28 February 2014 @ 05:16 pm
[It's been a while since she's bothered to make a post, but this definitely warrants one.]

As I have welcomed some of you to the City, I now bid you farewell.

Good bye, City.

[A click, then Yin is gone.]
11 February 2014 @ 03:59 pm
[Seeing as she had told Jinora she would, the next day after her distressing run in with Hei, Yin sets up the piano and her device to record.]

[While she isn't the type to pick a cheerful tune, Yin's pieces are usually tinged with a little sadness, but never do they have anger in them, no matter how slight. This time, it feels as though her fingers move a little faster, and she hits the notes a little harder, and the chords are deeper.]

[Yin looks as listless as ever, not a trace of emotional turmoil to be found, for the most part. For those who know her, however, who have seen her often enough, it might seem her shoulders droop just a little more, her lips are curved just a little more towards hurt, and her eyes give away to some pain in their half-lidded state.]

[When she finishes, she soundlessly turns the recording off.]
19 January 2014 @ 06:53 am
[Another weekend full of mixed curses, and it seems to have passed Yin over. Some people might be relieved for this, but, instead, Yin just feels a blank emptiness whenever she recalls the weekend she was cursed to be her old self. To feel again.]

[That person is no longer her, and she can never go back to really being Kirsi, but there's still a definite fascination with the memories Yin has of that time. She keeps thinking about it, and it feels like there's a numbness in response every time.]

[Run into her lost in thought at the grocery store, Welcome Center, on the streets passing by, or anywhere near a body of water.]
12 December 2013 @ 02:17 pm
[First Mao, now Hei. With their team diminished, Yin drifts. The cat gets fed, and she can be found at the supermarket buying food for it, and she still attends work, but beyond that she's nearly aimless.]

[For a time it seemed she was almost something other than perpetually listless. Now, however, to anyone who knew her well, she would be obviously worse. Emotionless, unaffected by everything around her, much more like when she first arrived. Barely communicative. To most, no, it wouldn't be much of a change.]

[Welcome Center]:

[She does her job, monotone as ever, but once she's at breaks Yin simply sits and stares. It's not all that unusual for her, but she doesn't even bother drinking tea to mask the fact she no longer needs to eat or drink.]


[There's a thin girl carrying a basket of food, but on closer inspection it's all cans of cat food. No food for the girl.]

[Out on the street]:

[One day walking home from the Welcome Center Yin just stops next to a wall. She's unaware of passerby or time. There are no orders, and no one to give them. Feeding the cat, going to work - these are things that have become habit. It's the only reason she leaves the apartment at all, or she would be stuck sitting on the floor, much like she's standing still now.]

[People bump into her and complain about the obstacle she's become. There's no reply, no complaint from her, nor does she move.]
[The person known as Yin is seated at her piano, basking in the light of the moon. And on her face is an impossible smile. It's soft and gentle, like the light she's bathing in.]

However horrible it is here, I can't think it's all bad. Not when the moon comes out. Being in this light again makes it easier. This place isn't so awful. Not to me.

[After saying that, she starts to play the piano for a time. A far more happier tune than Yin might have picked. When she finishes, though, there's a slight frown of concentration as she reaches for the device. Her fingers flicker over the screen for a moment before it switches off.]

[Options for run ins:

[A - Day time, at the Welcome Center: Everyone will be greeted with a brilliant smile, whether co-worker or new arrival, or just stopping by.]

[B - Mid-day, on the streets: She's attempting to take the same path home as she did to work, but there are more people than there were in the early morning, and Yin's forehead crinkles in distress when she bumps against people that get irritated with her. She tries to politely explain it's difficult, but not everyone cares to listen. At times she feels the buildings and certain landmarks to continue on. Maybe she should get a seeing-eye dog that would get along with her cat?]

[C - Moonlit meeting in her apartment: For anyone that knows her well enough, they can meet at her apartment, where she plays the piano, far more than she has ever since she acquired it. The moonlight spills in from an open window, allowing anyone to either spy in.

[ooc: Post backdated to last night. Cursed with "Road not taken", what if Yin hadn't become a Doll. She's a normal teenage-adult, more aware of her place in the world as a woman. Perhaps scarred by past events, but still able to smile. Void of her specter and blind, but full of emotion.]
23 October 2013 @ 07:14 pm
[Whether it's the Welcome Center, out in the stores, in her apartment, walking home from work, or down by the fountain while Yin watches for a while, today Yin is followed around by a ghastly array of grayish balloons, all with faces. With husky tones, they rasp out accusations that Yin seems to either not hear, nor care to listen to.]

You just stand there.

You could have stopped it. But you let it happen.

Others pay the price for your apathy.

Ignoring us won't make it go away.

It's your fault. You didn't stop it. And he's clearly upset.

Guilt-ridden, because of you. Useless, pitiful, unmoving Doll.

[Finally, she seems to frown a little, and tries to turn away from them.]

That won't change anything, either.

You can't change anything.

[Anybody have a needle?]
24 September 2013 @ 05:54 am
[If anyone knows the pale, white-headed Yin trailing down the City streets, they might notice she's far paler than usual. In fact, she's nearly gray. Pieces of her skin flake off as she passes.]

[She did check in at work, but couldn't stay long, pieces of her dusting off at intervals was a bit of a problem. Thankfully, she doesn't work in the food industry. Now she walks the streets, her specter searching for a remedy so she can return to work.]

[ooc: The only person she full trusts enough to fall into the arms of is Hei. Others can offer, but she will just turn to dust and leaves on them.]
20 August 2013 @ 04:52 pm
Scenario A, out and about:

[Yin listlessly looks through the cat food, grabbing at random cans. It doesn't matter anymore since the current pet is unable to express which food he prefers. Still, he gets fed. She's graceful enough not to back into anyone else, but her basket might look a little full for a woman of her slim build. She wouldn't be opposed to anyone offering to carry it, or let her go forward in line. Not that she's capable of being appropriately appreciative of that either, though.]

Scenario B, at the Welcome Center:

[Ever available, Yin is at the front desk, staring in front of her. She never reads, or otherwise distracts herself when there's nothing to do. She either organizes and cleans up, or simply stands there. It might weird her co-workers out, or maybe they're just accustomed to it by now. If anyone needs assistance, though, she will respond immediately, giving a calm and soft, "Welcome to the Welcome Center. Do you need assistance?" as soon as someone enters.]

Scenario C, meant for Al and Hei (to stalk), falling in love:

[After grocery shopping, Yin steps out on the sidewalk and stops at once, her gaze falling on a man she has never seen before. But that's all she needs, one moment, and then, without a single comment or other gesture, she quickly pulls back into the shadows and waits for him to pass. This was just so she can fall into step behind and trail him. She has no plan, but she will watch this man, and keep an eye on him, until he either notices her and tells her to stop, or this new desire vanishes.]

[As for the bags, she continues to carry them, even when they get ridiculously heavy. Only when they become too much and drag her down will she leave them in an alleyway.]
13 June 2013 @ 11:46 am
[Sure, usually Yin stares rather blankly at the device and looks almost bored, but this time she's not quite staring at the center of it, as though she's unsure where the center is.]

As I'm unable to be at the Welcome Center, for all of those arriving, Welcome to the City. The Welcome Center is located right across from the fountain. You can seek assistance there.

[And something she's never done before; she speaks to cut the feed.] End post.

[Filtered to Mao and Hei;]

Hei, would you feed Mao? [Yes, she thought of Mao.]
17 May 2013 @ 06:14 pm
[Wearing a jacket, beach sand behind her, Yin is well aware she hasn't been around for a month - she checked the network and noticed the date - but she doesn't address that. The video shows her stockings and shoes nearby. Unseen by the screen are her bare feet in the water.]

[Hei, July and Mao are likely getting visits from her specter as she runs this.]

[She might look just a slight more worn than she looked before her disappearance, but not many people would even notice that. You would have to have noticed she was looking down in the first place.]

For those that arrived while I was away, welcome to the City. I hope you have received sufficient information on your location and the situation you've been placed in. If not, the Welcome Center might still provide help.

[Yep, that's it.]

08 April 2013 @ 05:45 pm
[Yin is no different from usual. The same barely able to produce expressions face and the same barely more than monotone voice.]

I was unable to attend work today. I will make up for the hours.

To anyone that arrived yesterday and today, welcome to the City. [Yep, that's all she has to say on that. Click.]
22 March 2013 @ 05:02 pm
[At least this time it's not just Yin's piano and a moth. No, this time she's there, speaking. In fact, she's probably about to speak more than all of her entries to date combined.]

Penny, from the Welcome Center, likes both Steve Rogers and Robert Chase, but Steve isn't interested. She thinks highly of James Wilson, but not in a romantic sense.

Nyota Uhura is seeing a therapist. Details are unknown for what reason.

Justin Pendleton collects flowers, with orchids currently favored. [She looks puzzled at this point, though her confusion might not be noticeable to most, being that it's just a fraction widening of her eyes. Why is she blabbering all of this? It might give her proclivities away.]

Laruna Troven is capable of turning water into wine, and drinks wine much the same way other people consume water.

[And to finish it all off, Yin still looking a little uncomfortable (for a Doll):] And Arthur Pendragon has a penchant for buying blue-raspberry slushies on a regular basis.

[A pause.] This curse is intrusive. [Yeah, a Doll just judged a curse, though still with her usual flat tone and blank stare expression. She's also turning off her device before she can say anything else. Too many secrets to keep.]
09 March 2013 @ 08:21 am
[This might look completely random and boring at first, a lustrous sheen shining off a white spring moth's wings against a stark ebony surface. To those that recall Yin's cut-off concert, though, they might recognize the piano, and the background of her apartment.]

[The delicate wings flap, then press together, just as the feed shuts off.]

[Please, don't try to eat her, Mao. Fight the cat instincts!]


[She got out when someone else opened the door, perhaps, and she's flying low, path erratic. The moth can be sighted running into people's hair, staying there for a time, then flying off later, or if found out. She might hit glass of storefronts, and get completely turned around after that.]

[Moths don't have observer spirits, but she's slowly getting a better feel of the layout around her with her hearing.]
23 February 2013 @ 02:34 pm
[Hello, City hope everyone is having a wonderful day. If not...oh well. You're being treated to a rather sweet scene, a violin and piano duet between a weekend mother and daughter, courteous of the very proud mother.

See how well nir daughter plays?]

Doesn't she play beautifully?

((ooc: part of the most dysfunctional family ever--have fun with that))

[ The feed clicks on to a familiar sight. 'Li' being 'Li' -- placidly preoccupied with cooking. A spread of ingredients -- a slab of dough, grated vegetables, minced beef -- are in bowls on the kitchen counter. But it's apparent that the kitchen isn't his. It's too large, too well-appointed. But Li opens shelves, takes out pots and utensils, as if he's familiar with the setting. Moving to the fridge, he cracks it open to peer inside. ]

[ And scowls. ]

[ Pitching his voice to a yell -- ]
You forgot the milk. Again [ -- he reaches inside to withdraw two eggs. ] One simple task. And she can't do that right...

[ Such a sweet-tempered hubby. Whatever dish he's making is surely filled with love. Halfway to the counter, he nearly trips over something lying on the floor. Glowering, he stoops to collect a child's colorful softball. ] ...It's like living in a damn toybox... [ Grumblegrumble. Hopefully he's not this charming all the time. (Spoiler: he is.) ]

[ (Ain't family life grand?) ]

[ OOC: Hit with Family Day! Mad Hatter, July, Yin and Hei are a merry (dysfunctional :|) fambly bunch. Threadjacking is mightily encouraged! Go forth and spread chaos! ^^ ]
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16 February 2013 @ 10:45 am
[Yin's prepared, having read up on these days on the Network. Besides, extra people wouldn't have fazed her without the preparation. She speaks without emotion to the screen, expression blank as ever, but, if anyone thinks about it, this isn't in her job description.]

The majority of you will be leaving on Monday. I still welcome you to the City, and any who remain on Monday should go to the Welcome Center, located across from the fountain.

[She finishes there, but can be found by the fountain to greet people, or in the Welcome Center.]
11 February 2013 @ 04:32 pm
[The device clicks on to show Yin's apartment, and a baby grand piano. She's seated in front of it, device set up to record, moonlight the only lighting, streaming in from the window, highlighting silver in Yin's pale hair and the ebony shine of the piano.]

[She only gets past the first few notes when a furry black blur bursts from inside the piano and takes off.]

[Yin is wide-eyed for a second or two. Then, as silently as she started the broadcast, Yin gets up to shut off the device.]


[She approaches cautiously and kneels down.] Mao?
29 January 2013 @ 05:05 pm
he actually likes it when girls lie there like a dead fish

[Yin's voice comes on shortly after the text is sent. There might be a tinge of uncertainty, but otherwise she sounds unfazed.]

That's what it's like. [Yes, she hadn't been directly affected by a curse yet. And that's about all she has to say on the matter.]

[For action she can be found at the Welcome Center, where she now works, or out and about shopping for food, buying more canned cat food than human food. Or at the apartment she shares with Mao, for Mao or Hei.]
12 January 2013 @ 06:47 pm
The Welcome Center. Does it run off of volunteers?

[Yep. That's it. Not one for long conversations, or facial expressions, even.]


[Option A] [Now that the ghouls are no longer a threat: The dress and thin jacket Yin's wearing? That's all she came with (aside from the long socks and shoes), so now she's doing the practical thing and looking for a proper coat to deal with the weather. She can be found in multiple shops, though she will not make contact with anyone. In fact, if someone looks at her, it might feel like she returns their gaze by looking beyond them, then turning away.]

[Her movements are pretty slow, and while she's not visibly shaking, much, the cold has taken a toll. Time to get this done. Find a decent, well priced coat she can afford on the stipend (that isn't going to last but a few months).]

[Option B] [Coat bundled up around her, a scarf, and even gloves, Yin takes some time to properly lift her face to the moon and just stays there for a while, gaze completely fixated as she's bathed in silvery light. Yeah, now is not the best time approach her, though she will simply go with the flow if someone does.]

[Option C] [Free-form option! Anything in the apartment she shares with Mao before, or after, the coat buying, or miscellaneous ideas.]
06 January 2013 @ 05:47 pm
[She's observed Deity squabbling on the network, and something else of interest off the network. Yin gives everyone dead eyed stare.]

I read nothing of a news station in the guides. [At least the ones she found.] Does the City have one?

//100% Unhackable Filter to Hei//
There is a man filming certain people. [Insert descriptions of said man, usual locations and the descriptions of the people he seems to be focusing on.]