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♕ |[108]| He still wonders about the occasional sense of drift between stanzas

I'm relieved, honestly, that this curse still comes around, even with the Deities gone and everything different. Not that any of it is that different, really, but I've always liked getting visitors.

I've honestly lost count of how many times I've seen this come around-- it didn't used to last a whole weekend, did it? I'm glad people get to stay a little longer-- the ones who enjoy it, at least-- but it must be a bit inconvenient, finding somewhere to stay over, being away from home.

I hope you enjoy yourselves. Make the most of it. Carpe diem.

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Some would argue a little inconvenience adds flavor to the experience, like a dash of cayenne pepper to mashed potatoes.

And by "some" I mean "people who suck at similes".
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Since when is gravy a remedy for people who suck at similes?
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That's a question for their dry cleaner.

You're looking merry as ever, Neil.
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You can blame that one on my interns. They botched my schedule and I got tied up with a thing that I would cheerfully explain to you save for the fact that trying to put it in terms you could understand would take me roughly six millennia, and leaving it in terms you can't understand would make your brain melt into a fine paste.

Suffice to say, I declined to write that particular intern a letter of recommendation to their university of choice.

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[This feels awkward. Why does this feel so awkward?]

Neil. [Just a second. He hasn't had a conversation for a while, he needs to remember how this works.] ...How are you?
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By the fountain.

[No one's ever been that happy to hear from him before. Not that Justin doesn't reciprocate, he's just... not much of one for emoting.]
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[It's super-effective!

No, really. Justin is surprised right into hugging back. Awkwardly and with only one of his arms, sure, but it's in the spirit of a hug. As little as he likes having his personal space invaded, Neil gets a pass. Partly because he's Neil and partly because nothingness is really fucking lonely.]

I'm sorry.
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[Who knew forgiveness could be as easy as that?

Justin doesn't protest. He even manages to reciprocate the hug properly. (Two arms! It's a miracle!) Things have changed from the last time he left the City for a long period of time. Justin has gotten better at appreciating what he had.]

I missed you.

[It's mumbled and flat, but sincere.]

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Carpe diem, sure.

What's that about the deities?
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Must make it hard to get much reading done.
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How weren't you affected? Never leave your apartment?
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Yeah, well. I hope you stay lucky.

What'd you think? Too depressing?

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That's an optimistic view. Are you expecting anyone in particular?
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It's a nice sentiment; a reprieve, I'm told, from some incidents that happen here.