17 December 2013 @ 02:28 pm
[After having to kiss Jim more thoroughly than she ever thought possible, Uhura pretends that nothing happened in the apartment because it's better that way. So much more better. Can't get any better, really.

Ah, blissful ignorance.

Outside of the apartment is just as good, as it means she's far away from Jim, McCoy, and anybody else she shouldn't be kissing under that mistletoe that keeps creeping up on the ceiling. The sad part is, she doesn't realize that going outdoors doesn't stop that. You see, it's the City and what's the City without magical mistletoe growing in places it shouldn't? Like the top of bookcases and the awnings of tiny boutiques she dips in and out.

Christmas shopping's about to get exciting. Or disgusting. Depends on who you ask.]

[ooc: FREE FOR ALL. I cannot guarantee she won't shove you off of her. :)]
24 November 2013 @ 02:46 pm
[Look at her, all dressed up in her Operations red. There's a pep in her step, a smile on her fave, and an obvious pride to the way she stands. You can't buy this uniform in a store.]

I've heard of this event, but unfortunately, I missed it last time. Good to know I get to experience it this time. [And hopefully it's not going to end up horrifying her.] If there are any Starfleet personnel I haven't met yet... this is Lt. Uhura of the USS Enterprise. Welcome to the City.

[The message continues on in a bevy of languages: Swahili, Russian, Spanish, Klingon, and Vulcan. Slightly different wording for each language, but the point remains the same.]

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26 October 2013 @ 04:00 pm
[ Really, the last thing he expects when stepping out of the apartment is a corn maze. Given the nature of the curses this month, he immediately reaches for his phaser and turns back to the door. ]


[ That wall of corn wasn’t there before. He brushes it aside and continues for several minutes, attempting to push his way past it, but the door’s gone. ]

[And the last thing she expects once the door closes halfway behind Spock is her name being called. No, scratch that. It’s also the corn, the many stalks of it lining what used to be her hallway, twisting and turning around her with no exit in sight. After a few months of being in the City, she should be used to it, but Nyota swears she never will, especially anything to do with agriculture in a place where it doesn’t belong.

There was a door there, right behind her. Now there’s not. And all she can do is follow Spock’s back in front of her, brushing threads of cornsilk from her face.]

Right here… behind the corn? Why is there corn? And do you plan on stunning it?

[Put the phaser away, Spock. Seriously. It’s just corn.]

I have not fired my phaser. [ He almost sounds sheepish, but he hasn’t put the weapon away. ] Given the nature of events this month, it is not an unlikely assumption that this will be dangerous - either the plants themselves or any… inhabitants.

[ A pause. Why is there corn? He doesn’t have his tricorder on him and wishes he did. ]

It’s corn… I’m doubtful it will attack us. It would have done so by now, right? [But he has a point, so she’ll defer to his weaponry, especially since she poked her head out of the apartment without her own phaser.] We should double check with whoever we can hail outside of here and make sure this corn isn’t any weirder than it already is before we walk any further.

[And find somebody who knows where the exit is and maybe they could tell her why it seems like she’s back in Iowa.]

[ At her behest, he fires off a quick text: ]

Has the corn attempted to attack anyone?

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20 September 2013 @ 02:08 pm
[These City standard issued devices will be the death of her patience one of these days. They're so limited in scope and use and finding parts that seem likely enough to work so she can upgrade them to something closer to the ones at home is difficult. She's been through almost every electronic store in town and no one has the ability to help her. Everybody just shrugs and tells her to deal with it. There is no dealing with it, but fine. She can just do this by her lonesome. This is what makes her check inside an old, abandoned car on the side of the road, an unremarkable car that clearly has no owner. There's a radio still in it and she could probably yank the antenna off it and a few wires and maybe some other things, but her attention is pulled to something on the passenger seat that catches the afternoon sunlight in a particular way.

And while she's kept her distance from Anonymous, Uhura certainly didn't miss the fact they've been looking for these gaudy fingernails. Her first mistake, though, is touching them.]

[audio; anti-khan filter]

[There's fumbling and the device is dropped at least once before Uhura sighs in frustration and just begins talking. She sounds far away from the mic and well, so be it. That stupid communicator will just have to stay on the ground for now.]

I'm looking from someone from Anonymous. I believe I have something that belongs to you.


It could be worse. She could have been turned into an animal or driven to dance all day like somebody else on the Network, but this? These foot-long fingernails are still annoying. It's all good if she has an itch or needs to scratch her way out of a fight, but these nails get in the way of everything and biting them doesn't help. She's tried. A few times. Never let it be said the woman isn't stubborn to the impossibilities.

Too bad she put the stupid things in her pocket before her own nails grew to ridiculous lengths. How is she going to get any work done? How is she going to get into her apartment when her keys are right next to the nails in her pocket?

Sitting on a bench by the fountain seems like the best way to spend her time while she waits for help and somebody to come get these things off of her.

[ooc: And another curse piece found, so if you touch her, you too will have glorious cat claws for 24 hours :3]
19 August 2013 @ 02:44 pm

Hi, I want to introduce myself. My name is Uhura. Apparently, I've been here before, but I have no memory of that, so I feel like it would be best to start from the ground up. I apologize if I have forgotten something important about you.

I do have a question for everybody: what languages do you know other than the one I'm speaking in now?


Lt. Uhura of the USS Enterprise, reporting in and hailing any and all Starfleet personnel. Please respond.

[ooc: She's already read most of the network and studied almost everybody since that is what she does. The Eye of Nyota is always watching. Or the ear. Whatever.]