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[BLIP. On goes the video feed. He looks like he's in some sort of a garage.]

Yo, Cityzens. Your man, Deacon here. Glad that we gave our little buddy Kat a solid welcome. We need to depend on as many bodies as possible. I'll get to that in a second.

I hope we're not all water logged from that pirate business. The domes held up okay. We weren't expecting just how much the sensory deprivation would go. So uh, we're gonna go back to the drawing board there. Look, we're still working it out the best that we can. There's so much ground to cover from the curses, to the barriers to the clock.

[Deacon goes aside a moment. He picks up a guitar and pulls the strap over his head. While he's talking he does a little adjusting of the chords. Just a little. After his eyes are focused on the camera, his hands are still.]

A little guy, you probably didn't know him, everyone called him Snickle was with us from the start. Bean pole sort of a guy, all his skills were in the brain more then the body. All the same he was right there in the trenches going headlong to study what made the barrier tick. Sort of a bloodhound for details. Much of what we got so far has his fingerprints all over it. We were trying to focus on the workings of the clock.

[He looks down and sniffs. Just a noise okay. He rubs his mouth and chin before going on.]

Well. His work done him in. [Deacon looks away and nods a bit before back up to the camera.] He was completely toasted. By my watch it's been about twenty seven hours. Snick hasn't revived. You know what that means. All those warnings about what protects them are no joke. Snickle knew it. He also knew what was to gain.

Can everybody take a moment to raise a glass, bottle...sippy cup to my man Snickle? He's one of you, one of us. We're not going to forget you, bro. And we're not gonna be giving up.

A moment of silence, Cityzens.

[There is that moment a good three minutes or so. The pick that was resting against the strings of the guitar is now between his fingers as he strums out a little bit of something. It's a goodbye, man.]
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Need me to, I dunno, do something for you, man?
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Yeah, okay.
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I poured out all the scotch I could find.
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He was a good guy.

I think he would have appreciated it.

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Is death going to become permanent here?
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You don't understand how the City keeps the dead alive?
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Then is it wise to toy with the clock? You might break the City.
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It might be. Where will we be if you make it worse?