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♕ |[109]| What is all this sweet work worth if thou kiss not me?

[It's not that Neil likes kissing strangers, exactly-- but he doesn't really mind. Usually. He doesn't think it counts for anything, in a curse, and he sort of likes the festivity and the tradition. And now and then he likes the chance to get away with things he wouldn't usually dare to do in public, but that's a whole other story.

He stops in a cafe for a cup of tea, first thing in the morning, before heading to the bookstore for the day; green sprigs sprout now and then from the ceiling, in between books on the shelves, and sometimes he pulls them down with a laugh, and other times he doesn't bother.

Later, he goes for a long lunch (because it's not as if people are breaking down the doors for used books, and keeping inscrutable hours is a tradition at Bilton & Scaggs,) and after the afternoon ship he meanders home, doubtless meeting up with Todd along the way.]
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[Chekov has narrowly avoided kissing two people he would honestly prefer to not kiss. Kirk was bad enough; kissing Nyota and Isaak in addition would have made the day all that more awkward. Why doesn't he run into strangers on days like this? Kissing a stranger would be far less disturbing than kissing people who may as well be family.

But he's in the residential area now and away from heavy foot traffic. There can't be too many people between him and home.

Chekov makes the mistake of letting his guard down and, upon rounding a corner, finds himself all but colliding with Neil.]

Sorry, sorry!
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[Chekov reaches out to help steady Neil, which really doesn't improve anything at all. Steadying, naturally, leads to drawing a little closer, and from there a kiss is as simple as breathing. Chekov presses his lips to Neil's, enthusiastic without being aggressive.

There's a sprig of mistletoe growing out of the side of the building. Of course there is.]
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[Fortunately, the mistletoe doesn't prolong the kiss. Unfortunately, they have to reclaim their respective arms once they are no longer kissing, which Chekov finds slightly more embarrassing than the kissing itself. He extracts himself quickly and smiles, somewhat sheepish.]

I will go around corners more cautiously in the future.
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[At least the awkwardness is mutual.]

No, I will take responsibility. Perhaps we should talk when there is not a mistletoe problem?
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I refuse to trust this plant. It may only have you convinced that you are safe.

[It's... really hard to tell if he's joking or dead serious.]
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Very wise of you. Good luck with the rest of your day... I hope that you will be kissed only by those you wish to kiss.