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I'm not quite sure if this counts as things going back to normal, but I guess it's close enough to normal. It's almost a relief when we have Visitors' Days after the really bad curses-- I always wondered if that was a reward for getting through it, maybe, a way to keep us all from really going nuts.

I've never thought of myself as being stuck here, because... well, because it's home now, and I don't mind that... but I always like seeing old friends. And new ones.

So, welcome. I'm glad to see you all.

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Hey. I hear the City's under new management?
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You too, Neil.

What d'you think of them? The new guys?
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Yeah, well. Things have to work out sometimes for some people.
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Seems to be working for you. 'S why I like talking to you--you think things can be better than they are. Better than they'll probably be.
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Takes more than that.

Did you read any Ibsen?
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'S okay. Maybe next time.

I got through the Shakespeare play... Midsummer Night's Dream? It wasn't too bad. Thanks for that.
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What about it makes it your favorite? Can't just be everyone going after the wrong people.

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This influx is temporary? [ She'd been wondering why it was so swift and sudden. ]

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That seems like a nice way to think about it. Is it always people you've met here, or ones from where you're from?

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I was wondering how common it was. I haven't met anyone that I knew at home, but I figured that the chances were astronomically small, just based on averages.

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Thanks. I'm trying to hope that no one does... It doesn't really feel like my home right now, and I wouldn't want anyone else to be here if they don't want to be. But it's hard. I'm sure you know.

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Almost two months now. It's hard to believe it's been that long.

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Every day is an adventure. Seriously. It's weird to say that in a non-sarcastic way.