01 September 2012 @ 03:17 pm
It's me again. Teddy's gone this time, so it's just me now. [Kate purses her lips because being alone in a weird world isn't so bad, right? Right? Hello?] Uh, so I realized living alone isn't going to work out here so roommates? If anybody needs one, wants to move in or needs somebody to move in, let me know? I'm clean and quiet and I don't cook so I don't really need much use of the kitchen. I'm okay with pets.

[At least if this place fails, there's always the Youth Center. Which probably smells like boys... which Kate is oddly used to.]

That's all.

[This is a fantastic birthday gift. Whoop whoop.]
23 August 2012 @ 01:01 pm
Okay, I get that if you're under eighteen, you get a check every month from the City. That's good, but I'd feel better if I worked for my money. I've been waiting tables which is... okay, but we eat out a lot and all the ramen is starting to rack up. I could use a second job if anybody is hiring. I'm very athletic and can do a decent amount of lifting and other manual labor so if you know somebody who knows somebody who needs somebody, let me know?

Or if they need security. I'll do security too. [Going from superhero to toy cop. Epic downgrade, Katherine.]

[Private to the Avengers, Coulson, Neil, and Todd.]

From what I understand is that Billy's at home now, so it's best you try not to ask Teddy about him today. Or how Teddy's doing himself. He's pretty down about it, understandably.

[A pause.]

Don't tell him I told you this.
12 July 2012 @ 09:23 pm
[Nothing different about tonight in the City, not even the giant splash that comes from fountain in the Square as a teenaged girl falls into it out of nowhere. Nope, just the usual. When she comes up for air, her gasping and shrieking about how cold the water is, it’s still the usual entrance for the new people, soaking wet clothes and all.]

Tommy! I’m going to break the rule for throwing me into the pool and don’t even attempt to-- …Tommy?

[Half out of the fountain, Kate glances around, noticing that this is no longer the pool at her house or her house at all. Or even New York City for that matter. Damn. She hangs her head in defeat because this is one battle Kate knows she won’t win because once a person has been through the timestream and back, they know something's about to go down.

And nothing's going to be fun.]

Please tell me this isn't a part of Latveria we didn't explore.