12 August 2012 @ 08:34 pm
[Video - Huey stands before the camera looking annoyed. Well more than usual. His scowl only deepens as a dramatic moan is heard off screen.]

Will you stop moaning?

Why handcuffs? I've already been in jail why must I suffer with handcuffs too?

You think I like waking up next to a burly guy early in the morning. C.C. teased me but at least...never mind I fully recalled how I woke up that morning.


[Huey sighs and with a mighty tug of the chain drags Bolin into view.]

If you know him, is there an easy way to get him to stop whining?

[Green=Bolin and red=Huey.]

Okay, initially I came to this little event due to them saying that this is going to be a gathering of pretty much damn near everything under sun. I had initially thought that this was going to be interesting for the most part, especially if I could find some other people that have insights into several hobbies I've accquired over my years here. They said to be prepared for a line.

[Switches over from voice to video, the scene being nothing but one absurdly long line leading up into The Center.]

They never said anything about a test of patience equating to Moses' stint in the desert. Anyone mind bringing me a water or something...I think I'm somewhere near a clothing store and the arcade. I think.
Like clockwork, too many people and more than often not enough time.

I really get tired of holding out hope that at least one of you guys are back here but still I stay somewhat optimistic. I could honestly say that talking to one of you would be beneficial in clearing some things up.

[ooc:Tags will be slow since I'm off to work to face the Hell that is the Weekend Traveler and it's cohort 105 degree heat. I'll be trying to post from my phone during my meager breaks between flights that is if my brain doesn't boil over in my skull.]

29 June 2012 @ 10:08 am
[Video - The camera feed starts up to show the up close face of one frantic looking mystical pet of Huey. Femur is quickly chattering, obviously forgetting the fact that the one person who could understand him is gone and the other is nowhere to be seen. Seemingly fed up, the tooth fairy picks up the device and begins flying in the air before reeling back at the sound of gunfire. Steadying himself, he positions the camera to the point where it picks up Huey standing at what looks like a make-shift firing range while some pretty shady guy is standing next to him.  Once the clip is spent, Huey disassembles the gun and begins to inspect each and every part to it.]

Okay...that's some pretty terrifying stuff for a kid to do, but you are a paying customer. Six Indigo and we have a deal.

Three, the sights are off and its obviously seen some use, thus making your title of this being brand new false.

Well it's new in my stocks.

[Huey just gives the man his standard unamused stare.]

I just used this with the risk of having it backfire in my hands. Just to let you know I would hold you accountable and I wouldn't be too removed from the possibility of using the other "terrifying stuff" I know to enact revenge.

Fine, fine. We'll make it three and I'll toss in that pig-sticker you were toying around with as a small bonus.


[ooc: Action for anyone who so happens to also be near or in the Black Market.]

[Accidental audio]

Seriously, who are you?

[There's a slight pause as if Huey is listening to somebody or reading sign language.]

No, you can't be him...I don't remember you. I can't remember you. Give me proof that you are who you say are.

[Another pause followed by a derisive snort.]

Everyone knows Granddad will try his damndest to hook up with a young woman

[Huey stops once more only for him to speak out in a low and shaky tone.]

...shut up. You can't be proud of me. How could you? I don't know what kind of person you are...or were. Just shut up and don't speak.

[occ: As alluded to in series, Huey's parents are dead. To regain his life he traded the memories of his them permanently. Hence his slight hostility and subtle guilt/angst.]
09 June 2012 @ 12:42 pm
 [Video - Greetings City, if you were expecting a sour-looking black boy you'll have to wait. Instead there's a annoyed black girl just staring down her shirt before letting out a displeased sigh.]

And just when I was getting complacent about not being hit with this damn curse it comes back with a damn vengeance. Looks like I'll have to go to the store and quite possibly work out this growing annoyance somehow later.

[As Huey walks off screen, you can clearly hear him groaning in dismay over things just having to grow bigger.]

17 May 2012 @ 10:12 am
Well, nothing's changed. As usual. No game room. No kick-ass pizza days. Though we still have classes. Joy. Man this year sucked for the most part. Though I do have to say that the absence of certain teachers is a great joy.

Oh wait, there's still the exams.  I should study...but I'm not. I mean everything'll work itself out in the end anyways.

Except maybe for that physical exam. Um, Mr. Pendragon? I'm not going to make it to your test, I kinda think I pulled  a muscle in my back. Like really, really, really badly. So I'm just gonna take off and recuperate, preferably around a bunch of cute nurses in candy striper outfits. But before that, any of you guy's up to hitting the spot later?

[ooc: Huey's the same slacker ass slacker and smartass he's been since the last two times the curse has hit, only now he's a senior. Also he's acting out more due to the absence of his life guide. Previous CR from the past curses are welcome.]

25 April 2012 @ 07:28 pm
It wouldn't be the first time the authorities would be after him. )

[ooc: Huey is now on the lam from the cops/angry air-trekkers/angels/wizards/druggies/vampiric boyfriends after being fingered for the perpetrator for the rash of murders. Action for anyone who wants to run into him as he's running away. For the cops, feel free to go to his apartment and confiscate everything in his armory/workshop.]
21 April 2012 @ 06:55 pm
[Video - Huey is shown smiling broadly for once as he looks at a photograph in his hand. While his mind would normally be filled with stressful thoughts, the picture obviously has the ability to lighten the load that was weighing on his mind for the past month.]

Okay...this was funny in retrospect. You were an idiot but a good friend all the same. [He picks up another and snorts.] And I'll need to talk to Dean about why he decided to mimic that damn look for a mug shot and why he's carting around that.

[In comes Femur flying past the camera, the fairy carrying a pair of photos which it then sets before the boy. The pictures have the expected effect of causing him to choke on his own spit for moment, his eyes slowly drifting down before snapping back up. For those with a discerning eye can tell that Huey is having some difficulty in keeping his eyes up.]

Where the hell did you get these?

[Femur starts chittering, Huey's expression looking as though it was confused over whether it should be confused or embarrassed.]

She does have...a lot of talent...but I'm going to need you to get rid of them. Now...[And off goes the excitable fey being.]...where the Hell are you going?

[The fairy returns a few seconds later with another photo which only serves to make Huey's face darken considerably.]

You're just doing this on purpose now.

[ooc:Huey's photos.]
17 April 2012 @ 05:42 pm
[Video - Hello City, it's the poster child for jaded minors looking into the camera of the device with an unamused glare present on his face. The boy is currently buried up to his lap with the puff balls that have decided to infest this wonderfully chaotic cage.

I figured I should just cut this off since several people have decided to be comedians and spout some nonsense. So for the first and last damn time I will say this.  These things did not spawn from my damn afro!
[Video - The feed cuts on to show Huey with Femur perched on his shoulder inside a coffee shop before spinning around slowly before stopping on a rather attractive brunette and her equally cute afro-puff sporting co-worker. The camera lingers on them for a few seconds before being spun around right back to teen and hyperactive pet and then back to the women working behind the counter.]

Is there anything else? [The barista leans against the counter and gives a flirty smile.]

Yeah. I figure I might as well let you know that you're not getting a large tip, but I did somewhat enjoy you two flaunting your sexuality in the name of service.

[Silence reigns as the device tumbles from Huey's hand and clatters on the floor, focusing on his and the other patrons' feet. Amused chuckling and indignant shouts are all that's heard before the teen lets out a frustrated groan as he realizes why he said what he did.]

...damn it all to Hell...

[ooc: Huey is hit with I Cannot Tell a Lie. Abuse to your hearts content if you're feeling particularly trollish. Also backdated to earlier in the morning, ya.]

...I'd be more than happy if those two and their friend never get the chance to come here.

[0:00-1:08 and 2:18-2:49 is the full scope of the memory for Huey.]

Well everyone, as everyone has noticed we're under attack. Yes they pretty much fit in the slot of strangest things we've come under attack under next to the slugs, the Santa, and those little creatures that turned people into Skittles.

[You can hear the sounds of something moving around outside the door and past it down the hallway. Huey begins speaking once he's certain he doesn't hear the Daelek anymore.]

So to add to the warnings, modern arms don't work. From my own experience means homemade ordinances and below. I'm pretty certain something nuclear could possibly work but that option is right out since we don't have any and that all of us don't like to juggle the idea of flattening this place despite our frustrations with it.

Best stay inside and hide in a closet, a cabinet, or under a bed.

[You can hear somebody screaming in terror for a few scant seconds before being silenced.]

Powerful threats, thanks whatever the Hell it is that enacts these damn curses. Would've been nice if you left behind the Rider System, Tsurugi.

11 March 2012 @ 01:21 pm
[Video - The feed starts up to show Huey engaging in combat against a group of three boys while a rather small crowd was watching from the side. A rather unusual sight, though even more unusual is the fact that while the rather one-sided battle, in Huey's favor, was the music which was playing amongst the background.

Parrying a blow aimed for his face, the unwitting protege of Dean Winchester delivered a open palm strike to his attacker's jaw before hopping back a few steps.]

Honestly,starting a fight where you had the element of surprise and you all are still failing. Anyways, you haven't even declared why you decided to attack me out of the blue. Not that I don't mind, I was wanting more practical application of my style.

No way...you were staring at our girls' boobs. [A large and stocky looking boy states after spitting on the ground.]

Yeah, I'm gonna knock you out if it's the last thing I do. [Declares a slightly shorter and slimmer boys says.]

[At this the opposing boys all nodded in agreement while Huey on the other hand sighs before dropping his stance, turning around and walking away.] 

Get back here!  [The last member of the trio, a clean cut looking boy, says as he holds a hand to a eye that was swelling slowly.]

Like Hell I will. I don't feel like continuing beating on dumbasses with poor conflict resolution skills. Also, I can't help it if my height puts me at eye level for the breasts of most women, not that I attempt to exploit this. [Huey says before the boys quickly surround the afro sporting teen who dodges the first punch lazily before leaping into the air and striking one of his opponents with a double tornado kick before the feed ends.]
27 January 2012 @ 02:01 pm
Three years and you'd think I'd be ready for the day for the walls around here to be torn down yet again. I honestly need to start researching this particular curse to find out if there's a pattern.

Well enjoy your stay and for the love of all that's decent don't try to start a riot.

[Anything is go folks. Huey is mingling around the park with a book and Femur.]