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063 x 360 // video/action // Family Day (3rd - 4th)

[ The house is a little bit outside the city, swathed heavily in evergreens, but it's gorgeous. Carla supposes that's what she can't quite get over, because she's struck by it every time they've visited.

They won't be visiting anymore. And even if she has her camera trained up at it with one hand, there's a box under her other arm. She lowers the view to where a little girl with curly blonde hair is near the front door, staring up. A pair of dogs scampering nearby to her.

Another swing in frame, behind them with a borrowed car is a man sorting through the boxes in the trunk.

The last turn is to Carla's own face. She looks apprehensive about this whole process, her eyes flicking back and forth between the little girl and the man. Eventually she sighs, murmuring, ]

Welcome home.

[The camera lowers, about to be shut off as she calls,]

Come on, Victoria, we have a lot of work to do.

[[ooc; [personal profile] victoria_stay, [personal profile] unflagging and Carla are making a hideous family this weekend. Fact. Action is fine if anybody wants to housewarm... or gawk.]]
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You have a daughter.

[It's almost a question. That's not a thing that should happen.]
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You don't seem... [like someone who should be trusted with small creatures?] ...maternal. Nurturing.
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[That's not necessarily a bad thing.]

Who's the father?
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You haven't.

[Maybe she shouldn't bother.]
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I'll live.

[No, really, it's fine.]