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Final post: Text

I'll miss the work. I came here thinking I knew medical mysteries, before I had to figure out the challenges inherent in getting an IV line into someone with impenetrable skin. Or deal with immortal cheerleaders who can't feel pain, work out the clinical uses of werewolf spit... have awkward conversations about swapping spit with werewolves... I'm going to miss the kind of place where your friends can magically appear in the living room to ask how you set the microwave and where it's occasionally necessary to check whether or not the pink hair's natural.

I reckon I'll even miss the curses. There aren't many places where you can tell yourself the horrors you're living through will be done in twenty-four hours.

I killed a man.

Back home, not long before the city took me in. It was a choice - my choice - he had the blood of half his nation on his hands already, and I was supposed to fix him up to go back and dip his hands in the rest. He was a small scale dictator in history's terms but letting him wipe out a whole race would cancel out every good thing I ever did.

So I... didn't fix him. I watched as he died and got my hands bloody. I thought

I still think I did the right thing. And I knew my own life might not make it through the other side quite the same as before.

So I showed up here without much to go back for. I avoided the people who used to care about me, and I made friends with the City's monsters because they helped me realise that monster's a badly defined term.

And a few of you stuck it out long enough to help me back over the line I crossed.

I haven't been settled this long in my life. Haven't made or lost this many friends. And when I go through my door tomorrow I know there's one of you I'm not planning to let go of, but anyone else without a place is welcome too. Plus there's this wedding I've got a bunch of spare invites to.

It's New Jersey. None of you need to worry about being too weird.

Private to Saya:

Sophie, you're going to need to choose one of the cars.

Private to House:

If I could tell you to change one thing in your life... I'd tell you there are some things you can't change. And that if you're ever tempted to hold a Survivor-style showdown to hire a new team, half the people you know are going to use that as a dating pool.

Private to Mae:

My address back home is on the last page of your Christmas present. Try the phone number sometime. I'd still like to buy you dinner. Or beat you at chess.

Private to Ginny:

If I were headed to war, I know who I'd want on my front lines. Take care of yourself while I can't. And remember, that kid with the scar? Food, music, sex. No man's above all three.

Private to Penny:

I've got two hands, I can not let go of you, too. But otherwise, tell me where you're going. I'm not walking through that door before I've seen you somewhere safe.

Private to Stiles:

I've put what we've done into a file you can take back with you if it might help. My numbers on there too: if it connects, just remember my condo doesn't allow dogs. Look after yourself.

Private to Eden.

Where are you going? If it's into a world of vampires I need to figure out which of you to worry about.

I'll miss you so much.

Private to Wilson:

If you want to come back with me and skip the next couple of years I wouldn't blame you. But I think the you I know now would choose to live them, no matter what. You'd be surprised what people can live with.

Look after her for me.

Private to Cameron:


[ooc: everything about killing Dibala is very lightly filtered from the House crew - meaning they can choose whether they see it or not. Thankyou, Poly, and goodnight.]
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this one first

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I have to go back to Belfast, don't I? There's nothing to do in Frankie's world.
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Save him, maybe.

What are you hoping to do? Start a commune?

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I could still appear in your living room to ask about microwaves. You never know.
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Our years don't line up. It might take some time.


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video | private;

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I think it's best if we don't.
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I don't see that there's anything to accomplish.


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can't make the wedding
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i'd get bored. and it's jersey either way.


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The Porsche.

[She's already packed so many shoes.]


[She's just next to him, sitting, then, sliding in.]

Did you like it very much, having a child?
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She was yours. More than she was mine.

[But that's just the nature of it. Saya can try but she will never be the better parent, simply because there's a part of her that can't connect on a human level.]

When we get there, we should have one.

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[Hates this, hates it.]

I only ask that Miss Saya doesn't throw the bouquet at my face, since I intend to continue the ongoing tradition of singledom. Now out of the City.


A magician, with a knife. It was the only way to get a demon mark off my brother, using the blood of a magician. I still don't know whether knives or guns are worse, but there you have it - it was my choice. You don't need to hear that it's been haunting me since, so I won't say.

I'll find you. Don't move from Jersey, even though it's Jersey.
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I'm sure it just karmically would land there anyway.


Would it be fair or selfish to say that you're one of the people that's meant the most to me in this sometimes godforsaken place and this is just balls.

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[ Where to even start... well. The direct offer does seem like the thing to address first. ]

The glimpses I've gotten here don't leave me knowing much specifically, except... I know that I don't want to miss out on having her in my life, just so I can avoid losing her.
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Did you get that bit of advice from a fortune cookie? Try another.


...if? I think when is the better way to put it.
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I'd always tell you that flattery will get you no where but I really like hearing it. Problematic.

No way to prove that to start with. If I loan you money now, I can cash in later.
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a note left in Chase's mailbox

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[Korra's not very good at goodbyes; she's the type of person to rush off with just a cursory farewell and then wish later that she had said something more.

This isn't much different. It only occurs to her as she's finishing packing (packing -- another thing she's not good at) that there are people she hasn't said goodbye to. So she scribbles a few quick notes by hands.]

謝謝你做的一切。我希望無論你走到哪裡,你是幸福的。- 歌納

[Of course, she forgets that he won't necessarily be able to read that. Oops.]
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When you add up everything you've done, you're still a good man. I just want you to know that.

You've been one of my best friends here and I'm glad I won't forget that, but I don't think I can go back with you. [With Saya.] I'll tag along with Wilson. Maybe I'll get to be friends with the Chase that'll be there, too.