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♕ |[85]| Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue.

Yes, I will be filming your final scenes and monologues. It's for grading purposes. No, I am not going to put them up on the Network. No, we don't watch them at the staff party. Yes, I will give you five minutes to fix your makeup, if you must.

I won't tell you not to be nervous, because I have enough confidence in your talents to make up for any courage you might lack. It would be bad luck to wish you good luck, so I'll simply say, break a leg.

[ooc; Neil, aged up, is a drama teacher Westerberg High School; I never made it to the plotting meme but feel free to be students / colleagues / etc! Replies coming from [personal profile] to_live_deep. Pretend this was a bit earlier~ backdating is welcome and likely <33]
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I don't envy you having to grade a subject that is ultimately so subjective.

[And he means this in the friendliest way possible, serious biology teacher that he is.]
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Don't you mean you don't envy my students, having to be subjectively graded?
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When you put it that way, I suppose I don't envy any of you.
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I prefer to think of our finals as a celebration of what we've all learned, rather than a test. I know whether they've been doing the work, I know who's committed and who isn't. This is a chance to show off.
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[also, this is filtered from students]

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That does put it in a better light. Most students tend to dread my exams; seeing them celebrate instead would be a pleasant change. However, I've never had any artistic inclinations, so it's better you than me.

Though I do enjoy my share of showoffs.
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[filtered from students] <3

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Well, I can't say they never worry about them, but that's good practice, too. As actors, as orators, as people, they need to get over their nerves, you know?

I think we all like showoffs. It's reassuring to know some of them are paying attention, after all.
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Yes, it's only natural to worry about them sometimes. And there's always the inevitable one or two who have great promise but don't apply themselves.

[He gives a faint smile.] It's good to know that they care enough to show off, isn't it?
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Absolutely. Enthusiasm is generally a good start.

How has your group been this term?
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Is there any option for not giving a monologue? I mean... I'm a transfer.
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Don't you feel like you've learned anything since you transferred in?

[Not a fair question, and he knows it, but he doesn't ask it unkindly.]
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I just mean... I don't feel like I've had time to memorize anything.

[And he might be nervous standing in front of the class...]
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Have you ever heard the phrase, nothing ventured, nothing gained?
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Think of it as an opportunity to show how far you've come, in such a brief span of time.

And try not to worry too much.