20 January 2012 @ 05:25 pm
[ He was never one for flashy intros, never one to be heard. Seen, yes, but not heard very often. While there were those who went about in their confusion and panic, the more curious asking about here and there, this particular one was calm and cool as you please.
He knew what he needed. Nothing else mattered.

There was a rather distinct furrow of frustration in his brow and the slightest glint of magenta in those gold eyes as he glanced at the device. Almost as if he had no choice but to use it if he wanted to get his message across.
He knew what he needed. Everything else would come from there.

It pulled at him like an incessant fishhook, itched like a mosquito that wouldn't leave him well enough alone.

When Claude finally speaks, his statement is rather clear.
Straight to the point. ]

My name is Claude Faustus. I serve Lord Trancy as the butler of the Trancy household.

[ A pause as he adjusts his glasses. ]

I believe my [ A touch of acid in his tone at the word. ] master, Alois Trancy is in residence. If anyone would be so kind as to direct me to him?