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They said she had to go away and leave the City - no matter what. She had to leave the Library and her greenhouse and her little house built into the hill and all the places and things and people that had made her feel safe and special here.

Where would she go?

Rain had gotten a second backpack to put the rest of her special things in - the bird Tony had made for her and pictures of her house and some of the people she had known and seeds from as many of the plants as she could get - including the special rainbow one she'd gotten for helping out the City. And her books. The Library had given her two special ones - she knew they were for her to keep because her name had appeared in them in this very fancy writing with a Thank You and a fancy L for a signature.

She cried a little when she found the books there on her last day and had cried more when she had to say good bye to her greenhouse and even more when she had to leave her little house for the last time.

And now here she was, peeking through all the doors and hoping she'd find someplace that looked like she'd be happy or at least safe. But she didn't know how to tell. How could a peek through a door tell her what the people would be like or if she'd ever find a place to belong?

But still she had to go and time was running out, so she'd keep peeking and hope that something would happen to tell her which one to pick.

And then there was a door...