures I've found, but there's the matter of finding their owners. But showing some of these pictures to the network in the hopes that their owners will see them and come forward is out of the question...

Is there a place we can surrender these pictures so their owners can come for them privately?

[ ooc; Flynn only has two pictures to show in this post. But feel free to find any, or both of them. :D One is him in prison... ]
My room is off-limits as of today. I can't have any of you making a mess of my things, or worse, stealing them.

I hope I've made myself clear. I won't repeat myself anymore or make exceptions for anyone at all.
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25 March 2012 @ 08:15 pm
There's still several hours before midnight. These monsters likely won't disappear from the City until then.

...Lady Estellise, are you sure you're doing fine? If you're at all tired, I can escort you back to our place.

Yes, I'm doing quite fine, Flynn. There's no need to worry about me. Instead, let's see if there's anyone who is in need of our assistance!

[ Flynn pauses in thought but then nods. ].... Understood. But if -- Please let me know whenever you'd like to return home. I can't have you pushing yourself too hard.

[She shakes her head slowly before looking up at him with a smile.] I'm not returning home until this curse ends and we make sure everyone is safe.

[ Flynn nods here and then smiles. ] Alright.
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29 February 2012 @ 11:55 pm
[Yuri walks in just as Flynn finishes up his post, setting his own device on the table. He pointedly ignores Flynn, moving past the other and heading toward the fridge, not knowing of its emptiness.]

It's empty, Yuri.


[Yuri, though confused, largely ignores Flynn yet again as he passes by to make a grab for his device.]

That doesn't mean you're free, Yuri. A promise was a promise- I said I'd beat the truth out of you and I intend to do just that.

Uh huh.

[Yuri sits at the table, and the device now shows his disinterested face as he scrolls through the Network.]

Yuri. [ Flynn slams his fist on the table. ] I'm serious.

[Yuri doesn't even look up.]

You know, some people might start to get the wrong idea the way you keep threatening to hit me.

Let them. I'll be happy to explain the matter to them later. [ His eyes dart to the gloved right hand. ] I need to know, Yuri. If you would just tell me... it's not that hard. It shouldn't be.

[This time, Yuri does look up at Flynn, gaze hardened.]

If I had a red for every time I've answered no - I'd have enough money to feed the entire Lower Quarter. So just to spice it up-- get lost, Flynn.

Yuri... [ But Flynn is stubborn too. ] Step outside. We'll deal with this there.

[And with that ominous message, the feed cuts off.]
29 February 2012 @ 11:33 pm
The house is in good condition, the same as we'd left it. Some items are missing, however. Has anyone experienced the loss of items?

[ He'd been gearing for a little beat-the-truth-out-of-Yuri session, but en route to their place behind the beach house, he spotted the kitchen and the distinct lack of food.... like, the cupboards, the fridge... all empty. ]

I suppose it could all be the product of the transition, but... it seems too specific.
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23 February 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Yuri and I are headed back to the Sand City to help our friends find a way back. If anyone of you would like to accompany us, please don't hesitate to let us know.

And Yuri, please don't forget to bring that pack. We need those supplies for the desert trek. It may be a while before we can find Lady Estellise and the others.
23 January 2012 @ 06:31 pm
[The video begins with a clear shot of Yuri cooking, smiling contently as he cooks some delicious looking crepes. Strawberry with whipped cream and a chocolate glaze. He looks up when someone steps into the kitchen, and he waves with his free hand, flipping the crepe with the other.]

Morning, Flynn. I'm about to start the bacon if you want any.

[ Flynn is already in his usual clothes: that is, a full-set of armor. He walks in with a somber face... See, even if he loves bacon and all things meat in general, there's something that must be done. ]

Yuri. We need to talk.

[Yuri raises an eyebrow. He knows that tone. But certain he'd done nothing wrong - except maybe leaving his wet towel on the floor in the bathroom - he turns off the stove and turns to face Flynn fully.]

Sure. What is it?

[ Flynn walks up then and, because he knows Yuri will know how to react and dammit he's pissed, punches Yuri without warning. ]

When I left Lady Estellise under your care, I knew I wouldn't like some of the things you'd end up teaching her. But... seduction, Yuri? You taught Lady Estellise how to... seduce?!

[Yuri takes a step back, catching himself on the stove and rubbing his cheek (which hurt like HELL considering, once again, Flynn is in full armor!) He glares, rotating his jaw to make sure it's, once again, not dislocated.]

You have got to stop doing that.

[ Flynn is still frowning, but he does cast a first aid on Yuri's jaw. It's not dislocated, of course, but... well, Flynn admits he punched a bit too hard this time. ]

And? Is that all you're going to say?

[Yuri rolls his eyes, shoving Flynn away to gain a little personal space.]

Yes, because you're an asshole. Is this the thanks I get for your bacon?

[ Is still frowning, but he's definitely a lot less pissed now that he's punched Yuri in the face. ]

It's not toasted, is it?

And who says you're getting any now?

[And seeing the familiar red blinking of the device, he snorts and reaches over to shut it off.]