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║ ninety-second stanza ║ voice / action

[ open action ]

[Todd has gone out to the Hall of the Missing this evening, after Justin didn't come home and didn't respond. The City has pulled Justin in and tossed him back out so many times already that he couldn't help how quickly he became concerned.

Certainly he was hoping not to find Justin's portrait in the Hall, but that was not the case. For a long moment, he lingers in silence and looks at the likeness of his friend.]

[ voice ]

[When Todd returns home, he makes the following audio post:]

Um... I'm sure there are a lot of people who know Justin Pendleton, he's- he's been here a long time, coming and going. I just figured I should let everyone know, he um... he's left the City.

[Give him a moment there.]

He's left before, for months, and... and he's come back, so... maybe he will again. But for now, well. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew, that's all.

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[That's about all there is to say to that. He and Justin weren't exactly close, but there was a certain camaraderie between them, partially for sharing a face, partially for sharing certain attributes about their personalities.]

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I know. Doesn't mean you ain't gonna miss him while he's gone, though.
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If there's anythin' I can...

[A sigh.]

I mean, obviously there's not anythin' I can do. Guess that's just one of those things you say, y'know?
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A true loss for the City inhabitants.
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I'm so sorry. You guys were pretty close, right?
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That's a while. [She doesn't remember how long Todd's been in the City. It didn't occur to her to ask him when he was her kind-of-stepson's boyfriend that one time.] Will you be okay?
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He might. I did that once--the leaving and coming back thing. Or that's what I've been told. So it definitely happens.


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He's gone? [WOW THAT CAME OUT WAY TOO PERKY. Although she has to admit, it's kind of a relief having him not around. He intimidated the crap out of her.] I mean. I'm sorry.
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[Hey, it's not her fault Justin kept arresting her! Well. Okay. It is. But still!]

Were you guys close?
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I can't believe he had friends. He was such a grump.

[speaking without thinking again, oops]


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in ur house on ur sofa

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[Neil doesn't bother answering on the Network for obvious reasons. Obvious reasons being the fact that he is sitting on the couch, holding a book and not reading it. He's looking at it, mostly, but not turning the pages.

Justin has gone and come so many times; maybe it won't be final. But Neil has never been good at being an optimist when he's upset.]
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it's my sofa too god i'll be where i want

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[Flighty and unpredictable as his moods can be, it's good that someone can read them. Neil's lows have always been extraordinarily low.

He drops the book-- well, he sets it on the arm of the sofa, because even in poor spirits he's not crazy-- and leans back against Todd.]
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whatcha gonna do about it huh?

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[Having Todd here is no small comfort; were he alone, Neil would likely be inconsolable. As it is he's making the most of it, slipping his arm around Todd's, letting his eyes fall shut.]

Do you think he will?


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how can you be sure?

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