10 October 2012 @ 03:08 pm
Um...hello? Can anybody see this?

[ Using the video function, a very nervous-looking new person appears! ]

...it says this is recording, so I think it’s working-- ah! My name is Chihiro Fujisaki, and I think I got lost…somehow. I-I know there was an announcement, and we had to go to the gym, and then somehow, I found myself here...this is really bad, isn’t it?

[ Oh dear, he looks like he’s about to cry. ]

M-maybe there’s some way I could go back, just for a little bit, to tell the others how to leave—is that allowed? It feels wrong to be the only one...

[ Aaaand video function is turned off, switched to voice, a few moments after he actually does start crying. ]

I’m sorry...ah, if there’s anyone who can help, I’d really appreciate it.

[ He figures that’s a good place to stop, especially since even without the visual help, it’s kind of obvious that he’s still sort of a crying mess.

Good job introing, Chihiro! ]