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♕ |[ 88 ]| What did I know, what did I know, of love's austere and lonely offices?


--did a better job of it, you know. If only for a couple of days.

[Quietly, Neil's talking to... well, it's probably obvious. He doesn't sound angry; just a bit sad. Weary. It's been a long day, already. Now he pauses, listening to something inaudible.]

Not so badly after all, apparently. I almost wish you would come, just to visit-- to see what I've managed here. I think some of it-- some of it-- you'd have to be proud of. You would. At least a little bit.

[Another long pause.]

Well, of course not. [A sigh.] I'm trying to read, all right? You aren't real. Go away.
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[Nah, he's not going to say anything about that first sentence fragment.]

I think there's a lot to be said for a good pair of headphones.
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Might not be a bad idea to pull them out anyway, knowing summer in the City.

[And shifting his tone slightly,]

For whatever it's worth - I really don't see how anyone could not be proud of you. Even if it's not what they wanted for you.
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[He's... remembered enough from some of their less pleasant conversations to have an idea.]

It might take him some time, but I do think he would. But if you're proud, if you're happy-- that's the most important thing.

[Residual fatherly feelings are... somewhat awkward.]
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I know - you're hardly alone there, today.

Still. If he did show up, I think he'd get there.
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Well, you don't rally have to thank me, but... you're welcome. To be honest, it was one of the most pleasant curses I've been through here.
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It is disconcerting, having an entire life you never lived thrust upon you for a couple of days, but, seeing as we don't really have a choice... I don't think there's much harm in enjoying a curse that isn't awful.
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[Kid, what are you doing to his heart?]

Well... thank you, Neil. That actually does mean a lot-- after all, that curse is the closest I've gotten so far.

[That sounds kind of pathetic, doesn't it? Sob.]

Your father, though... if you give them time, sometimes people can surprise you. I think it's important to remember that this is a curse, and that while you're probably not wrong, at least on his initial response, it's not necessarily how he would react so much as how you expect he would.
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[Wilson knows that all too well.]

I'm sure there are a lot of things he'd have a difficult time with - and, obviously, you know him far better than I do, so I would never dispute that. But I know that you're a smart, talented young man, and I know that you've really made something for yourself here. He might be angry at you, but I'm sure, deep down, he'd like to know that you're happy.
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They don't ever listen when you tell them they're not real.
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Does it help?
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That's something.

[Justin wants to offer to do something vaguely helpful, but he doesn't have any ideas. Maybe the sentiment gets across, unspoken as it is.]
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[Neil's quite clever. It's not an easy language to learn.]

Not cursed. We said all we needed to say last time.

[And still just barely on this side of functional after Mara being murdered and Euphie leaving and curses, but that doesn't need to be put into words. At least he has the cat. This one's considerably more affectionate than Neith was.]

Maybe the City only brings fathers back when something's been left unresolved.
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No. Probably not.

[A hesitation, and then a rather bold proclamation.] I think that a normal parent would be proud. Of you--what you've accomplished here.
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You're welcome.

[Because, as heartfelt as that was, it's hard to come up with a decent follow-up.]

Only a little?
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All things considered, he should be able to forgive that.
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Neil? Are you okay?

[Well, no, duh--talking to a ghost-dad.]

I mean, would anything help... quiet him down, or something?
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...Look, I know that whole family curse was kind of weird, but if you ever need anything, I'd really like to help. When I can, I mean, not when... ghost dads are hanging around.
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About the family thing? Basically all of it... at least, you know, the things that happened. I don't remember getting married or anything, but brunch and the-- [and hanky panky with Wilson, but let's not mention that] --everything.

Why? Did you forget, or is there stuff I should forget?
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About you and...? Oh, the--okay, no, I totally understand, and I won't say anything to anyone. It's alright, though, you know? The City's pretty accepting. Some of my best friends're in really good queer relationships.

[Oversharing? Yes. Definitely.]

Sorry. But I promise.
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Well... if you don't want too many people knowing, that's good enough for me. As long as you're happy.

[They were so cute during the curse. Penny sincerely hopes they're that adorable the rest of the time.]
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[Then carry on being adorable! The City needs some functional relationships in it to give everyone else a little hope.]

I think I get it, though. That kind of thing isn't as okay wherever you're from as it is here, right?
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When makes a lot of sense, too.

Whatever the rest of it is, my lips are sealed. Completely. And that applies to my fingers, too, although I don't know the "lips zipped" finger equivalent.